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Deemly – Helping You In Building Trust


“Whether it is friendship or a relationship, all bonds are built on trust. Without it, you have nothing”

So very true. This is not only true for friendships and personal relationships but true for business relationships too.  And this is the concept of Deemly.


Deemly’s mission is to create more trust in the sharing economy, spurring growth which is good for its environment and economy.


Deemly, started in 2016, is based in Copenhagen, in Denmark. It is basically an app that gathers all your ratings and reviews from across P2P marketplaces and social networks and create a “trust” profile for you and allowing your trustworthiness to becomes transparent for those you interact with when sharing, borrowing, selling or renting online. It is used for businesses too.


  • Builds trust
  • Increases activity
  • Verifies users
  • Minimises fraud


The mother of this beautiful baby is Sara Green Broderson. She has a team of skilled people who are helping her take this baby of the ground.  Let’s delve a bit deeper into their world.


She has a B.A. degree in International Business Communications from Aarhus University and an M.Sc. in E-business from the IT University of Copenhagen. Having started off as a sweeper, she has gone on to co-find two startups, Heatmat and MindTeacher. Her role as CEO covers areas such as raising funds, developing the site as product owner with the technical team, PR and marketing initiatives, engaging partners and potential clients, coordinating the team and ensuring overall progress. She lives in Copenhagen and is allergic to kiwis.

JENS FARVIG THOMSEN – Chief Product Officer

He holds a M.Sc. in Digital Design & Communication from the IT University of Copenhagen. He also has  a B.A. in Japanese and Intercultural Business Studies from Copenhagen University. His job with Deemlyis  developing design, mockups, HTML prototypes and frontend coding. He is also experienced with data analytics and SEO optimization. In his younger says he once sat as face model for facial recognition software.

PERNILLE SPANG RASMUSSEN – Chief Marketing Officer

She holds a M.Sc. in International Business and a B.Sc. in Business Administration, both from Copenhagen Business School. Her role will be to advise on all matters related to marketing, communications and user growth. In her previous life she was a Product Manager at L’Oréal in Scandinavia. She is a great patron of car sharing.

Nadine Zeiss – Marketing and PR Co-ordinator

She originates from Gainfarn in Austria. She studies at the University of Vienna and is on the Communications Committee for Action Child Age.

Other team members include:

  1. VladikaIvanoviski – Lead Backend Developer
  2. Kristina Gacova – Back End Developer
  3. DijanaRadevska – Back End Developer
  4. Jonas Rasmussen – Advisor
  5. Peter ToftJolving – Advisor


Deemly are venturing into an area that has already got stiff competition. Here we look at some of them.

  1. – “Build Trust & Safety in Marketplaces”
  1. – “Selling, renting or swapping has never been easier, better or faster”
  2. – “The Online Identity Verification Service that proves real identities”
  3. – “Leverage your online reputation,Make people trust you”
  4.  – “Identity verification for the 21st century.”
  5.  – “Connect.Me helps you own your social reputation and connect to trusted people”
  6. – “One Reputation. Anywhere”,


  • Deemly was one of the Finalists for the Venture Cup Idea Competition 2016
  • Deemly is on Jonathan Løw’s list of inspiring Danish sharing economy companies
  • Their Beta launch party is on 9th June 2016 at Kobenhavn, Denmark.
  • Like them on Facebook page.
  • Follow on twitter.
  • Find them on Instagram.
  • You can visit their linkedin profile.

We, the members of StartupWhale wholeheartedly wish Heart BP all the very best for the promising journey ahead.


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