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Best 5 Shopping Cart Software – Shopygen Vs Apptha Vs Zoplay Vs Yokart Vs Ncrypted

best shopping cart software

Shopping cart or shopping basket whatever you call, it is an internet site which allows you to purchase your products / services / requirements for a decent price and the best available quality. These have been trending since many years and their reputation is still going strong. Many similar sites have come into the market all sustaining, no matter the number of customers and reviews.

The main thing with the shopping carts is that they make our job easy. Everyone will not have enough time to go out to a store for groceries, clothing, furniture and much more. E-commerce sites attract us having all the stuff on the same platform and can help us search many things, compare the wish lists, many brands, many reviews, many offers, best prices, many deliveries and what not – everything you need is listed in a single site.

There has been a huge competition among the similar shopping cart software. So here we are here to the best of all and finally, the best site to look after for the decent products and trusty site. Coming to the comparison, I consider the top 5 shopping cart software in the United States of America which are Shopygen, Apptha, Zoplay, Yokart, Nycrypted.

Here is a brief comparison on the same:

  1. Dashboard:

Dashboards are the typical WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) user interface editors. Here you can find your orders, account info, date ranges, high and flash sales, cost of items in the cart, personal info and much more. So every site maintains this dashboard in its own way and style. But there are many advantages and disadvantages of dashboards of these when compared together. Every site has its own features but in a whole, here are my observations:


Shopygen has a separate dashboard for every customer. You can manage products, personalize your selections, approval status i.e., order status including delivery date and date of return and much more. Everything can be managed and all the controls are in your hands. Everything you need is in front of your eyes when you open this shopygen dashboard.


This dashboard also seems attractive but finding the order details is somewhat critical. Of course, this has all the options you find here are good,


I perceive this dashboard to be interesting but sometimes, it seems to be not worth my attention. All the options you find here are okay, but most are not that much useful in the regular basis. It doesn’t update the prices of the products in the cart to the best level.


Here, the dashboard you find is much simpler and not much attractive. Options you find here are less and these only cover the order info and some of your personal stuff.


Finding options in the dashboard itself is a task but once you make yourself comfortable with the site, then you can enjoy the site more. Considering the starters this dashboard is not much helpful and satisfactory.

So as far as dashboard is concerned, I find “shopygen” site is much better among these top sites of multi vendor shopping cart software.

  1. Dispute Management System:

This is the main thing that matters the most to the customers. The relationship between the customers and the sellers is the thing that makes the site top rated and best viewed. In the case of returning and replying to doubts and other inquiries, I totally find shopygen as the best in this regard. I personally had experienced this case with most of the listed sites and I personally opt for shopygen. When it comes to the ordeal of replying the quires of customers, Shopygen makes this fast and crystal clear. This is the best shopping cart software among the top rated ones.

  1. Offers:

This is another main thing mainly attracting people in huge number. People don’t shop often but when they see offers, they pour into these sites and products even they are not interested. Offers manly categorize the people and these respected offers should pop up on the individual accounts according to their wish lists. “Shopygen” is the best when it comes to including this plugin. We can say that this site is the king in enabling sellers leverage the offers feature.

This site mainly makes everyone to buy products from e-commerce sellers registered on ShopyGen platform. Beyond any shadow of doubt, every seller not only breaks even but also makes profit. Customers are satisfied. As far as this aspect is concerned, Shopygen bangs the best rating in the list of the best shopping cart software. 

  1. Software and products:

Software and products

A user-friendly and attractive interface is the main thing and more variety of brands at reasonable prices also matters. What we expect from a marketplace software site is that it lists more visited or browsed or searched products pop-ups which mainly attract the hoi polloi. Shopygen lets sellers do this and the information of the products and the specifications mentioned are most trusted and best rated. The brands and the quality they advertise are of better quality and most durable. Here u can find products of both low cost and high cost.

 Many filters here available for you to categorize and search in your required ways. For all intents and purposes, Shopygenis the best shopping software even in the case of products. Even the Android and iOS app of Shopygen is more useful and the interface is attractive and people can see, buy, and return the products from the app itself.

  1. Advantages of shopygen over other shopping cart software:

Downloadable Software: Shopygen is downloadable with all the features included.

User-friendly interface: Interface is user-intuitive. You don’t require the assistance of support staff to learn about the functionality of the shopping cart software

Secured payment options: PayPal payment gateway facilitates payments. All the payments are safe and secure. Secured Socket Layer (SSL) protocols ensure data privacy and data integrity.

Variety and Diversity: Shopygen can be used by a wide variety of users. Not only does this shopping cart software support physical products but also digital products. Unlimited users can list unlimited products with a variety of offers and discounts. Diversity is an unmissable feature.

Source Code: Once a user purchases this software, he / she is given access to 100% source code and importantly, IP rights shall be retained by the user.

Other Value Added Benefits:

  • $1000 worth free e-commerce software to start-up.
  • Integrated Facebook messenger bot within Facebook to let users search the messages and place an order, track an order and get all the answers to their queries.
  • 100% notifications about the order on the Facebook.
  • 1-4% of updates are visible on Facebook.
  • Shopygen is a multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace software build on MEAN (Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS, Node JS) stack. The benefits of scalability are always in the offing.  You can run your business for a long time as this technology is never-ending.
  • This shopping cart software has got enough software modules which update the shipping date and time.
  • Doesn’t delay the order and informs prior if sellers have any issues regarding the product.
  • The Robust admin panel is one of the main features which the customers are in love with. Site administrators can overhaul the work of sellers. In case a seller doesn’t adhere to the rules, his / her membership can be terminated.
  • What all it takes is a click to effectively handle the various types of management such as store management, product management, and order management. Apart from this,  you can track your commission and revenue.
  • Disputes can be avoided. Even if they arise, they can be handled. The robust Dispute Management System module can come handy in this regard.
  • Genstore’s design is based on HOOK design which has a major response in viewers.
  • This type of responsive designs increase the likelihood of the viewer eventually getting addicted to your site.
  • Users can operate from anywhere on any device. Users can operate the software irrespective of the screen size of the device they are using.
  • Along with subscription based revenue model, other revenue models such as Pay per Download, sponsors, revenue through advertisements etc., are supported.
  • Ratings and reviews of products we find here are very genuine and trustworthy. No false reviews have been highlighted.
  • Scalability is yet another admirable feature. No matter what size your business, Shopygen is here to help you sell more.  They always focus on the growth of your business and not worry about the scalability.
  • End to end secure communication is assured.  They offer many services which include shopify, woo commerce, magneto themes and plug-in and custom e-commerce mobile apps, third-party API integration, drop shipping integration.

Shopygen is a hub for e-commerce solutions. They support all types of marketplaces like B2B, B2C, C2C, mobile commerce, hyperlocal ecommerce and much more. They always are your back and help you succeed in the business. They always help irrespective of the type of business or the rate of expansion.

So considering the mentioned facts and other small and important factors Shopygen is the best shopping cart software available on the internet. Many people personally suggest Shopygen making this shopping cart software trustworthy and best. 

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. To learn more about ShopyGen, head on to the website now. Keep watching this space for further insights on ecommerce shopping cart software. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself abreast of the best shopping cart software. My best wishes are with you and your ecommerce venture. Cheers!


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