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How to Setup a Webcam Website Like Chaturbate and Make Money

Feb 05, 2021
how to start a cam site

Ok, so we’ve all seen sites like Chaturbate by now, haven’t we?

You know what I’m talking, the most frequently asked questions – how to start a cam site, how to build a webcam site and how to setup a webcam website.

Much to the delight of my dear readers, I am writing this article to throw an insight into the process of creating webcam business by using adult cam scripts.

Curious about the content of this well-structured guide? Here it is in full:

  1. Chaturbate business model
  2. Things needed before kicking off
  3. How to find cam girls for your live camming site?
  4. How to setup a webcam website like Chaturbate?
  5. How to get traffic to your camming site?
  6. Sit back and make money

Before delving into the nuances of adult cam stream, let me ask you this question – Is it a good idea to emulate the mechanics of sites like Chaturbate?

You can trawl the web and research for the stats.

Here a few numbers for your reference.

According to Alexa, the popular live camming sites’ rank stands at 107 (at the time of writing this article).

I’m using an SEO tool to offer a sense of its proportion.

alexa traffic rank

Here is the site’s traffic graph.

alexa traffic graph

Now, let me shed some light on important metrics such as monthly unique visitors, monthly revenue from ads, and monthly unique page views.

Daily Estimations

Let’s do some math and acquaint ourselves with the monthly estimations.

Parameter Value
Unique Visitors 30,613,710
Revenue (from Ads) $ 275,070 USD
Unique Page views 275075970

The numbers are huge. Let’s extrapolate these numbers and acquaint ourselves with the yearly estimations.

Parameter Value
Unique Visitors 372,466,805
Revenue (from Ads) $ 3,346,780 USD
Unique Page views 3,346,757,635

These numbers are monumentally overwhelming!

All the aforementioned graphs, numbers and extrapolations justify the cult status of sites like Chaturbate. Therefore, it’s a good idea to emulate the business model of Chaturbate.

Let’s now dig into the business model of Chaturbate and look at how you can make BIG money.

#1: Chaturbate Business Model

At the very outset, let me tell you that Chaturbate has many models. A vast majority of them have no qualms in going nude. Therefore, non-nude models find it increasing difficult to make good money.

It all boils down to skillfully deploying right set of strategies to entice clients.

Models often set a token goal. Small goals can be achieved by performing dances, tit flashes, and sex games. Models also bet their chances on cum shows. Here is a suggestion to amateurs and beginners – Do NOT opt for cum shows if you aren’t comfortable. Amateurs are usually averse to the smell and taste of cum.

To maximize accumulation of tokens, opt for private (one – to – one) interactions. Private interactions are usually intimate and sexy.

Models also make money by selling hot videos and photos. More often than not, they usually upload photos and videos (behind a profile) to their profile. Interested guys should purchase tokens to access them. By the way, hot videos and photos can be purchased even when the models are offline.

Audiences have weird fetishes. Quite a few of them want to don the hats of dom-daddies. They are keen on dominating and controlling submissive women. This findom (financial domination) fetish is often exploited by webcam models. Audiences are ready to shell out loads of money to fulfill their fantasies.

There is a huge market for financial dominatrixes. This necessarily means that webcam girls can control their loyal submissive audiences in exchange for money.

Models also sell their used panties and sex toys for a fortune. Quite a few of them also work as phone sex operators.

If you are not interested in working as a cam girl / model, you can hire cam models and make them work for you. Sites like Chaturbate work on revenue-sharing system. In simple words, Chaturbate takes a cut from the earnings of its models.

As Chaturbate makes money only when its models are paid, models need not worry much about extending further commission to this site. Customers purchase tokens. Tokens are converted into dollars. Chaturbate takes a cut (usually 50%) and credits the remaining into the models’ account.

A similar revenue-sharing system can be setup for your webcam business by using an adult cam software named xCams. xCams has the following two impressive pricing features:

  • Performer Pricing
  • Site Owner Pricing

  Models are at complete discretion to decide their per-minute charges. However, models may misuse this liberty and charge exorbitant rates. In such cases, site administrator shall use his authority and decide on the per-minute charges of models.

The next step in how to start a webcam business is understanding the legal and non-legal requirements.

Read on.

#2: Things Required Before Kicking Off

 Any webcam business requires a business structure. You can either be a sole proprietor or collaborate with a team of web entrepreneurs. Various business structures are C corp, LLC, sub S-corp, etc. To understand the nuances of every business structure, hire a business attorney.

Sit with your attorney and draft the following:

  • User Agreement
  • Broadcaster Agreement
  • Account Termination Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • FTC Guidelines

More often than not, user and broadcaster agreements come under the ambit of Terms of Service.

FTC guidelines are associated with the credibility of internet as a genuine and legitimate advertising platform. If your camming business site fails to adhere to FTC guidelines, you are likely to be penalized.

All the webcam models collaborating / working with you are an integral part of your adult live camming business. However, they are not full-time employees. They are either categorized as independent contractors, or freelancers or sole proprietors.

Hire a qualified and experienced accountant to get clarity on taxes. By the way, all the models should be at-least 18 years old.

Articulate and elucidate your live camming site’s code of conduct. Codify content ownership standards and protocols.

To know more about legal stuff, read this article – Legal Stuff You Should Know.

#3: How to Find Cam Girls for Your Live Camming Site?

how to find camgirls

Fresh faces in the industry work for a low percentage. Experienced cam girls can get exacting and demanding. Entrepreneurs are often in a dilemma – to recruit fresh faces or experienced models?

Read on.

New Cam Girls

For all intents and purposes, budget is always a constraint for web entrepreneurs. If you have just started out, chances are that your live camming site may not be earning loads of cash. It’s ideal to hire a few inexperienced models as their payout rates are usually well within your budget. They may not be contributing immensely owing to their in-experience and lack of skills. You should train them and patiently wait for the site to grow.

Experienced Cam Girls

Your budget (initially) may not allow you to hire experienced cam girls.

However, here’s something definitely worth trying – Approach a few experienced cam girls. Request them to do some guest shows.  Ideal duration of a guest show is anywhere between 90 and 120 minutes. This strategy will fetch your live camming site loads of internet traffic. You will have to pay more than what you pay for fresh faces.

There’s an advantage with this approach – Your live camming site will become popular and is likely to fetch you BIG money.


You can hire models from the following sources:

  • Forums

Heard of Yahoo Answers, Quora and Reddit? You can hire adult cam models from such forums. Quora is essentially a Question & Answer platform. Write insightful answers. Let audiences visit your profile and approach you.

Reddit is yet another amazing forum. Follow relevant sub-reddits such as the following:

adult subreddit

  • Strip Clubs

Are strip clubs safe for strippers? There isn’t any definite answer.

A vast majority of strip clubs aren’t safe for strippers. Strippers are often followed, humiliated and bullied.

 Strip clubs are often converted into brothels. Brothels are safe havens for illegal and illegitimate activities such as sex and drug trafficking.

More often than not, strippers will be interested in working as webcam models. They seek respite from continuous groping and touching. It require some efforts to convince them. They can work either as part-time or full-time models.

  • Modelling Agencies

It’s a very good strategy to seal a business deal with a couple of modelling agencies. Modelling agencies have contact details of thousands of models. You are likely to get good prospects.

  • Classifieds

There are many paid classified listing sites such as SexyJobs. At the time of writing this article, this paid classified listing site has more than 85000 job seekers, 1900 registered employers and 1573 job listings.

Please be informed that Craigslist is no longer the most sought after destination for recruiting cam girls. Ever since the endorsement of anti-trafficking bills – FOSTA (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act) and SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act), there has been a serious crackdown on Craigslist.

  • Advertising Networks

You can collaborate with leading advertising networks and subsequently purchase ad space on leading adult tube sites. Post your cam girl requirements on adult tube sites. Truth be told, this is an expensive approach. By all means, qualified leads can be expected.

 Read on to understand the next step in creating webcam business.

#4: How to Setup a Webcam Site like Chaturbate

Creating webcam business is an art. And yes, there is a lot of science in it as well.

Let me explain.

Approach #1

Hire a couple of programmers / coders. Hire an API developer. And yes, hire a tester. To build live camming sites like Chaturbate from scratch, expertise in database structures, PHP, Laravel Framework, HTML, CSS and query optimization is mandatory.

List down your functional and non-functional live camming site requirements. Do not expect any promising results for the first 6 months. Be ready to incur at-least $60000 USD. Agile methodology may or may not be implemented.

While there’s a lot of science and art in this approach, the gains aren’t satisfactory.

Approach #2

This approach is recommended for all the right reasons.

Purchase an adult webcam script such as xCams. By using a feature-rich adult webcam script like xCams, you can build the following types of businesses:

  • Remote Consulting
  • Live Tutoring
  • Personal Training
  • Live video streaming

If you are not interested in working as a webcam model, you can very well start your own webcam business and be the owner (proprietor). Webcam business owners are entitled to manage user signups, overhaul the activity of models, observe real time activity of viewers in chatrooms, etc. If any viewer misbehaves or abuses any model(s), you can ban him. xCams lets you ban users by IP, geographical region, etc.

Webcam business owners are also entitled to setup different pricing per minute system. xCams has enough provisions to record the activity of users and models in paid private sessions.  

xCams has the following 4 dashboards:

  • User Dashboard
  • Model Dashboard
  • Studio Dashboard
  • Super Admin Dashboard

Studio owners can create profiles for their models and view their earnings. In addition, they may add or remove models.

Other features of xCams:

  • Responsive Templates
  • Top tier technology
  • Multiple Payment Gateways such as CCBill and Epoch
  • Private Messaging
  • Geo Blocking Users
  • Calendar and Events
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • 24 × 7 support
  • OhMiBod and Lovense Toys Integration

All the aforesaid features are present in reputed sites like Chaturbate.

xCams is a highly scalable and customizable solution. It’s affordable. You will get free installation and setup, free upgrades for life, Android & iOS mobile apps, and free mobile installation.

This adult cam script can be altered as per your discretion. You will have access to its code.

There’s hardly any merit in going with a white-label solution. Popular search engines such as Google consider white labels as duplicate content. As a result, many white-labels do not feature in the first few pages of Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Let’s now understand how to get traffic to your webcam website.

Read on.

#5: How to get Traffic to Your Webcam Website

how to get traffic to your site

Traffic is of two types:

  1. Organic Traffic
  2. Paid Traffic

Organic traffic is evergreen traffic. It depends to a very large extent on the type of unique content you offer. Unique and niche specific content shall bring targeted traffic to your adult live camming site.

Here are a few ways to acquire targeted webcam traffic:

Search Engine Traffic

Truth be told, Google doesn’t accept paid ads for adult live camming websites. Technically speaking, search engine traffic is a function of two important parameters: Quality Content and Keywords (Long tail and non-long tail keywords). Blogging is the best way to go about. All your blog posts should have keyword-rich titles and keyword-rich content.

Frequency of blog posts should also be high. Be creative. Be witty. Most importantly, be smart. If you regularly update your blog, your live camming site will rank better.


Reputed social networking platforms such as Facebook aren’t adult content friendly. As a matter of fact, Facebook can shut you down for nothing.

Twitter is one of the best and adult-content friendly social networking platforms.

To begin with, follow a few models, porn related accounts and hot performers. Follow amateurs and experienced professionals. Your Twitter account’s profile picture should be sexy, hot and semi-nude. Keep posting hot and non-nude pictures of your webcam models. Tweets should be enticing and appealing.

Here a few examples:

Watch me sucking cock and balls live here (provide link to your site)

Watch me naked on cam here today (provide link to your site)

The secret sauce is to attract horny web surfers. Horny web surfers will be able to find you only if you use relevant hashtags such as #sexy, #Cam, #Nude, #Livecam, etc.


Not so long ago, Tumblr de-indexed many adult blogs. Also, quite a significant number of non-registered viewers couldn’t see any adult content.

Tumblr’s policies have always been against affiliate content. However, adult webcam girls and web entrepreneurs are at liberty to post their respective site links. Do NOT aggressively and excessively post site links in every post. Tumblr will flag the content as spam and eventually suspend you.

The key is to post pictures with your site’s watermark. Ideally, watermark should be positioned at the top right corner of image(s). Every post should have pertinent tags.

Do the following three things on Tumblr:

  • Follow
  • Engage
  • Re-blog

Do NOT rely only on Tumblr. Tumblr’s policies can be erratic at times.

Watermark Videos

 All your models’ live camming video sessions should be recorded. All the recordings should be uploaded with a watermark (such as your site’s logo) to popular adult tube sites. Do NOT steal any content from other lesser-known adult tube sites. It’s better to upload your own content. If adult tube site administrators get to know that you are stealing content, they will ban you for life.

Uploaded videos should have proper tags, titles and categories.

Affiliate Code Link

Let me explain.

Let’s say you own a live camming site which deals in MILFs.

Find some mature women, post some hot and sexy content about them along with a couple of links to their chat rooms. Be smart – use a combination of text and image links.

Other platforms worth exploring

  • Switter
  • Sharesome
  • Snapchat

 6#: Sit Back and Make Money

sit back and make money

Webcam business owners can make BIG money only if webcam models make BIG money. So, let’s understand the monetization model of the adult webcam script- xCams.

Key monetization channels

  • Private 1 on 1 chat
  • Paid group chat
  • Peek shows
  • Premium pictures and photos

Premium pictures and photos are behind a paywall. Registered and premium subscribers can view the content even if the models are offline.

Peek shows are nothing but voyeur shows. Users who subscribe to voyeur shows can view the live camming activity of models. They cannot text or message. They can only view.

xCams lets you make more than $35000 USD per month.

Let me explain.

Number of webcam girls: 10

Number of sessions per day per cam model: 5

Average duration of each session: 1 hour (60 minutes)

Total number of minutes per day: 60 × 10× 5= 3000

Average Conversion rate = 25%

Effective paid minutes per day = 0.25 × 3000 = 750

Charges per minute = $4

Total earnings of models = 750 × 4 = $3000 USD

Effective earnings of live camming site business owner @ 50% commission = $1500 USD

Effective earnings of the owner per month = $ 39000 USD (number of business days is 26)

If you have 20 models, your effective earnings will be more than $75000 USD. Just do the math. For all intents and purposes, xCams lets you build an empire of live camming networks and rake in the moolah!

Personality of webcam models can dictate the course of your business. If the webcam girls are lively, jovial and positive, your live camming website shall be in the good books of your customers. This results in repeat purchases.


Focus on generating quality content. Pay attention to adult SEO. Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, it may take several months to gain significant rankings. Distance yourself from building PBNs (Private Blog Networks). Google is the world’s smartest search engine. Also, do not indulge in any black hat SEO strategies. Be patient. Be consistent. More importantly, do not expect immediate results. Improvise, adapt and grow.

I look forward to your thoughts, constructive criticism and questions. I shall reply in a day or two. Cheers!

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