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Conversity : Your Next Stop For Everyday Assistance


If you also find certain features of an app annoying and the customer service exasperating, then you are not alone. This is one of the biggest problems faced by almost every mobile or to be precise, smartphone user. And this is exactly the problem which our app is going to tackle. Conversity comes in an age of real-time communication. With artificial intelligence becoming the biggest thing in the near future, it is only plausible to have a live chat support in every app.

Installing Conversity takes less than 10 minutes and this is the beauty of the app. You don’t have to go through the hassle of coding, debugging or adding extensive features. You just have to plugin and the rest is taken care by us. The co-founder of the Conversity app, Sandip Periwal knows the struggle of the support system of many apps and this has been his driving factor for creating the app.

About Conversity

As mentioned above, Conversity is currently in its beta development stage. It is the next step in the assistance of customers when it comes handling the technical aspects of in-app errors and bug fixes. The infrastructure of the app is handled by Conversity and the user interface is completely customizable. One of the many features includes persistent chatting which gives seamless sessions. This startup is based out of Bangalore in India, Asia.

The team of conversity has put a lot of effort and time in creating this in-app live chat app. With more than 15 years of experience in the field of customer support and development, they have put all their technical expertise in this app. They know what the customer wants and we try to give them just that with this app.

Why Conversity?

Conversity is an In-App, Live Support Chat platform for users. Many features of Conversity have made it the top option for many users.

  • It is giving a new dimension to customer engagement.
  • With its big staff, handling multiple users from departments has become easier. We have concurrent chats for every user.
  • It is built on web sockets technology that makes it super fast on a small footprint.
  • With persistent messaging a real thing, you will never see our helpline staff offline.
  • You get a sound and visual notification so that you never miss out on any important message.
  • You can share a screenshot, gallery images and any other form of video to explain yourself better.
  • The app comes with a powerful cloud-based messaging engine that makes the app even better.
  • Managing the app is easier with the browser based admin panel.
  • The chat interface is impressive as it is backed by browser-based agent side chat interface. Everything is 100% SSL secure to give you a safe and secure account.
  • The strategic location of the live chat buttons like check out, support, contact, feedback and others.

Target Audience

With more than half of the population using android or iOS phones, people virtually use apps for their everyday survival and this is the reason why everyone is a potential prospect of client of Conversity.

The team that is behind the app

Working for many sleepless nights, finally, the hard work and the passion of the team has paid off. The founders of the app are Sandeep Periwal and Amol Dongare. Sandeep Periwal has also created the 31st Global Services which accounts for his experience in the field of apps and technology.

The person who is responsible for the android and its functioning is Matthieu Bacconnier. He is a passionate person who is always on the move and has made the in-app live chat interface a possibility on android, iOS and web app.

Other members of this diverse team include Prashant Patil who handles the PHP ( hypertext preprocessor) of the app and Truong Cong Luan who handled the user interface. He is the one who ensures that the interface works seamlessly without any error and the app is always at your service.

 Pricing and Revenue

One of the things without which the app cannot move forward or function is revenue. The profit is a driving a factor for every app and if you are not making more profit than the revenues you put in the app, then the whole point of the app is moot.

Conversity earns its revenues from big enterprises. It had made its features available for bootstrap start-ups for free. But, when it comes to big enterprises, they bill them at $99 annually or $129 monthly. Both the start-ups and the enterprises get all the features of the app and they can access all the departments. However, the start-ups get 2 concurrent agents and the enterprises get one concurrent agent per month.

Apart from this, the app gets its revenues from the downloads done by the users. The more the number of users, the higher will be the downloads and of course there will be more profits.


Some of the top competitors of Conversity are:

  • PureChat
  • MyLiveChat
  • Zopim
  • HipMob
  • Olark
  • Livezilla

The Bottom Line

When you have a dream and a plan to make that dream, nothing can stop you. This is what an aspiring entrepreneur can learn from Sandip Periwal and his teammates. After countless nights of perspiration and brainstorming, they have contributed to something that will bring revolutionary change.

It is not just about coming up with a start-up idea, then doing nothing about it. In the world of ever changing technology, it also becomes important to come up with something that will help the people in a better way. Conversity and its live in-app chat support system does that and more. With time, more features will be added. But, for now, the team of Conversity has given the world an amazing app and are truly an inspiration.

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