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Hive : Integrating Team Work


Imagine a football match where all the 11 players of a team are placed at 11 different stadiums. How difficult does it now become to pass the ball?

This is where Hive comes in. Hive brings all the players of a team under one roof i.e. under one platform. All actions, messages and files of your team are available on a single, easy to access dashboard.Switching between windows becomes barely a need. Hive integrates all the different tools a team uses.


Hive is primarily a tool integration startup based out of New York, U.S.A. The members of a team experience a seamless U.I. from where they can very well manage the efficiency of their workflow. Dynamic To-Do lists powered with utility based attachments, highly adjustable and effective progress views and team action views empower you with resounding control. Each team member has his/her actions categorically prioritized, and assigning work to different members along with suitable deadlines is child’s play with Hive. The application can also be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


Interlinking members of the team

Hive enables interaction of the team through group and private messaging. Each user has his/her own inbox which instates better communication amongst the working members of the team. As Hive integrates a grand number of tools within its platform, updating them is something the users don’t have to worry about. All the updates of each tool are automated.

Sharing resources

A simple drag and drop can implicate a file transfer. File transfer can be accomplished within messaging as well. Files can be made available to a member on the dashboard through the actions so that he/she has access to the resources needed to begin the development of a module. These files can be originating from any of your Dropbox, Google Drive or Box accounts.

Managing dreary processes

With Hive, delegating repetitive tasks is never a problem. Hive Workflow can be used to automatically assign tasks in the same manner each time. When and which team member has to perform a task can be easily chosen through Hive Workflow. The Workflow can be initiated whenever we want and can be terminated with the same ease as well.

Administrating Projects

Labels and deadlines are used to handle tedious To-Do lists. Action creation and enabling attachments with your To-Do list is aided by Hive.

Dynamic Progress Views are made available to help you keep track of the extent to which a project has been completed. The actions assigned to different members can be adjusted according to the progress of the project as well. This feature was only added a month ago and has changed the game for Hive in many ways.

Exactly what a particular team member is currently developing can be monitored by the Task View.

Team Composition

John Furneaux

John Furneaux is the Founder/CEO of Hive.  He is known for rejecting and questioning popular opinion. A huge follower of tech journalism, John often contributes many blog posts about Tech himself.

Eric Typaldos

Eric Typaldos is the Founder/CTO of Hive. He is also accredited in playing a pivotal role in the building of Eric is also a follower of the popular HBO TV series ‘Game of Thrones’. So much so, that Hive’s website has incorporated a few visuals of the characters from the series as well.

Other team members include

Tim Campbell –UI Developer

Toland Lawrence – Marketing Lead

Chip Meakem – Board Member

 Modus Operandi

Hive is a state of the art technology which is equally easy to use. It’s highly interactive U.I. immerses the teams within it, in a single go. It has a single dashboard mechanism which can be operated by anyone. It has integrations for popular file sharing tools like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive which adds more finesse to it.Also, the HiveDrive which comes only with the Hive application for your desktop empowers the user with file sync. The files can be opened straight from your desktops natively. One need not switch between too many windows. Everything is mostly available in a single window. It has also integrated with 90 other popular tools (apart from its file sharing integrations) like Hubspot, Google Apps, Salesforce, Marketo and WordPress.

Key Takeaway

Applications like Hive are changing the dynamics of the industry. Hive is actually like a beehive of utility, all a bee has to do to satisfy almost all of its requirements is venture into its beehive, and this is exactly what Hive is doing for its users. Teams feel at home when they’re using Hive as their basecamp platform.

We at StartupWhale wish Hive all the luck for carrying out their future endeavors with similar grit and determination.

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