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How to Become a Sex Toy Tester and Make Money [Complete Guide]

sex toy tester

There are somethings that couples surely love doing together – Dinner, Celebration, and Sex. Women love using sex toys. This can be attributed to many reasons – sex toys enhance sexual pleasure, help them orgasm better and improve sexual satisfaction. A vast majority of couples feel that the taboos surrounding sex toys and app controlled vibrators do not have enough merit.  

Apart from the obvious sexual benefits, there are monetary benefits – You can become a sex toy tester and get paid to test sex toys.

Wondering how to become a sex toy tester?

This article will shed light on how to become a sex toy tester.

If you are wondering how to sell sex toys, read this ultimate guide to start selling sex toys online.

Let me now explain how to become a sex toy tester.

Read on.


Let me get this right.

It’s not easy to write sex toy reviews.

In the beginning, it may seem all wine and roses. But believe me, there will be multiple occasions wherein your mood may not be good enough. You may not feel like touching yourself. You may not feel like experiencing sexual pleasure for a week or so. As a matter of truth, you may not feel like using sex toys.

But let me tell you – once you become a porn entrepreneur of high reputation, you have to do it anyways.

Bottom line, tweak your mindset and psyche. You have to finish your job because it’s a big and competitive market.


What’s the biggest motivation? Of course, it’s nothing but BIG money.

Done right, you can make at-least $50000 USD by working as a full-time professional sex toy tester.

Here’s another motivational factor – You can women raise orgasmic awareness. It’s important for women to understand that using sex toys is a positive step in female sexual liberation.

Let me now explain the steps involved.

Step #1: Become a Blogger

The first step is to start an adult blogger.

Start writing informative content. Quality content often drives quality traffic.

Make no mistake – Testing sex toys is a niche job. Make sure that your adult blog has every piece of content that’s associated with sex toys.

Tickling your brain for ideas?

Here are a few:

  • The ultimate guide on clitoral stimulation by using sex toys
  • A step-by-step guide on how to use a penis pump
  • How to have period sex by using sex toys
  • 5 best G-spot vibrators
  • How to enjoy long distance relationship by using app controlled sex toys

It’s all about receiving quality web traffic.

Follow amateur models on Twitter. Ask them to share their thoughts on your articles. Tell them to try out the latest sex toys.

Tumblr is another great platform. You can promote your reviews on sex toys that are made of body-safe material.

Once your blog acquires quality web traffic, you can be confident of taking the next step.

#2: Start a YouTube Channel


Is it mandatory to start a YouTube channel? No

If you are keen on becoming an influential sex blogger, it’s recommended to start a YouTube channel. You can talk about sex and sex toys. It’s very well in line with YouTube’s terms and conditions.

Here’s a piece of advice – Background music is more of a norm. To emphasize on core points, background music should be fine-tuned.

Include a few video pop-ups to mention the merits and de-merits of sex toys. Cover the nuances – nothing too fancy. When you are doing a review, it’s better to have yourself recorded. This lends credibility as you have forayed into this industry.

It all boils down to grabbing eyeballs. If you have a good number of subscribers, you can use monetization channels such as YouTube affiliate marketing, YouTube ads, etc., to make big loads of money.

#3: Approach Sex Toy Companies

The more prolific your work, the better your reputation is. In other words, sex toy brands are likely to approach you if your reputation skyrockets.

However, be cognizant of the fact that this industry is competitive. Therefore, it’s suggested to approach sex toy companies rather than waiting for this to approach you.

You can apply as a sex toy tester on their portals. Make sure to include your comprehensive portfolio of articles, reviews and videos in the application forms. Provide a brief account on the types of products you would like to review. If you are sensitive to a particular category or type of sex toys, make sure to include your concern(s).

Keep an eye on Classifieds and sex toy forums. Opportunities are many.

Not so long ago, companies used to ask their respective employees to test and write reviews. The trend has changed. This can be attributed to the fact that biases can hijack product reviews.

Halo Effect

Wondering what Halo effect is?

Halo effect is a phenomenon in which employees tend to think positively about their products, services and other value offerings. Halo effect usually results in overwhelmingly distorted product reviews.

Companies appreciate honest reviews. A vast majority of sex toys manufacturers appreciate constructive feedback and criticism.

Moreover, by reviewing their sex toys, you are promoting their products. You are entitled to keep the sex toy(s). You need not return anything.

Precautions: Words of Wisdom

Without question, it’s better to be safe than sorry. In other words, it’s recommended to take precautions.

Sex toys do not have sharp edges. However, they can damage your private parts. They may cause ir-repairable damage to your body tissues. Let’s say you are comfortable testing a 6-inch dildo. If a company asks you to review its 9-inch dildo, feel free to say NO.

App based vibrations are awesome. But if you overstimulate your clitoris, be ready to embrace drastic repercussions.

Sex toys usually contain an ingredient called Phthalate. Phthalate is used to make sex toys flexible. This is not a body-safe ingredient.

Key Points to Include in Reviews

There’s no standard formula. Make sure that your reviews reflect:

  • Your likes and dislikes, traps and pitfalls about the sex toy(s)
  • Your overall experience
  • Your recommendation

Begin with the package presentation of sex toys. More often than not, audiences fall in love with positive first impressions. Let your audiences know if the package looks old fashioned or classy.

Before sharing your opinion, use the sex toy at-least a couple of times. It’s fair to say that humans have mood swings. On a good day, your opinion may be in the affirmative. On a bad day, your thoughts may change completely.

And yes, use a lubricant. You may recommend your audience to use lubricants.

It’s important to mention secondary features of sex toys. For instance, a particular category of sex toys may be waterproof. It could be that another category is rechargeable. It’s easy to draw an analogy between battery powered sex toys and rechargeable ones.

If you are reviewing a sex toy that’s meant for couples, ask your partner to share his / her thoughts.

It’s okay to do adult affiliate marketing. However, it’s a bad web practice to include too many affiliate links in product reviews. Intelligent search engines like Google can flag your content as ‘spam’

Do not pick random and irrelevant photographs from the web. Take your own custom photograph. It’s absolutely fine to polish your images. However, don’t over-do. Distance yourself away from professional filtering and photographic tweaking. Keep your product photos as realistic as possible.

Do more research before knowing how to become a sex toy tester and how to sell sex toys online.

Start your adult blog today, become a sex toy tester and get paid to test sex toys. Cheers!

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