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Facebook Messenger Bot – All You Need to Know

Facebook Messenger Bot

A bot is ideally a Facebook page used to respond to users with immediate effect. Bots generally automate transactions, conversations, and work-flow.

With the popularity gained by Facebook over the years, the social media platform is becoming the best place to publish and endorse.

In case you are looking to get rid of the old email marketing method, Facebook Messenger bot is the answer.

Let us first discuss the basic concept of a Facebook messenger bot.

Facebook chatbots are fundamentally Facebook accounts of organizations or pages, fueled by artificial intelligence based calculations to react to your inquiries and execute particular tasks.

In an ideal world, these bots are relied upon to talk to clients in a characteristic dialect while replying to questions or performing the requested task.

Facebook intends to chop down over-burdening of applications on gadgets by giving these bots a chance to do every one of the assignments without a client even opening an application or doing a web research.

Additionally, these bots are expected to be familiar to you after some time and recollect your past visits to ensure that they are significantly more helpful than say a virtual aided programming like Siri or Cortana.

How can Facebook bots benefit your business?

More or less, bots are decent to start with yet there’s still some time before it really turns into a valuable service.

While bots should influence informal conversation with organizations, the present bots aren’t that adaptable and they just appear to react to a couple of particular pre-set inquiries.

In case you possess a business, you’d need to hop over to the Messenger Bots trend.

It doesn’t make a difference if your business is little or enormous, bots can really be convenient for you.

Gratefully, Facebook has pointed out everything around the Messenger platform, which makes bot creation truly simple.

A standout amongst the most awaited advantages of Facebook Messenger Bots is their accuracy.

They can achieve your decided statistic in view of your unique set of the crowd.

Web users are so accustomed to spam messages that they are probably not going to open an email which might look irrelevant.

However, a Facebook message is all the more interesting and expands the odds of the message being read.

Besides, this will generate higher revenue as these potential clients will transform into paying clients.

These Facebook chatbots are on the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, they are exceptionally user-friendly and simple to utilize.

Basically, users need to set a few parameters around which bots will perform.

Clients can preset a keyword or phrase that will trigger the bot to send a message to any person who incorporates that keyword or phrase in a post.

These Messenger Bots can also be set to contact Facebook clients who like a specific page related to their niche or who are active in relevant pages.

Another alternative is to have the bots deliver a message to all the clients who like your own Facebook page.

This is an awesome approach to guarantee every Facebook users are reached out individually. These alternatives are very simple to set with the bot dealing the rest.

Let us list some of the best chatbots you would ever come across. – Pay bills, book tickets, cabs and more

In case you want to book movie tickets, you can ping Niki.

If you are looking for a cab or a hotel, you can ping Niki as well.

You can ping Niki for all your basic requirements.

It is a smart AI-controlled bot to enable you to complete things super-fast on chat. Niki has grown up enough to comprehend complex questions, using which you can apply various filters.

Services Niki supports as of now are Recharge (Mobile, postpaid bill), Utility bill payments (Electricity, gas, water charge), Bus booking, Movie ticket booking, Hotel booking, Event tickets, Laundry, with more services planned for the future.

Niki has additionally been highlighted in the Messenger bots examples of success stories.

HealthTap – Answering your health queries

HealthTap aids you in finding solutions for your health inquiries from doctors far and wide, for free.

You can scan through and read answers for comparable inquiries as yours.

More than 100,000 doctors with various specialties frequently survey and post answers to the inquiries asked on HealthTap.


In this way, whenever you’re down with a migraine after using messenger for the whole night, you know who to ping next.

Poncho – The Weather Cat

Poncho is a chatbot that gives you a chance to choose whether you ought to wear elastic shoes or tennis shoes while going for work on a specific day.

Get into a discussion with Poncho and get some information about climate and current conditions in your locality.

Poncho Chatbot

You can even set automatic warnings to get weather forecasts every day.

Not only is this bot a protector with regards to knowing climate alterations in an instant, it is extremely particular with its answers at times.

In case you cherish your discussions with a bot, Poncho will engage you truly well with his clever and customized answers for a few questions

CNN – Daily News

Remain at par with the happenings around the world from your Messenger chat box, with the assistance of CNN’s bot on Facebook Messenger.

You can even ping the bot to know the particular nation-centric news.

cnn chatbot

Help it with categories of the news that may be interesting to you. Some issues such as tech, governmental issues, and so on.

In return, it will get you some substantial pieces to plunge into.

Time to get your mind to work, and store some helpful data!

MemeGenerator Bot – Create a meme

Isn’t it boring if the content present on social media does not have any meme in it? It definitely is.

So now, for the fun part, here’s a bot for you to make your regular discussions with friends more fun, since Messenger is about conversations, isn’t that so?

Never miss an opportunity to make a fitting meme influencing the recipient to laugh out loud with humor, and surprised with the speed you returned the meme.

Ping the bot and it will look among well-known memes which can be used, and alter the text in the meme yourself.

After going through the facebook messenger bots list you must certainly be aware that Facebook messenger is used by more than a billion individuals worldwide.

A Facebook messenger bot is used to get in touch with customers all across the world. Shopygen is one reputed organization which integrates Facebook messenger bots for eCommerce enterprises.

A Facebook bot is a blessing since with it you can acquire more customers, give an excellent customer support and even make payments secure and simple.

How can bots influence your endeavor?

  • A chatbot can help your customers chat with you in case of any query.
  • The 24*7 availability of a chatbot saves precious time of the customer. The query would be solved instantaneously.
  • A chatbot would allow you to reach out to more buyers. Customers will be able to know every detail of the product since they would speak to the customer service often.

In conclusion, Facebook chat bots have become very popular among organizations and businesses.

They can convey computerized responses to clients who get in touch with you through Messenger.

Chatbots are presently also being utilized for a wide number of purposes, including client servicing and selling.

However, this is just the beginning. Facebook has a lot more to offer in the coming years. Sit tight and relish the features already present as of now and let your business grow alongside the imminent growth of Facebook and other social media platforms.

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