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10 Best E-mail Marketing Services For Small Businesses

email marketing services

Curious much as to how some of the top e-mail marketing services are in vogue? Ask the startup owners. Some of the best e-mail marketing platforms have fueled the business outreach of small to medium enterprises so much so that today they are no less than brands.

A survey conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, UK, in 2017 has shown that on an average, your ROI improves 30 times with e-mail marketing. The respondents also opined that e-mail marketing services were extremely important for their organizations.

This article will discuss some of the tried and tested e-mail marketing services that can give you the visible edge over your competitors.   

1. MailGet Bolt Email Marketing Software:

MailGet Bolt is one of the widely used e-mail marketing software ideal for the branding and promotion of the products and services of small businesses. A customer-facing e-mail marketing platform, it offers a whole new slew of interesting features and amenities to its end users.

This unmatched e-mail marketing software provides the following invaluable services-

  • Email creation
  • Contact segmentation
  • Healthy List Management 
  • Tracking of individual e-mails post sending

Most important, MailGet Bolt provides all these services at a very affordable cost. It charges $42 for unlimited e-mails and guarantees high inboxing. Needless to say, this is one of the primary reasons why today around 1200+ users are depending on MailGet Bolt for strengthening customers relationships further.

Below is a quick rundown of the 3 simple steps to follow for using the software-

  • Create the e-mail using available templates
  • Add contacts
  • Send e-mail

With an open rate of 43.64%, MailGet Bolt has recently emerged as one of the top e-mail marketing services.


  • You get a free access to 500+ e-mail templates that can be customized and are highly responsive
  • Requires no complicated setups


Users registering for the first time can send only 2000 emails initially.

2. MailGet Email Marketing Platform:

MailGet has lately been attracting prospective clients, mainly the small business owners by virtue of its cost-effective services and unique features.

Some of its amazing features are as follows-

  • Mail tracking
  • Customer-friendly e-mail builder
  • Easy-to-use customization features
  • Multiple SMTP integration options

Extensive research has proved that MailGet is the only e-mail marketing software that allows you to connect with a number of SMTP servers at the same time.

MailGet provides the cheapest e-mail marketing solutions at $4 for unlimited e-mails. It is one of the most recommended e-mail outreach options in terms of delivery, sending mass e-mails and open rate.

3. GetResponse Online Marketing Platform:

Befriend GetResponse as your all-time e-mail marketing service if you wish to launch campaigns that convert. You get a chance to boost the marketing programs all over the world using some of the pre-integrated properties offered by the platform.

Some of the advanced business-oriented features of GetResponse are as follows-

  • Conversion enhancement approaches like time e-mail sending, A/B testing and much more
  • E-mail list automation and contact segmentation
  • Pre-designed, responsive, mobile-ready templates

GetResponse provides a 30-day free trial wherein e-mails can be delivered to 250 users.

4. SendinBlue e-mail service provider:

SendinBlue is a very effective e-mail marketing solutions provider that benefits small and medium-sized businesses in the long run. It is an ideal choice for rising businesses that aim at aggressive targeting though catchy designs and optimized campaigns.

Following are some of its unique features-

  • Automatically triggered transactional and promotional e-mails
  • Email optimization and testing responsiveness of e-mails
  • Integration with third-party apps and plugins and using APIs
  • With SendinBlue, you are allowed to send 9000 e-mails to test all the features for free. There is no contact limit for test mails.

5. Adestra mass mailing solution:

Adestra, a powerful e-mail marketing platform helps small businesses gain maximum profit by dint of its marketing automation features. It boosts large-scale e-mail marketing campaigns through the following data security properties-

  1. Multiple data handling rights
  2. Ability to restrict IP address

Have a quick look at some of the popular features of this tool-

  • Automatic e-mail delivery
  • Social Media sharing options
  • Detailed reporting of campaign success

The only downside of using Adestra is the prohibition of Google Analytics integration.

6. Redcappi Email Marketing Service

One of the best e-mail marketing services, Redcappi offers an interactive platform to send targeted e-mails to new and returning customers. 

It is equipped with a lot of amenities such as-

  1. Attractive newsletter template
  2. Contacts importing
  3. Simplified contact management
  4. Drag-and-drop e-mail builder
  5. Autoresponder

Drip email campaigns are not supported by Redcappi.

7. Hems Mail Marketing Software:

With Hems Mail Marketing Software, you are now just a few clicks away from sending bulk e-mails to targeted audiences and tracking real-time results. A cost-effective e-mail marketing platform, it helps you manage optimized campaigns.

Take a quick glance at some of the useful characteristics of the software-

  • Built-in sign-up forms to add more subscribers
  • Stats and reports to optimize campaigns

8. 1PointMail for Marketing Automation:

One of the feature-rich marketing automation platforms, 1PointMail improves the ROI of small businesses manyfold. It comes with the following attributes-

  • High inbox placement rate
  • Advanced e-mail deliverability features
  • Extensive editor
  • List management tool

9. JangoMail Advanced Marketing Services:

A unique permission-based e-mail marketing solutions provider, JangoMail is an ideal fit for firms and enterprises of different sizes.

Collated below are the features you can avail-

  • Over 150 e-mail templates
  • Easy-to-use WYSIWYG mail editor
  • Spam content checker
  • Unlimited list storage

10. Elite Email Marketing Tool:

Elite Email offers bundled features that facilitate a large-scale promotion of products and services online. Some of its exclusive benefits are-

  1. Facebook and Twitter plugins
  2. Responsive e-mail templates
  3. Real-time performance analysis of campaigns


That fairly brings us to the end of the discussion on how to rule the market with the trending e-mail marketing services. Opt for the e-mail marketing solutions provider that best fits your business and reach out to your prospects like never before. Make sure you decide upon your e-mail service provider only after a careful consideration of the available features and the budgetary factors.

Good luck with your future e-mail marketing endeavours!   

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