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Top 25 Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Movies Online

Free Movie Streaming Sites

Every one of us would like to relax after a long day of work or at the end of a hectic schedule in college / office. Most of us prefer staying at home and spending time with our near and dear. However, we would also crave for some entertainment to shift our minds from the daily boring routine. Evidently, movies are one of the best entertainment providers that can relax our minds. They are the best sources of whiling away time during weekends and holidays too. But it is not possible to go to the movie theaters every time we feel like watching one. Fortunately, we have a better alternative of watching movies online sitting on our couches at our own homes at our own convenience. There are many online movie streaming sites that allow us to watch movies for free without even having to download them. Here is a list of such best and free online movie streaming sites:

  1. Popcorn Time:

Popcorn Time is one of the best free movie streaming sites that streams movies guaranteeing HD quality and subtitles. Once you select a movie to watch on this site, it searches the entire web to find the best torrents and starts streaming it. It doesn’t impose any restrictions on the number of times you can watch a movie or a TV show. You can watch any movie any number of times, once you make sure that you have a proper internet connection. Popcorn Time has both mobile and web apps developed for operating systems like Windows, Android, Linux and Mac OS.

  1. C123 Movies:

C123 movies is a one stop site to watch all kinds of movies and TV shows. You can watch all genres of movies directly once you open the site, without even having to sign up or login. Fantasy, drama, action, comedy, adventure etc. are some of all genres of movies you can find on this site. An added advantage if you watch movies on this site is that you are not interrupted by ads while you watch. This site is designed to support all kinds of devices such as mobile, PC and tablet. Movies are even categorized into ‘Top Viewed Today’, ‘Most Favorite’, ‘Top Rating’ and ‘Top IMDB’, to make it easy for movie lovers to search as per their interests. The users are also given an option to ‘request’ for a movie they would like to watch on this site.

  1. MoviesPlanet:

It is so simple to watch movies on moviesplanet. You just have to choose a genre – 3D, action, adventure or animation etc.; click on the play button and watch. The way in which movies are categorized in this site is impressive. Both movies and TV shows are made into separate categories which in turn are classified based on the genres they belong to. In this way, it is easy for the user to search for any show or movie he is planning to watch. You can even request for a movie or show which has not been made available on the site.

  1. GoMovies:

GoMovies is another best choice to watch movies online for free. One can find a wide range of movies belonging to different genres like crime, war, history, musical etc. on this site available at GoMovies. One can even find the movies categorized based on the country they were originally released in. User can even conveniently enter the movie of his choice in the search bar provided on the top of the site, making the search process even better. This site offers HD quality movies and it is not a must for the user login to his/her account to get access to the movies.

  1. HouseMovie:

HouseMovie is also among the best online movie streaming sites. You can either search for a movie on the search bar provided at the top or can even consider searching the different genres provided on the site. Apart from streaming movies online, streams serials online too. You can find a large collection of serials and movies which can be sorted according to the alphabetical order or according to the year. One more interesting feature about HouseMovie is the ‘Articles’ section which consists of articles written on topics related to movies which are updated regularly. So before you plan to watch any movie, you can even try reading these articles on the site.

  1. FMovies:

Fmovies is the site you need to visit if you want to watch the latest of movies online for free, that too in high quality. The movies on this site are categorized based on genre, country and release date. You can even find the most popular movies under the label ‘Most Watched’. On this site you can see movie tiles which when hovered over give a brief description of what the movie is about, its IMDB rating, the star cast and its country of origin. So if you are a starter, you may find this section very helpful. Another feature that outstands FMovies is the ‘Anime’ section which provides high quality anime videos. FMovies alternatives site has been designed to be user-friendly and can be found atFMovies. Both movies and TV shows can be watched online on FMovies.

  1. YesMovies:

If you are a person that gets irritated with ads while watching movies, then YesMovies is the solution you need. With no ads interrupting your videos, YesMovies provides high quality streaming movies and TV series. You can even catch up with the latest and trending movie news on this site available at YesMovies. Also subscription to the YesMovies mailing list helps you receive updates on movies and TV series. Classification of movies is done based on genre and country. ‘Turn off lights’ option makes the movie watching experience even more enjoyable. When compared to other streaming sites, YesMovies has less number of appearing pop-ups.

  1. Vumoo:

Vumoo is another available option to watch movies online and is among the top online movie streaming sites. Once you open the site, you can find over 65,000 movies among which you can search for any movie by typing the movie name in the Vumoo, search bar provided on the top. Incremental search in Vumoo fetches you better search results. Movies are even categorized under labels like – Popular this week, currently watching, New Releases, Recently added, recently updated television and Trending television. Users are also given an option to download the movies or TV shows they are interested in.

  1. PrimeWire:

Among the sites which stream the latest movies online, PrimeWire is a notable one. You can see that this site has the newest of movies, especially those belonging to Hollywood. Each movie is also given a star rating along with the IMDB rating to help users choose among thousands of movies. This site available at PrimeWire has more than 67,000 movies which can be sorted on the basis of – date added, ratings, release date and featured. Only thing you need to ensure to watch movies on this site is that you need to create an account first. Account creation and login are mandatory to watch movies on PrimeWire. Once you login, you are assured of unlimited number of movies to watch.

  1. Movie4K:

If you are looking for movies and TV shows streamed at HD quality, then Movie4K is one best option to choose. You can either search for a movie in the search bar or can choose from among the drop down menus available on the site. You can even download movies from this site Movie4K. Unlimited movies and TV shows can be watched at your own convenience from any device and any operating system like Android, Windos, Mac OS. The users of this site can also upload movies to the site by logging into their personal accounts.

  1. Snag Films:

Snag Films is a site which brings in unique movies and TV shows which are not available on most of the other sites. If you are someone who is looking for something different, then snagfilms is the place you need to visit. It has over 5000 movies, TV shows, original comedy shorts and eye-opening documentaries. This site is supported by all kinds of devices including mobile, tablet, desktop and even TV. Viewers can even grade the movies and shows based on their watching experience.

  1. Viooz Movies:

Viooz Movies is one more online movie streaming site to watch movies online for free. Movies can be searched by entering the title in the search bar or by selecting the alphabet link associated with the first letter of the movie or by the year in which the movie was released. HD movies can be found on a separate section available on Viooz. IMDB rating of each movie is also displayed making it easy for the user to choose from the huge collection.

  1. Viewster:

Right from anime to Korean drama, action to romance, animation to classics, Viewster has more than 15 genres you can choose from. Viewster is supported by a community of fandom video creators and curators with more than 5000 titles across sci-fi, gaming, fantasy, documentary etc. Viewster is free to use and is supported by many devices including Xbox360, Chromecast, smart TVs, Roku and Apple TV. You can even download the Viewster app on your iOS and Anroid devices and watch videos without having to visit the website. One unique feature of Viewster is the availability of channels similar to YouTube channels on its site. Viewster is available here.

  1. Moviexk:

Moviexk is an online movie streaming site which provides every minute detail about a movie. Duration of the movie, genre it belongs to, country it was released in etc. of each movie are listed on this site. You can search for a movie by its title or cast or director using the key search provided on the top of the site. Popular movies and TV series of a day, week and month are also displayed based on the number of views they get. An interesting feature of Moviexk is that it asks the user to choose the video quality based on their internet connection.

  1. BoxTV:

Movies and TV shows on this site are grouped based on the genre they belong to and the language used. Length of each movie is displayed on movie tiles arranged in the site. Once you hover the mouse over any of the movie tiles, a small description of the movie can also be seen. One can search movies on this site by means of release date and popularity.

  1. Watch Movie Full:

If you are a person who goes with star ratings of movies, then Watch Movies is the site which best suits you. You can search for movies based on the category or release year. Different category movies like ones belonging to 3D, action, adventure, animation can be found in this site. Either 720p or 1080p quality videos are available on this site. HD movies can be found under a different label. Find this site here.

  1. Movie Hunter:

One thing moviehunter guarantees is quality. Movies of various genres like crime, fantasy sport, history, romance and many more can be watched online for free without having to create account or login. This site has a large collection of streaming movies and is updated regularly with new movies and series episodes. Navigation through this site is also quite easy and comfortable. This site is available here.

  1. Moviesub:

Moviesub is a huge library of movies from countries across the world. Movies belonging to USA, UK, France, Germany, India, Italy etc. can be found on Moviesub. Not only movies, but the latest of episodes of various TV series and shows can also be watched on this site. Most popular movies of the day, week and month are also featured on this site. ‘Coming soon’ menu has the list of movies which will be added to the site in near future. Viewers can even request for a movie by logging in to their accounts.

Other popular sites are:

  1. AZ Movies
  2. Prospice Movies
  3. I Wanna Watch
  4. IceFilms.Info
  5. TV Toast
  7. Crackle
  8. Tamilrockers

Apart from these, there are other similar online streaming sites which allow users to watch movies online for free. Factors like video quality, internet connectivity, buffering speed also should be considered before you pick up a site. Open any of the above sites, rest your back on the couch, grab a popcorn bucket and relax.

Let us know your thoughts on this article. Keep watching this space for insights on video streaming. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself abreast of trends in entertainment and live streaming industry. Cheers!

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