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How Much Do OnlyFans Models Make?


OnlyFans, the adult entertainment cum social media platform has taken the market by storm. It was one of the most popular kids in the block during the COVID-19 lockdown. Why wouldn’t it be? After all, celebs like Bella Thorne and Cardi B joined OnlyFans and made millions.

Well, that’s nothing for a celeb, but what about anyone who is not-so-celeb, and wants to make money on OnlyFans? Making money on OnlyFans is one of the hottest topics these days. Be it on Quora, Reddit, or any adult business forum, groups of some serious people are earnestly discussing on the topics like:

  • How much do OnlyFans models make?
  • How to promote your OnlyFans as a beginner?
  • What’s the average OnlyFans income someone who is not Bella Throne or Cardi B can expect?

When asked about “How much money do you make monthly on OnlyFans?” in a Reddit Poll, about 295 users shared their experiences as following:

  • 135/295 said they make less than $100/month.
  • 52/295 said they earn $100-300/month.
  • 44/295 admitted to having made more than $2000/month.

OnlyFans model income

Credit: Reddit

This poll makes a clear case that making money on OnlyFans is possible for anyone with the right strategies. While the half of respondents make less than $300/month, the almost other half have made some handsome money, too.

One of the respondents, who is also an OnlyFans subscriber shared a straightforward estimation of How much do OnlyFans models make with certain numbers of subscribers:

(paraphrased comments)

“I am an OnlyFans subscriber and have seen an OnlyFans Creator with over 6000 subscribers (fans). Her subscription fee at that time was 10$/ month.

I’m right, OnlyFans charges a 20% commission/fee from the creators.

So, 80% of 6000 x10 = $48000/month.

Note: This does not include the additional earning via pay-to-view content. “

According to, the average OnlyFans income is $180/month, so how did she manage to rise above this cap?

As per the experiences shared by hundreds of successful OnlyFans creators, who make more than the average, to reach that level you need to:

  • Develop a good visibility on social media for yourself,
  • have something special to stand out from the rest,
  • invest time to research about content that users like,
  • implement your research to provide quality content,
  • and use every monetization channel that is offered.

The platform provides multiple other monetization channels besides the primary, subscription channel. Make strategic use of all of them.

  • Create, offer, and promote pay-per-view content.
  • Create, offer, and promote custom content.
  • Offer and promote primate messaging services.

Bella Thorne did make over $1 million in her first 24 hours on OnlyFans, but as a beginner, you will have to rely on some meticulous promotions to attract even a fraction of that attention.

How to promote your OnlyFans?

I explained a few of the ways in the section above, but you can adopt some more strategies to promote your OnlyFans and rise above the average OnlyFans income mark.

Meet Lee, who is making about $100,000 a month on OnlyFans. Apart from the basic promotions, she made perfect use of her TikTok profile to get noticed. “The more famous I became on TikTok, the more fans I got on OnlyFans”, she says.

It’s simple. Although it is possible to start from Zero on OnlyFans, the best way to increase an OnlyFans model income is by capitalizing the name you made on yet another mainstream social media platform. OnlyFans is best monetizing the fame you already have.

For those who start from Zero on OnlyFans, patience and consistency is the key to success.

Making money on OnlyFans

In fact, it’s not about TikTok alone; any popular platform that can bring in the desired results. You just have to be strategic about how you are going to monetize it.

Making money on OnlyFans

Yet another way is by offering free trials to get new people in the league. However, be advised that lots of freeloaders are going to join and not renew after the trial period. So, combine your free trial with rigorous marketing by pushing PPV messages and custom content services.

How to promote your OnlyFans?

average OnlyFans income

The promotions need not always be free. You can occasionally push super cheap offers to gain new subscribers, while you can make up via PPV sales. Pushing this promotion on social media will spread your words to new people.

average OnlyFans income

OnlyFans is not at all a Quick Money Making Scheme

Currently, with 40%-50% of creators making less than $100 a month, you might feel discouraged by joining OnlyFans. Girls are doing the same stuff that other girls are already doing on the platform: posting lingerie, nudes, sex, etc. videos.

If you are not doing anything that is separating you from the others, chances are you won’t make even $100 a month after a few more days. I am not asking you to try any weird BDSM stuff (maybe yes, if you are comfortable with it), but establishing yourself in a niche will help you better.

It makes more sense to have only 50-100 regular subscribers in a niche than targeting billions of OnlyFans users with the same old general stuff. Pick a niche based on audience, genre, fetish, or kink, and create content that has a way to stand out from the rest.

How to increase your overall earnings from this market?

No matter how popular it is, but OnlyFans is still a marketplace with tons of creators like you. It is not easy to get noticed in such a hoard; especially if you are not already some popular social media name or celebrity.

However, if you have made your mind to make money from this profitable market, you have the option to offer an alternative to the OnlyFans creators. You can start your own platform like OnlyFans –maybe under a niche. Creators who want to serve under your niche can use your platform as a more niched alternative to OnlyFans, where they need not struggle in a massive crowd to get noticed.

Scripts like xFans from Adent can help you build a website like OnlyFans, that too without any programming skills. After a simple installation on a web-server of your choice, xFans can let you set up a website like OnlyFans by using a graphical user interface; as simple as setting up your first Facebook account.

Note that this is not a way to increase your OnlyFans income, but more of an adult business idea in the same segment. If you have been doing good on OnlyFans and want to increase your income, or thinking about starting an adult business for better money-making opportunities than selling on OnlyFans, this strategy will help you to do so. You could be running your own OnlyFans, rather than struggling to get noticed.

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