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How to Develop a Site like OnlyFans and ManyVids?

Mar 15, 2021
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OnlyFans and ManyVids

If you are a regular user of adult websites or social media, you might have seen the OnlyFans or ManyVids Ads popping up on the sidebar.

Essentially, OnlyFans and ManyVids are two very popular membership sites. You can find both subtle and mundane content out here. However, they are well known as adult fanclub sites distinguished for connecting fan bases with their favorite adult entertainment figures or models.

An adult fanclub site like OnlyFans or ManyVids operates on multi-monetization sculpt. That means, the fans need to pay to connect with the models and models get several options to capitalize on their fans. For example, models can conduct live cam shows and earn through the tips, private shows, selling videos, images, and fanclub merchandises. 

In other words, these are social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitch, but you cannot just follow a profile for free. The profiles are premium, and one needs to pay a membership subscription cost to follow and access the respective content. The sites earn by taking commissions from the models on their earnings. We will learn that in detail in this article, but first-

Are you a wannabe adult industry entrepreneur? Because the business model of these two sites is a trend these days. If you are thinking about starting a similar fanclub site like OnlyFans or ManyVids, let me tell you, it’s a great business idea. How? We will discuss in the subsequent part of the article.

However, if you have a doubt or a second thought, maybe, the detailed explanation in this article will inform you of all the ups and downs of this business niche. You will learn about the easiest way to build a profitable adult fanclub site like OnlyFans or ManyVids and make some great amount of money in the least investment. 

Let’s start from the very first question that might be popping in your mind right now.

Why would someone pay to follow on social media?

I mean if Twitter starts asking you to pay an amount to follow your favorite Hollywood star, would you do it?

Well, that’s upon your personal discretion, but I can say you this – ‘a lot of people not only pay subscription amounts on OnlyFans and ManyVids but also spend much more than that tipping during the live webcam shows and purchasing stuff from the models’. 

To earn, a woman just has to create a profile, get verified, and add her bank account to the app before start uploading content. That’s why many “everyday” women use these apps to sell their nudes or perform on the live webcam shows.

The sites allow them to charge pretty much whatever they want from the users. I have seen the membership subscription fees starting from $4.99/month to – no upper limit. The membership subscription makes just the 30-40% of the model’s earnings. Rest 60-70% earning comes through live cam shows and selling extra premium content and merchandises. I mean, people purchase used panties for $4-$10. What better could anyone do with theirs?

All the payments are received by the sites. For example, OnlyFans gives back 80% of the model’s earning while keeping the rest 20% of itself as its revenue and charge to cover the payment processing, hosting and “all other associated expenses to manage the site.

Recently, an argument became known after an OnlyFans model named Julia Holbanel revealed her earnings for just two days, which was €7,500. One more model, Alanna Pittorino, made €1,400 within two hours of setting up her profile.

onlyfans clone

Source: Twitter

No doubt, even in this wave of feminism, sex is still a social stigma, but women are being readily encouraged to wear what they want in the public and face anyone slut-shaming for their choices. So, there is no doubt that, women know what they are doing, and if it’s good or bad to use such sites for making money. It’s completely personal preference and there are countless women who happily join these sites.

Speaking to a media house, Kate McGrew, member of the Sex Workers Alliance, Ireland, said this about women commodifying their bodies for the adult business:

“It’s a job, which often suits the people who don’t have other ways to earn, living in poverty, single mothers, students struggling to pay education fee, people living with disabilities.”

So yes, there are many men who pay for following women on social media and getting access to their voluntarily shared explicit content.

How to easily build a site like OnlyFans or ManyVids?

Starting a new line of niche in the adult industry is not like every other industry. You have to go through an array of social and legal footraces. However, the adult site does operate and make massive income despite the hurdles. It also means that adult sites do not face competitions as harsh as traditional businesses.

That’s why a business idea to start a fanclub site is going to stay in trend for a longer period yet. It’s not me who is saying this, it’s you –the entrepreneurs.  When asked about this trend, Aron Johnson, the representative at Adent in Bangkok, said –

“When we looked at the increasing demand for certain customizations in our existing scripts, developing a laser-focused script to let entrepreneurs attract models, their fan-base, and selling explicit products to them is an exciting opportunity for us too! That’s why we came up with our latest script called xFans. It’s a script crafted especially for building fanclub sites like OnlyFans and ManyVids within a few hours without coding. This script is all you need to pursue your business idea.”

I was curious about this script and it was promising a well-covered solution to solve the problem that I was hoping to discuss in this section- An easier and affordable way for non-technical entrepreneurs to create a similar fanclub site like OnlyFans. So I asked the following questions to Aron about their latest script:

Q1: Now that you have explained how you came up with xFans, I am curious if it’s an exact rip-off of OnlyFans, and there is no innovation in it. Am I wrong to say this?

“It’s actually a great question, and I don’t blame you for thinking the script is not innovative. In fact, even we are promoting xFans as OnlyFans clone and ManyVids clone. But let me tell you, it’s not a rip-off at all. We had to promote it as a clone script for the marketing purpose.

You see, OnlyFans and ManyVids are the two most popular names in this very different niche. So people don’t understand if you say you have a fanclub script. However, if you explain them in context to these two popular names, they immediately get an idea of how this script works, as they already know how these sites work.

As per the features are concerned, this script has a lot more features than the original sites such as Merchandise store, Premium content gallery, Integrated adult payment gateway, Calendar system, and much more to make uncapped money.”

Q2: Could you explain the working flow of the xFans? An overview of how everything works here?

As an admin, you will have the ultimate control of your site where you can govern everything from a central dashboard at the back end. Models will sign up after providing their personal details and admin can see that at the back end as new model signs-up request. Admin can approve or deny it. Admin can also add new models directly from the back-end.

Once a model account is approved, she can update her public profile and set it up for selling the stuff. She can upload images, videos, and a catalog of physical products. She can also set a membership subscription fee to allow access to her regular posts. Models are free to put any amount they want for the membership plan.

Users can see all the model profiles but not their posts. To get access to their content, users need to follow a model by paying the membership fee she has put in her profile. Besides that, users can also purchase images, videos, and products, from a premium gallery given to each model.

Q3: What else do models get to make money on xFans?

In addition to the premium subscription fee, premium content gallery and physical products, users can also send paid direct messages to the models. It’s more like Superchat on YouTube, if you recall.

Q4: Who receives the payment done to models by the users? How models get paid?

The admin gets the option to set different or the same commission rate on each models’ earnings. The Script uses CCBill payment gateway to dynamically split and transfer the respective earnings immediately to the admin and the models. Be it the subscription fee, purchase of content, physical products, or paid direct messages, all earning are split dynamically. Models don’t need to wait for the payouts.

Q5:  How confident are you about the tech stack of this script? Is it competent to handle heavy traffic?

We know that such sites can get flooded with users sometimes. In this case, it is the tech stack that should be efficient to handle a heavy load. That’s why we chose MEAN stack to develop this script. With Node.js in action, there is nothing that can handle loads better than this.

Q6: If I don’t know much about software development or coding, how difficult is it to build my fanclub site using xFans?

Well, most of our clients don’t know anything about coding but they are excellent entrepreneurs. That’s why we aimed at developing everything as ready-made so that they don’t have to struggle through the codes. xFans is a turnkey solution ready to be deployed. Anyone with basic knowledge of web hosting can deploy it within a few minutes. You just have to complete a few data entries and your site will be ready to go live.

Q6: Is xFans Open-source or delivered through SaaS? Do I have to pay a monthly fee?

All our solutions are open-source and self-hosted, including OnlyFans clone script. We don’t charge any recurring fee. All that we ask is a one-time purchase, and the script is yours for good.

Q7: What if I want to customize the script or add some new feature? Am I allowed?

It’s a premium script. We have tried our best to offer everything by default. However, if you still want to customize your site in any way, you have the source code. You can customize it by yourself or hire any developer to do it for you. The codes are standardized and any experienced developer can make the customization after understanding it. However, you can also avail our paid customization services to ask our in-house developers to customize the script for you.

Q8: Do you provide technical support for the installation? What about the updates of the script?

Yes, we do offer technical support for installation and deployment. We also offer support and assistance in all kinds of consultation one might need to start an adult business.  Our experts can advise you in all sorts of phases like web hosting, choosing suitable payment gateways, etc. As per software updates are concerned, we provide all kinds of security updates and patches for free to valid customers.

My Impressions

After being in the adult business industry for so long, I can say that it’s not an easy niche. There are hurdles both legally and socially. However, once you get that grip and know how to operate without breaking the laws, revenue generation will not be a tough task. I have seen startups making over $10,000 in the first month itself.

So yes. Starting a fanclub site like OnlyFans could be a profitable business idea. You just have to know the prospects. And I think, getting a readymade script like xFans, or so-called OnlyFans Clone, or ManyVids clone is the most economical way to build the site.

At least it’s way better than developing the site from scratch. Because xFans script does let you customize the code and you can still develop on top of it. So yes, it presents a good combination of the benefits from both scratch and ready-made types of software solutions.

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