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Demograph – Research Prospects Faster

An automation tool

If there is anything that shall never ever lose its significance and relevance in any age, it is undoubtedly time. The importance of time is always debated and in several cases, it remains fulfilled. The hallmark of a shrewd entrepreneur is to be absolutely bang on a strategy that saves time spent in researching prospects. Each and every minute counts and especially in sales, the importance of proper research is bound to have cosmic overtones. Demograph, an automation tool that beautifies business summary in real-time from around the web saves your time in researching prospects.

There are only a few gifted people who are blessed with restless energy and full of positivity. Kimaya Mittal, founder of Demograph, is a gifted entrepreneur, in whose hands entrepreneurship becomes an object of art.

About Demograph

Demograph is a startup based out of California, United Sates of America. The moment you identify your target companies, you are bound to do adequate research on the same. Not astonishingly, the research you to typically includes key information such as contact information, executive team members, business summaries etc. Demograph is an amazing research tool that saves your time by providing key information about your target companies. And yes, it provides up-do-date information in real-time from around the web.

Genesis of Demograph

The age old method of research doesn’t promise any upbeat aspects. You have to type-in the URL of your target company, visit its Home page, navigate to About Us page and subsequently visit the Contact Us page to garner enough information about it. Sometimes, you have to dive deep into the details to understand the company’s mission and vision.

Once you solicit the required information, it is important that you save it in a documented or an organized format. Doing so will eat away your precious time. As harsh as it is, if the number of target companies is in hundreds and even more than that, it shall be nearly impossible to solicit and organize the information. This is where Demograph comes into the picture thereby not letting you miss the big picture.


Demograph is available as a chrome extension. It takes a few more than a couple of clicks to install this chrome extension. Once you are done with its installation, what all you have to do is to type in the URL or web-address of your target company. Demograph will neatly display key and up-to-date information that includes the following:

  • Company Address
  • Phone Numbers/ Contact Information
  • About Links
  • Company Summary
  • Business Summary
  • Executive Team
  • Social Links

     If you want to store the key information, just press Export to CSV and voila! You shall have it saved in your mobile/ desktop. And as the founder Kimaya Mittal asserts like never before, there is undoubtedly more to come!

Target Audiences

All the sales personnel who intend to get valuable and up-to-date information about their respective target companies (research prospects) are this startup’s target audiences.

Team Composition

Let me now introduce you to the brilliant team members of Demograph who help one another in their thick and thin.

Kimaya Mittal: She is the founder of this promising startup. She can be followed here on Twitter.

Shervin: He is a Research Engineer who also happens to be one of the developers of Demograph app. He is currently enjoying his gig with Citrix. He can be followed here on Twitter.

Evan Crook: He is another excellent developer of Demograph app. He can be followed here on Twitter.

Sandeep Manchem:  Sandeep graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. He is another brilliant developer. Just like Shervin, he is currently enjoying his Research Engineering gig with Citrix. He can be followed here on Twitter.

Advice to entrepreneurs

Here is the advice to entrepreneurs from Kamaya Mittal, founder of Demograph- “In a hindsight, being an entrepreneur has been an exemplary experience and promises to be one hell of a ride. I advise all the entrepreneurs to create a connect with intended audiences and touch all emotional grounds. Come up with ideas that minimize the effort of your target audiences. Do proper research and plunge into the waters of entrepreneurship.”

The Bottom Line

The team members of Demograph have what it takes to climb up the ladder. Demograph may soon project itself as epitome of excellence. We, the members of StartupWhale, wholeheartedly wish the team of Demograph all the very best for the long and promising journey ahead.

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