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Business name generator

Brainstorming to come up with the best name for your business can be a tedious task. But it doesn’t need to be. With some of the top business name generators available online, you can breeze through the process.

This article will help you with the names of some of the trending brand name generators online that not only provide the best business name suggestions but also helps your brand create the first impression.

Shopify: Instant business name generator

If you are seeking a large-scale branding, Shopify is your best friend. Already a household name among rising business owners, Shopify helps you choose from hundreds of catchy business names. It displays only the brand names having available domains. Once you are done selecting the best name for your brand, you may create a Shopify account and launch your first store.

Oberlo: Creative business names in less than a minute

Sweating a lot to come up with the best business name ideas? Oberlo has you covered. With this unique brand name creator, you are just a click away from hundreds of company name ideas. You simply need to enter a keyword that matches with the main concept of your business and clicks on the “generate names” button. In less than a minute you will find a list of names displayed from which you can easily make your choice.

Cool name ideas: Trendy names’ bank for your company

It has emerged as one of the most highly-rated company name generators. It asks you to enter words that describe the following-

  • Your business
  • Type of business you want to name
  • Customer benefits from your business
  • Business’ personality
  • Type of domain you want (.com, .net)

Answering these questions help you narrow down the vast list to only the best names you may want to choose from. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of this business name generator is the “Screenshots and WalkThrough” section lets you avail useful tips on how to use this professional name generator to the fullest.

Name mesh: Free company name generator

Business and websites owners looking for keyword-centric domain names should consider Name mesh as their first choice. Input a list of keywords and get the recommendations for the available domains. Based on the keywords you enter, the page gets divided into multiple categories like new, common, fun and similar. This helps you find the domain that best fits your needs. You get access to thousands of categorized names.

Freshbook: Fresh and trendy business names

Freshbook is a highly interactive company name generator. On clicking the “Let’s get started” button, you will be prompted to select from a list of industries which may include-

  • Information Technology
  • Creatives and Marketing
  • Trade and Home Services
  • Legal services and Business Consulting

Based on the industry, you will be provided a list of brand names to choose from.

Getsocio: Free business name generator

Getsocio’s business name generator lets you type the keyword and suggests thousands of possible domain names select from. After selecting the domain, you need to fill out necessary information like your name, e-mail id, and password. Post that, you can easily create your e-commerce store.

Brand Root: Names that spell your brand

This business name generator is one of its kind in that it creates unique names, each of which comes with a registered .com domain name. Only the best logos are put up for sale along with a professional logo at a very affordable price.

Brand Root lets you search by keyword or category and displays brand names that connect with your niche. You can also filter your price limits and get to see brand names and logos that fall within your budget range.

Namesmith: The naming expert

Namesmith’s business name generator lets you input up to 5 keywords that you wish to place your domain name. Based on those keywords Namesmith will display domains with exact keywords, slight modifications, blends, rhymes, and pre-suffixes.

Hipster Business Name: Creative business name generator

This is one of the most creative brand name generators that provides access to a list of creative hipster business names. One main benefit is that it allows you to extend to other verticals of your choice.

Anadea: The magic name creator

This free business name generator lets you generate unique business name suggestions based on certain keywords. On selecting the domain, users are prompted to request a quote for the domain and also the website building service. You may also select a suitable business name according to different industry categories.

Fit Small Business: Name that fits your fame

A unique aspect of this free business name creator is that it guides you through a series of questions to help you select the best brand name. You need to input the type of product, business location, and your last name. Post that, you will see a display of brand names to choose from.

Crazy Namer: Craziest business names

As the name implies, this brand name generator lets you come up with trendy and quirky names. You may obtain random or shuffled names, web 2.0 names or keyword-based names.

By clicking on “check” you can see if the domain is available.

Name Station: Your one-stop name generator

Name Station merges creative thinking with effective research tools to look up brand names that suit your purpose. You may sort an available list according to your preferences and come up with the best possible name for your company.

Domain Puzzler: Free business name generator

Domain Puzzler lets you create a domain name in any of the following three ways-

  • Exact match of the keyword
  • Additional keywords in the domain name
  • Popular words matched with the entered keyword

Wordoid: Convert words into brand names

Wordoid helps you look up available brand names. With Wordoid, users even have the option to customize their results based on pattern, quality, language and domain name preferences and find the best of brand names.

That fairly ends your worries about generating a brand name which resonates with your audience. Go ahead and rule the market today!

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