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Food Truck Finder – Grab The Food On Your Way

Food Truck Finder

Home-made food seems quite monotonous and does not satisfy our insatiable appetite.We like satiating our appetite with mouthwatering apple pie, crispy French fries, spicy hot sausages, irresistible raspberry pies and chocolate mousse, tingling aerated lemonade, ice-creams etc. More often than not, we crave for sumptuous delicacies.

Food trucks are “locomotive kitchen “which are quite popular in different parts of America, particularly in Los Angles, Boston, New York, San Francisco because of their quite unique mouth craving menu, easy availability and affordability. The famous food trucks in America are Swizzler Gourmet hot dogs in Washington D.C, Foodie call in New Orleans, snowday in New York are a few to name some. Food trucks have become favorable for the foodies all across the states thereby contributing significantly in the so-called booming business.

Food truck finder- The app to locate food trucks near you

The most famous food truck within the vicinity of my residence is “Green Wich” which delivers a wide range of delicious sandwiches. Pepper corn grill sandwich with extra cheese is my favorite. The appetizing aroma is just irresistible. Ialways have one to satisfy my taste buds.

As usual, I was waiting for the food truck. I waited for more than hour and as anxiety was getting the better of me,I decided to search for it. I searched for the food truck in my entire locality but I could not find it.I realized that it had already crossed my locality and is in quite far off place. I wished to have the driver’s number so that I could call him and ask him to stop at my place and deliver me a plate of yummy sandwiches.

I assume many of us must have had the similar kind of experience. Do away with such experiences and wipe off all the worries. You can track your favorite food trucks as per your locality thanks to the amazing FoodTruckFinder.

Food truck finder helps you find food trucks in your area quickly and easily with real time tracking thanks to the built-in GPS system. The UI (user interface) of the app is like a map similar to that of Uber, where you could track the location of the food truck and is quite user friendly. It promotes users the ease to search for theirfavorite food trucks and also saves a list of their favorite ones. It facilitates users with access to the contact information, website etc.

The website of foodtruckfinder.myclaims that it can

  • Get the direction from the your current location to the food truck
  • Locate them
  • Explore new trucks
  • Check the menu
  • Easy food hunting

The app is available for free and can be downloaded from the app store and google play store.

One app- two perspectives

The app is designed from customers as well as truck owners’ perspective. It is propounded to bridge the gap between the truck owners and the customers.

The Food truck owner User interface

The owner has to register himself with the company name. Once registered, it provides a pin and displays the track status (inactive/active).The food truck details such as truck name, truck tagline, truck description, and truck logo and truck banner have to be duly filled in. It also provides a dashboard to add/delete the menu. This is in perfect accordance with the preferences of owners.

The Food truck finder User interface

The users need to sign up through their email accounts, search for the food truck and it will show the location of the food truck. Tapping on it would provide the contact information and social media links such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram concerned with the respective truck. Users can keep track of their wished-for truck.

The user interface of the app is simple to use for both the customers and owners. It has got massive database to accommodate information about a very large number of trucks. It could have been more convenient to the users if there could be an option of online payment and issue resolver.

Marketing prospect

FoodTruckFinder has high potential for its business and growth in parts of the world where the business of food truck is booming. Varioussocial media platforms could help expand the business as there are over 2.2 billion Facebook users and 300 million twitter users. Out of massive social media users, 32% are youngsters and 28% users are teenagers. Social media polls, news feeds, advertisement etc. would boost the growth. The food truck ownerneed not focus on the marketing as it would be taken care by the team of FoodTruckFinder. As a consequence, truck owners, customers as well the team of FoodTruckFinder would benefit.

Other food tracking apps

There are apps based on the idea of tracking food trucks but with different implementation. Food truck fiesta which locates the food truck on the map, maintains a food catalogue and uses Twitter to provide the information and the updates. Just like food truck fiesta, Roaming hunger is a blog that displays the news and other stuff about the food trucks. Most importantly, it provides newsfeed about the most liked food, popular food among the crowd etc.

Bottom Line

Foodtruck finder app is quite robust.I honestly think it’s a great app that would stand out among its other counter parts because of its varied options, dual perspective and effective communication orientation. The app is beneficial to both the owners as well as the customers as both stick to the same app.

The idea is quite excellent and I believe that it would turn out to be a heavy user app in the near future.

StartupWhale wishes food truck finder app all the best for tough road ahead. May it stand as an epitome of success!

You can visit the website and signup here for newsfeed.

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