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Affinity – The Best Customer Relationship Management Solution


You turn the local radio of your locality on and there surely is one channel frequency where the radio jockey is playing a relationship counselor, taking calls from random heartbroken individuals. This RJ turned agony aunt tries to save relationships and when it’s for the best he/she even suggests calling it off. All the people earnestly listen to this love guide looking for answers to their own problems. They structure what he/she says according to their life situation. But does this always work. Does this help you make the best of your life? The best of the relationships you’ve formed?

Affinity does this very efficiently and eloquently for you. It provides you with vital insights and aids you in coordinating the workflow amongst your team. Affinity suggests you the contact of yours which can come in handy in a particular situation and through this you can distribute the tasks dynamically.  Your contacts are the entity which affects your sales, business development, capital, and philanthropy. But when these contacts are not organized and looked into systematically it becomes a mere list of redundant data. To manage your contacts for you Affinity uses state of the art technology. For Affinity your contacts are not just simple contacts, they are lasting relationships.


Affinity is an ambitious startup based out of Northern California, U.S.A. In the professional setup, contacts are a significant part of your proficiency and experience. The more executives you meet, the more you learn and the wider your network gets. A vital requirement or benefit of developing relationships is to be able to summon them at the right time. These relationships can be contextually derived from the contact list of your phone or from the address book of your E-mail. Tracking your contacts constantly as they increase substantially over time is not viable for anybody. The required implementations are quite clinically provided by Affinity.

Affinity supplements you with the right professional links you’ve developed and at the right time. This is done quite sharply without any delay and you need not rack your brains over it too. Well defined frameworks are developed which figure out the right context of them being used. Suitable actions to be performed are then generated based on your network behavior. With Affinity you uncover technology which takes you into uncharted waters.


One of the clearly etched goals of Team Affinity is dwelling into executive relationships and helping you in deciding when, where you need those the most. It also aims to reduce the time of performing the same task and hopes to aid you in doing so without much inconvenience. The workable information is organized into a relational framework from where executable actions are generated.

These actions bear a strong relationship to the situation at hand and are hence very contextual. The communication ensued values the relationships you’ve developed over a significant course of your professional tenure. Speed of retrieval and its efficiency are of outmost importance as well.


Relational Management

The relations you develop form the network you can professionally fall back upon. But efficiently being able to organize your contacts is practically not possible once this network of yours starts expanding exponentially. Your contacts are extracted out from the phonebook of your cell phone and from the address book of your E-Mail account. Affinity has intelligence built into it which helps it in predicting when and where, which contacts can be used. It provides regular updates on communication and integrates tools that aid in contact administration.

Statistical Insights

The insights about all the relationships can be garnered easily and these insights can be further extended to draw our own results for the growth of our firm and our network as well. You need different relationships at different situations. This contextual correctness of using a particular relationship is highlighted by Affinity.

Sharp Graphical Depictions

Affinity depicts the information it gathers through interactive graphical tools like graphs and pie charts. These depictions are highly intuitive and resolve connections between separate entities. Inferences are drawn from these depictions which help in substantiating the growth of your firm. The data can be presented effectively in front of your colleagues and prospective clients too.

Right Collaborations

Synergic collaborations can be extended through Affinity. Once you gain relevant insight about an existing professional relationship of yours you can very well coordinate the workflow with them. Even associating with them for a longer course is not a bad idea too if the alliance is working out great for both the parties. Upon forming an alliance your network multiplies manifold and suitable actions can be given out upon the occurrence of a particular event. The collective data of your firm grows and all the employees are benefiting from the same and more so you are the greatest beneficiary of this scenario.

Team Composition   

Joe Lonsdale

Joe Lonsdale is the Co-Founder of Affinity. He is an American entrepreneur, investor and a philanthropist. Lonsdale is a founding partner of Formation 8 Partners, a technological investment firm as well.

Ray Zhou

Ray Zhou is the Co-Founder of Affinity. He is prominently a computer programmer. Zhou is popular for building a stripe powered payments collector for launching campaigns called Amicus.

Shubham Goel

Shubham Goel studied CS at Stanford. He is a founder of Affinity. He has prior of working with flickr and inoXapps. At inoXapps he developed a few games which were available at the Google Playstore and IOS app store too.

Other Prominent members of the team are –

Karthik Viswanathan – Software Engineer

Adam Perelman – Software Engineer

Bobby Zhang – Product Designer

Jason Kim – Operations Manager

Craig Dabney – Product Designer

Arzav Jain – Software Engineer

Willliam Sheu – Software Engineer

Andrew Luo  – Software Engineer

Key Takeaway

Affinity is a startup which aims at empowering people with the real power of their professional relationships. Professionals are not able to derive the most out of their corporate tenures because they fail to make the best use of their contacts. Their contacts need to be exploited for them to grow professionally and make use of their lasting relationships.

We at StartupWhale wish Team Affinity all the luck and hope that they prosper in all their future endeavors.

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