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Cohort – Conversations Over Trending Topics That Matter To You

Cohort mobile app


Cohort is a mobile app aimed at connecting people through conversation. They are working to create the best platform for you to communicate with relevant local groups in the easiest and most intelligent way possible.

This media-focused app allows media outlets in distributing content and users to discuss relevant topics. Cohort is based out of UK. Cohort app helps people find media content that is related to what they want and converse with likeminded people interested in the same things.

Not just limited to social media, it has tons of loyal regulars who come back each week. It is a great way to start building relationships. Review places or things with your group, share your personal experience, photos, videos and the latest updates so that a person who is yet to visit or is planning a trip would be more aware of the happenings.

The importance of participating in this group is all about personalised interaction with each other and one-on-one, free from the individual self-conceit and so close to social relationships. Thanks to Cohort, a vast field of knowledge can be explored.

 How it works

Cohort is a mobile app aimed at connecting people through conversation. Using the in-house designed algorithm, they create personalised topics of conversation that are relevant based upon our user’s interests, localised events and global trending topics.

Although we can learn by reading and listening, real depth of understanding (knowledge) happens when the learner expresses the new learning herself/himself, as our ancestors used to say,’ directly from the horse’s mouth’ either through discussions or writings.

Interacting with others can be such a powerful learning tool. We not only get the benefit of verbalizing, but also enjoy the privilege of receiving immediate feedback. It is a powerful platform where new information is shared to a large audience interested about it. Each person through their profile reflect his/her views, interests or talents.


They make finding content you care about absolutely easy. Let them do the hard work, and pull out content from thousands of media websites and recommend the best ones for you to chat about. Joining a group of likeminded professionals is a great way to pep around ideas, ask and answer questions and share industry news and tips. Knowing your skills, interests, values is the first step in framing your personality. Cohort brings people together from all over the world who share the same interest, thereby allowing them to get to know each other and share their ideas and experience.

Interest Specific

In most of the apps and websites, the articles available are mostly related to only one domain and the content is published by some random persons. Traditional media commenting systems do not work in enhancing your interests. They tend to have thousands of people all posting at random instances about random content. This makes the chat never ending, non-conversational and usually leads to arguments. Cohort is designed to conquer this.

Using this platform, you can talk or find out anything to everything, directly from the people who have been in the same scenario from travel to sports, movie reviews to concerts, fashion to interiors just need to follow and chat in the particular group with people with whom you share the same interest.
From planning a holiday to going on a dinner date, find out what is trending and what would be the most ideal location where you can make the best memories.

User Friendly

When you sign in with your social media account, they use your publicly available likes and dislikes to get to know you. This undoubtedly saves you the time to feed in all your likes and dislikes and the areas of interest. As you use COHORT, your profile evolves with you, and they get to know what you like to see and what you don’t.

Round the clock

Cohort runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, constantly involving you with what you care about happening then and there. Visit the app each day to get involved in the most trending topics.

The Team

  • Adrian Kimberley -CEO

Excellent, professional, outstanding commitment to his business and others….

An absolute pleasure to work with. I’m sure this guy will go far and everyone around him… Educated to degree level – BSc Computer Science from Liverpool University. Strong sales, negotiation and analytical skills with experience of leading teams in high pressure situations.

  • Sanjay Bowry – COO

A highly motivated, astute, results-driven marketing and commercial leader with a proven track record in developing and executing business strategies. Sanjay is a strategic thinker with the ability to provide direction and create engagement at all levels of the organization. Apart from his strong competencies, Sanjay is a people’s person, endowed with a strong charisma and a great personality. He puts passion into his work. Completed his education in Engineering Sciences and industrial management from university of Liverpool and has worked in companies like British Telecom,Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC),Prebon Marshall Yamane,GE Commercial Finance and owned companies like Dulas Ltd and GE Energy.

A high achiever with high energy and enthusiasm – constantly striving to improve my own performance and that of others. Highly persuasive and an articulate communicator.

  • Nick Rees – CTO

Nick is a very focused, flexible and an innovative individual. He is professional in every meaning of the word.Experienced senior full stack developer who has expertise in leading teams to build scalable distributed systems solving complex problems. Developed systems for numerous companies including Barclays, using many technologies.

  • Lloyd Jennings – Advisor

Lloyd specializes in business development, tech startups, online marketing. Lloyd is the CEO and founder of a startup called, a visual curation tool for storing the best things you find online.Successful entrepreneur who has successfully scaled his first business to 1m subscribers and sold his most recent business 9 months after founding it. He now holds the position of CEO at


Cohort , the feature-rich mobile app whichprovides a platform for all like-minded individuals to have intelligent evolving conversations.Currently, there is no platform for users to interact with like-minded individuals over topics that matter and therefore Cohort was created. Social-networking has taken the world by a storm leading to nothing less than a revolution. It simply makes having a conversation so easy.

We, the members of StartupWhale, wholeheartedly wish the team of Cohort all the very best for the long and promising journey ahead.

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