Best Features that An Udemy Clone Script Must Have In It?

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Udemy is an online learning platform for teaching and learning. An online instructor can create a course program and sell it for profit in Udemy and a learner can learn from the online platform. Udemy clone script is an e-learning software that lets the entrepreneurs create and sell similar to Udemy online courses on their own e-learning platform for learning and teaching.

There are many website clone scripts available in the market to develop Udemy like websites. A user can start an online business with these clone script. Here in this article, we will discuss the features that an Udemy clone script should have for a better teaching and learning experience. Moreover, the Udemy clone script with effective and essential features lead to a successful e-learning website.

Features of Udemy Clone Scripts:

The online teaching software is packed with multiple features that will help to run the website at an optimal level. These features will help in multiple verticals like academics, design, and marketing, etc. With tremendous features, you can create an endless opportunity to grow in a competitive environment. Once you have validated the topic, and you know there is a growing demand, it’s time to build an online course website with multiple features. Let’s look at the features associated with the Udemy clone scripts.

 Virtual Classroom:

Learning doesn’t just confine to a physical classroom by the growing demand of the internet. The virtual classrooms can bring students together for interactive education. The whiteboards, video conferencing tool, and two-way writing tool are some features that help both the instructors and learners. Instructors have multiple options to run video lectures, screen sharing, and PowerPoint presentations to deliver the lectures in a synchronous manner. Both text and video type learning will help the users to get an understanding of the course with ease.

Integrated payment system:

The Udemy clone script is also embedded with payment gateways like stripe payment, PayPal payment. They incorporate with inbuilt payment gateways to collect payments through credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, etc.

Monetization channels:

They have also multiple monetization channels that help an individual or group to earn good remuneration. The monetization can be done on the following aspects:

  • Featured courses
  • Commission on course sale
  • Commission on different categories
  • Banner display ads
  • Commission on tutors

Dashboards and analytics:

There are separate dedicated dashboards for both admin and tutors. It allows them to manage their tasks in the dynamic panel. The tutors can measure the efficiency of the online program. They can analyze the performance with attendance, lesson reports. They can also address the learner progress with the help of course completion reports.

The tutors can analyze the weak areas of students, take actions, and offer personalized learning also. The analytics helps the instructors to ensure faster ROI with specific efforts.

The instructors can organize the lesson plans, course structure by doing research and analysis replicates to learners on their dashboard. The instructors and learners can track all their learning platform activities with a comprehensive dynamic dashboard.

 Cross-platform compatibility:

The online platforms have great features that are dynamically responsive to the web as well as mobile apps. They are also applicable to different operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows, etc. The cross-platform compatibility makes the website friendly and more successful. The UI and UX for websites and mobiles give a website a better look.

Multiple tests and assessments:

The LMS should provide online exam builder feature that helps the instructor to create tests for learners in different formats. This will help the students enhancing their abilities and skillsets. It also helps to generate comprehensive test reports and scorecards for analyzing the performance of students.

The Udemy clone script also allows the viewers to rate and grade their courses using a rating system. These rating system helps in qualitative courses to feature on the top of the search page as well.

It helps the students to learn online courses through their smartphones also. After the learners buy the courses and get the course materials, they can get a valid certificate online.

Multilanguage Module:

The Udemy clone script applications support multiple languages on their platform to launch your business globally and target users across the globe.

Technical considerations:

The advanced and developed technologies help in leveraging the features. The customizations are also depending upon the tech stack used in the website. The websites like Udemy uses the following technologies for building Udemy clone scripts.

  • MySQL
  • Postgre SQL
  • Angular JS 1
  • JQuery
  • Angular JS
  • Core PHP
  • Laravel 5.3
  • Bootstrap
  • Redis cache
  • NGINX webserver

 Customizations and Adaptability:

The Udemy clone scripts allow organizations to install their own customized online marketplace according to their requirements. Such a system is a business opportunity for organizations looking to venture into the exciting field of e-learning.

Customizing is an important part of choosing an LMS. The LMS should allow its user to customize the platform. It should have the option provided by the education service providers to change the look of the platform based on the user’s requirements. The LMS must be adaptable to adjust instructor’s IT infrastructure by handling changes in user base. There are open-source clone scripts also available in the market in which you can do customizations with the source code access.

Social logins:

The Udemy clones let you permit your login through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The social login features enable the users to interact with their fellow mates in the discussion forum. The instructors can also promote their courses through these social media platforms. The student forum is also available in Udemy clone script that allows the students to interact with each other to enable and build networking on various topics and courses.

Benefits of Udemy clone scripts:

The features associated with Udemy like websites provide the best place to sell online courses. The benefits include the following.

  • Browse the wide range of course catalog and discover the courses by category
  • Consume mobile-optimized content
  • Synchronize the progress over any platforms like Mobile and desktops
  • Instructor dashboards
  • Course completion certificate
  • Promo videos

Final Thoughts:

The internet has changed the learning way, and collective learning systems have increased the amount of knowledge in a hassle-free manner. The Udemy clone scripts have created a unique marketplace solution that provides advanced e-learning applications and provides a brief guide about how to sell online courses. If you want to create a platform, then be thorough about all the features before moving to build an active online e-learning website.

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