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Tiliq – Modern Email Services for a Modern World


The reasoning behind the idea that has given birth to Tiliq.

“An email can make or break a potential opportunity for you, so send and respond to them wisely”

If that is the case you would want to have a faster and more secure email system and that is where Tiliq come in with their brand new concept. Their modern email service is cloud managed, has more integrations, more security all at a fraction of the cost compared to the big giants like Google Apps and Microsoft Exchange.


This company is based in Florida, USA and was set up in 2016. It is the baby of two passionate entrepreneurs who had a vision of creating a simpler, better, affordable business email service.


  • It has the latest features that a 21st century email should have. You will have al fewer number of security messages and will be able to do more with embedded images, video, and forms. The amazing interface, better looking emails, improved productivity, and privacy controls are some of the few features you will just love about this email.
  • It has Superior attachment support and integrations which will save time and go through your emails faster. You’ll be able to see attached files without having to download or open them. You’ll also be able to send files of all sizes with our smart Google Drive and Drop box integrations
  • It is a Fully Managed Solution. Tiliq does all the the heavy lifting for you so that you need not worry about SSL certificates or configuring, scaling, updating, and upgrading software. You’ll never have to deal with your IP reputation, being blacklisted, or receiving spam.
  • It provides increased security for professional users, ensuring that your data is safe. Two additional copies of all your emails are stored across multiple data centers ensuring that you never lose any important business emails.
  • Their flexible pricing policy reduces your costs while getting better value for your money. Pay for what you need.


Founded by Kevin Jose Martin and Frank Codina, two budding entrepreneurs, their dream is to ensure that you get a modern and faster email service at a reduced cost as well as give you unlimited storage space.

KEVIN MARTIN is the co-founder and CEO at Tiliq. He is also the co founder and CTO at He lives in Miami and he studied Management Information Systems at Florida International University. He was randomly selected to Worldwide Developer Conference hosted by Apple in June 2015.

Kevin is partial to the following causes:

  • Children
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Science and Technology

He supports the following causes:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Relay for Life
  • Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
  • Bob Woodruff Foundation

FRANK CODINA is the co-founder and CEO at Tiliq. Along with his partner, Kevin is also the co-founder of He lives in Miami with his wife and two sons. In his spare time he enjoys travelling the world with his family.


The following are some of their main competitors:

  1. Gmail for Business
  2. Outlook 365
  3. Exchange Server
  4. Fast Mail
  5. Zoho

Tiliq is more secure, cheaper, and more technologically advanced than their competitors.


  1. Native desktop applications
  2. Mobile applications
  3. Shared inboxes
  4. Drop box and Google File integration
  5. Unlimited email aliases
  6. One click setup to support applications
  7. Top level security
  8. Flexible pricing
  9. Automatic backups
  10. Easy to configure and manage


  • Tilicq is currently at the beta stage.
  • 100% of its software is made in United States of America.
  • Work of passion and hard work.
  • Tiliq provides a really great alternative for anyone looking for emails for their domain.
  • Like Tiliqon Face book at
  • Follow Tiliq on Twitter at

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