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Frog & Compass – The Route To A Cost Effective Website


Rome wasn’t built in day. And the magnificent architecture speaks for itself.  In the same way websites are not designed in a day. And if they are then they do not have Rome’s Colosseum. What if there was a way that you could build a website with Rome’s Colosseum in say two days? Did your eyes just widen? Yes I am talking about two days to build a website. That too, at a fraction of the cost that you would usually incur. Frog and Compass have come up with the unique concept of launching your WordPress website in just two days!

About Frog and Compass

Frog and Compass is a concept that has been created by a group of young budding entrepreneurs who recognized the fact that the website design industry focused on the lack of design and web education kept the prices artificially high whilst they reaped the benefits of huge profits from the unsuspecting clients. Founded in 2016, this company has already starting making its presence felt in the world of web designing.


  • Wire framing Design
  • iOS App Development
  • Innovation Consultants
  • IoT Specialist
  • Life Cycle Assessment Specialist

The Team

An entrepreneurial journey doesn’t start with raising money, but by building something meaningful with amazing people. These amazing people, who are all engineering students,  come from very different backgrounds and different walks of life, with only one thing in common; the fact that they want to change the way websites are designed and to make a difference in peoples’ lives.  Let’s look into the individuals who are passionately working on making a change in the world of web designing.

Amena Mabrouk – Hailing from Chandler, Arizona, she is a co-founder at Refugee Code Academy and founder at Aspire Learning Tools LLC. Her goals – Import Products, Sell them, be awesome. When asked to comment on how she felt about being part of Frog and Compass and her team, she said “I am so happy to be a part of this journey, you guys are awesome”

Alex Camo (Cofounder of Frog and Compass) –Living in Tempe, Arizona he completed his studies at Arizona State University. He is currently a Graduate Research Associate at Ira A Fulton School of Engineering.

Sarah Harley – She studied at North Arizona University and is a wish granter at Make A Wish Arizona.

Dylan Dominick Millaps – He completed his studies at Arizona State University.

Ramon Alejandro Alvarez – Fondly known as Alex to his friends, he is a caseworker at the Office of Congressmen Ruben Gallego.

Nick Hool (Co-Founder of Frog and Compass) – Co Founder/CEO at Shakedown, Nick completed his studies at Draper University. He too hails from Tempe in Arizona.

Omron Blaou (Co-Founder of Frog and Compass)–– Coming from Phoenix, Arizona, he studied Biomedical Engineering at Arizona State University. He is also a co-founder at Refugee Code Academy. He likes travelling, builds startups and is an adventurer by nature. He also belies in making a difference in peoples’ lives.

These budding entrepreneurs have featured in TechCrunch, Web Summit, VentureWell, and some others within a few months of their conception. They all work as a team and make sure their days are filled with laughter, group bike rides, food and ensure that they all keep on smiling. After all they believe that a happy working environment ensures a happy team. A happy team means more productivity.

Their Beliefs

  • Two day web design
  • One price
  • Professional Service

“We build every Frog and Compass website with passion and a revolutionary price”

Their Technique

How do they operate in 2 days?

Connect (ZERO HOUR) – Your needs will be discussed with emphasis on your needs and what you want to achieve.

Design (HOUR TWENTY FOUR) – The target market will be interrogated about what they want and how that need will be met.

Launch (HOUR FORTY EIGHT) – Your product will be built keeping in mind the customized launch strategy to increase users. Irrespective of whether we take your project or not, we will give you a detailed outline and strategy.

As simple as that, can it get better?

Their Competition

For every new business that starts up, several competitors soon follow suit. Here we look at one of Frog and Compass’ competitor, SITEM.CO who promise that they can make beautiful websites in seconds!

Charity Work

The team wants to make a difference in people’s lives. They are all very much involved in charity work and want to address the issue of world illiteracy. Their pledge is to ensure that for every website they develop and sell, one refugee will be taught the skills of coding. The Refugee campaign is what they are supporting at the moment.

Bravo to the team!

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