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Tradee : Trade Your Luxury Goods


“If you’re not using mobile marketing to attract new customers to your business, don’t worry — your competitors are already using it and are getting those customers instead.”

If this is true, why cannot we use the same principle for collectibles? This is the concept of Tradee. It is the only marketplace app for trading collectible items. It offers antique collectors and connoisseurs a premium platform to highlight their collections and meet the rising demand for the finest items that they own.

Tradee was set up in 2016 in France in Europe. France is indeed the land of unique treasures.


  • Improve the ancient and insider-reserved way of trading and exchanging by promoting the market liquidity of pre-owned goods thus increasing and creating new opportunities.
  • Since it is fast and easy to use, Tradee enhances your distinctive way of living.
  • The app is continuously updated with the addition of the most elegant pieces and allow users to find the best deals possible as well as enjoy their experience


Composed of dreamers, experts, engineers and backed by successful entrepreneurs, the Tradee team is driven by professional watch dealers, car enthusiasts and trendsetters, who appreciate the  values of quality, authenticity and exclusiveness.


  • List the collectibles you want to sell
  • When you run the Trade machine, you will be able to see what people are offering for your items
  • Close the deal directly on the app


Let us look at the team who have created this concept.

Guillaume Kuntz – CPO and co-founder, he too hails from France. He drives the company’s product. He is fondly referred to as a geek and is an industrial designer and innovation enthusiast.

Mark Ambrus – Maker of Tradee. He lives in Paris. Head of strategy, he drives the company’s trust.

Oren  Nataf–Father of Tradee, he drives the company’s vision.

Guffens Adrien – Hailing from Nice, he is the lead iOS developer.


Tradees potential competitors are:

  1. CACHE – Collect everything online with ease
  2. COLLEXN – Putting the whole collectible world in one place for you to discover
  3. THE COLLECTION ROOM – Collector’s connected
  4. COLLECTIBLY – Easy catalog and showcase for your collections
  5. COLLECT IT – A new way to save, share and discover the things you love


  • Tradee is at beta stage
  • Tradee ensures that they get you the best quality items
  • Give you a whole new range of unique offers
  • With just a few taps, you have access to numerous opportunities to look for your treasures.

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