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eGrocer : A Smart Cooking Companion


No more worrying about what to eat when you are on a special diet plan, or what to cook at any time. An app that will help you do this is coming right up your way. A cooking app known as eGrocer keeps you fit by suggesting recipes by taking note of your Body Mass Index or BMI. The recipes that the app suggests considers the recommended calorie intake and nutritional value, preferences, and the items you have in pantry.

The recipes are generated according to your budget. You can also take the entire meal plans from the app. It also lets you manage your pantry by remembering your usage as well as maintaining a list of items that you need to buy from the superstores in your vicinity.


EGrocer was launched in March 2016. It is the brainchild of Rich Thomas LLC. It is based in Fairfax, Virginia, the United States of America.


  1. If you are finding it hard to maintain a diet plan, or how many calories you need, the app suggests recipes that are easy to cook, and keep you nourished and healthy.
  2. The app gives you suggestions of recipes that you can cook for your friends and family. It remembers all your preferences, and suggests recipes accordingly.
  3. The app has the ability to maintain the pantry as well as suggest ideas to how to use your leftovers.
  4. The app helps you to become a gourmet chef and surprise your guests with all sorts of delicacies from around the globe.


  • Recipes – Collection of recipes from across the world
  • Fitness – Make your diet plan, according to your stats
  • Budget – Cook according to your family members and budget
  • Pantry – Recipe suggestions based on pantry availability
  • Meal plan – Plan your meals accordingly to days, weeks etc
  • Grocery – Automatically updates the items you need to buy, the amount and the quantity that has been used


It is a free app and it is for anyone who

  • Likes to cook
  • Cooks at home
  • Wants to cook on a tight budget
  • Likes to make meal plans
  • Is a chef
  • Wants to maintain his calorie intake
  • Is health/fitness conscious
  • Buys grocery
  • Wants to save while buying groceries
  • Or just likes reading cooking recipes


The team behind eGrocer is on a mission to make a cooking app that is “smart”, is aware of your cooking preferences, your health requirements, your budget as well as the items you have with you before giving you the recipes to cook!


E-Grocer is in its Beta stage

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