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The Best Video Streaming Services of 2017

best video streaming services

Movie theatres in general have experienced stagnancy since the advent of online video streaming services. Individuals who try to restrain from stepping out of their house and the ones who are compelled to stay confined in their nest have accepted the video streaming services as benevolence. With the consumption of a meager capital or a simple subscription fee one can watch any movie or television show from their dwelling.

Listed below are some of the renowned video streaming platforms:



Netflix, a subscription based portal that has allured millions, right now is the torchbearer of the video streaming service industry. Original TV shows such as House of Cards, Luke Cage and Narcos lies under the production house of Netflix and is popular in every corner of the world.

This is certainly the best video on demand campaign existing on the planet right now. With subscription plans starting from $7.99 per month this is quite a cheap endeavor consider the content it has got to offer. For the leverage of two people watching Netflix from the same account simultaneously, Netflix would charge you $9.99 whereas a single person logging into the portal would be debited $7.99. A price of $11.99 is quoted for the ones demanding a four screen viewership access concurrently at a 4k resolution.

Netflix is accessible on various podiums be it game consoles, desktops, and can even use to Chromecast feature in order to broadcast the content on any other device. It is also viable to download movies and TV shows for later viewing purposes.


amazon prime

Amazon primarily commenced as an online bookstore and an eCommerce platform. Subsequently with time, the organization started new traits such as video streaming services and some other few which enticed the audience at a high rate.

The contemporary Amazon video package flinches from $8.99 per month. In case you require a subscription for the entire year, you might opt for Amazon Prime which is also one of the superlative streaming video services after Netflix. The subscription charge is $99 per year which includes certain leverages and features including photos and music by Amazon.

The Amazon library consists of around 40,000 movies and videos altogether whereas just a chunk of the 40k requires subscription with Amazon Prime. You can either buy or rent the content you want to experience. Amazon also has the feature of downloading free content for later use.

Ventures such as SPP (Stream Partners Program) commenced since 2015 allows endorsees such as Showtime to be combined to you Amazon Prime chronicle. This also helps you save $2 per month.

The only drawback of Amazon is that it cannot be broadcasted with Google’s Chromecast but is feasible to use with the IPTV’s and Smart TV’s owned by Amazon itself.


Hulu plus

Hulu, since its commencement has given a sturdy competition to businesses such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. You can now watch all the shows streaming only on HBO or on Netflix under a same platform. Hulu charges a similar amount to avail its content which is $7.99 per month.

The amount of backing received by Hulu is indispensable. This portal immediately uploads content as soon as they are aired on their respective channels. Paying an amount of $11.99 will abolish all the ads which are assumed to be a normal characteristic of this portal. Hulu is an ad based platform. Thus, even if you are paying $11.99 it is not guaranteed that your broadcast will be free of endorsements.

Showtime also comes for free with a Hulu pack at a quoted price of $8.99 which will assist you in saving a meager amount of $2 per month. HBO can also be included in the bundle if you can go ahead and make a payment of $14.99. However, this step is not advisable since it is best not to use an application over another.

Hulu does not support concurrent streaming. However, it is supported on abundant gadgets starting from televisions to iPads. Downloading options are also available with Hulu. A current addition to Hulu named as “Hulu with live TV” with a subscription fee of $39.99 per month has been a commendable venture and has been enlisted among the editorial choice for one of the best video streaming service.


hbo now

HBO, “the home of entertainment” as they would like to call them was one of the first enterprises with a decent content collection. HBO also has its own website which allows witnessing content only after paying a registration fee. Finally due to the colossal number of fans addicted to HBO, the organization came up with an online video streaming service called HBO Now.

At a price of $14.99 one can sign up or register with HBO Now and get to enjoy free probation from Amazon and Google Play store. The ones who have been receiving service through Google Fiber and Verizon will be able to add HBO now to their package. Being a platform independent service, HBO Now can be commenced on any podium. Content for HBO Go and HBO Now is basically the same.


The most old-fashioned online video streaming service is none other than the Sling TV which brings you closest to what you experience on the television. At a rate of $20 per month Sling TV is an all in one application which streams content from AMC, CNN, and TNT.

There are two basic plans you can segregate from while using the Sling TV which are the Sling Orange and Sling Blue plans. The orange plan being elemental supporting a single stream costs as much as $20 per month whereas the blue plan is priced at $25 since this scheme allows stream three streams concurrently. Four simultaneous broadcasts will cost up to $40 a month. The Sling Orange Plan for example supports the Disney Channel while Fox Sports can be spurted over the Sling Blue Plan.

Supplementary add-ons are also introduced by Sling if you are able to pay at least $5 a month. Access to channels such as MTV, Logo and Kids Extra can be added by the aid of a “Comedy Extra” pack.

For an extra $5 you can get a cloud DVD with content worth 50 hours. Recording facilities have been introduced as well. Expect your pockets to experience a decent phase of expenditure. At the end of the day you will be able to observe so many shows which will be worth the disbursement.

DirecTV Now

A far more pragmatic but non-economical approach is initiated by DirecTV Now. Numerous channels will be viewable without even using a dish satellite. At an offset price of $35 per month you can witness content of the finest quality along with a beguiling library. DVR features won’t be available but with an extra charge of $5 per month you can gawk at premium platforms such as HBO.

Different plans of DirecTV Now include a primary scheme called “Live a Little” which would offer 60 premium channels at the rate of $35 per month. If you are capable of spending exorbitantly then the “Just Right” plan is appropriate for you. Pay $50 per month to enjoy the benefit of viewing more than eighty channels.

Other non-economical plans include “Go Big” and “Gotta Have It” which costs $60 and $70 respectively. More than a hundred channels will now be available at your fingertips including reputed platforms such as “BBC World News” and “Discovery Family”. In case you choose the second plan, you can witness more than 120 channels such as Boomerang and El Rey. HBO can be added to any of these packages for $5 extra. DirecTV Now is affiliated to video streaming services such as AMC and Fox which allows viewership rights pertaining to the area you live in. However, networks such as CBS are absent.

PlayStation Vue

Sony has popularized PlayStation Vue which is yet another video streaming service prominent among gamers in the era. This is certainly a commendable way to get rid of your cable operator and still enjoy the benefits of using the amount of channels you already used to utilize. Packages commence from $39.99 per month which would give you the leverage to witness more than 45 channels comprising of channels such as ESPN and Disney.

Also at a range between $45 and $75 you can trigger your services by adding premium services which the initial package will disallow. 2016 was the year when PlayStation Vue annihilated the market. You can access DVR content which would not include channels such as HBO and Cinemax. Being platform independent these channels can be watched anytime anywhere. CBS shows however can be viewed only from your house.

A distinct feature of this service is that the PS Vue supports streaming from five different accounts. However, there remains a glitch where one can only witness a stream on a single PS4. You cannot stream a show on your PS4 from your bedroom as well as your hall concurrently. Mobile devices nonetheless allow as few as three streams running abreast. Platform independent features are also prevalent with such an endeavor.

YouTube TV


The United States have come up with an application restricted to the country itself and has branded it as YouTube TV. Unrestrained DVR depository has been captivating more and more spectators every single day. Once the content is streamed, YouTube takes up the responsibility of stockpiling the content for at least nine months which can be viewed from any platform in the US depending upon the internet speed.

YouTube TV allows you to stream from six different accounts but not at the same time. You can only access three of those accounts concurrently. Ones with roommates and the ones living on a sharing basis can absolutely benefit from YouTube TV.



The year 2015 experienced the onset of Showtime which gradually became an independent platform and turned into one of the best video streaming service available in the market. Showtime asks for a subscription fee of $10.99 per month from the audience which would let them relish flicks from the content present in the application.

Homeland is one of the dignified TV-series aired on Showtime. One notable feature of this app is that it can be run on PlayStation Vue as well. One can login from Amazon, iOS and even Android devices as well.

In conclusion, it is substantial to state that best content will always come at a culminating price. You can always choose the application you will be using according to your requirements. There is certainly no hard and fast rule that only the applications stated above are usable and is the best video streaming service. Subject to your needs you can always find the best way out for yourself which no one else can.


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