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Juro : Smart Automation for Sales Contracts


In today’s world what is the value of a personal agent? An agent that etches, administers, organizes your contracts for you and the legal proceedings connected with it. You can know the answer to this question by checking out the total valuation of a guy named Jorge Mendes. Mendes is a sports agent and is currently managing superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho, James Rodriguez, Radamel Falcao, David De Gea and the list goes on and on. The agent manages all your business and financial aspects. Hence, you would require a thorough professional doing this job for you.

But do all of us have the luxury of being able to afford an agent like Mendes? No. Juro is a god send tool satisfying exactly this very purpose. The legality of any contract needs outmost care to be dealt with. Signing contracts is no child’s play. It is a binding matter. Juro is a constant assistant of yours through this entire process. Creating, Signing and managing trusted contracts are all done by Juro. It uses an agile and multi faceted technology that ensures minimal time consumption. All you need to start off with using Juro is authenticate yourself by simply signing up.


Juro is a platform based out of United Kingdom, Europe. It is a smart tool that allows you to manage your legal contracts effectively. You can create, sign and manage all your contracts through Juro. You are also offered the liberty to add your lawyer within the workspace whenever you are unsure about a certain legal stating. You can easily view the real time comments of your lawyer and seek his advice but everything else is handled by Juro itself. Its execution workspace environment is highly robust and incorporates artificial intelligence. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Blockchain technology are fostered by Juro. NLP is capable of carrying out interactions between computers and human languages. This is pretty much required by Juro to interpret and organize the contracts. A continuously growing database of legal contracts and the further data that comes with it is managed by the Blockchain technology. It protects your legal documents from being tampered with and unnecessary revision.

The process of creating contracts can be automated which can save you on a lot of time. A basic set of guidelines can be defined according to which contracts can be prepared. Exceptions can be imposed on this automation as well. You entire team can look into the contract and through Juro teamwork is never a problem. Teams can discuss the prospects of a contract and what all it holds for them, members can together define the basis of setting up a contract too. Each party having ensured all the legal terms can actually E-Sign their contracts through Juro itself. This bestows Juro with a lot of power and this tool proves to be absolutely worth it at each step. Juro is taking its applicability another step forward with integrations. Juro is planning to integrate with a lot many platforms like Slack, Xero and Salesforce to make their workspace as seamless as possible.


Interactive U.I

The interface of Juro is very interactive. It actually is conversational and asks a lot of questions from you. Through the U.I you can actually see Juro interpreting Human Language and forming its own computer based interpretations of the same. You’ll soon be able to create contracts through Juro’s mobile application as well.

NLP incorporation

Natural Language Processing assists in human-computer interaction. And Juro makes use of the same. The legal contracts are understood and Juro extracts a meaning out of them. NLP behaves as a machine learning tool for Juro.

Blockchain Technology

This is one of the core features of Juro and it handles the continuously growing data records. It prevents the databases from being tampered. It consists of units called blocks that contain data. These blocks are linked to one another through certain information and a timestamp is included within each block. This technology is exploited while the e-signing of legal documents. E-Signing creates a digital impression of the legal document and it preserves the secrecy of it. This signing is approved by European Legislation.

Mechanized Creation

Creating contracts can be a dull and a drab process. Juro automates this process as well. All you have to do is select the type of contract you’re looking for and deciding the details that have to go in it. The right templates are made available by Juro. Entire teams can look into the details of documents and can dwell into the legality of it.

Custom Integrations

Editing tools are incorporated within Juro as they are integrated with GoogleDrive and Dropbox. Saving of your legal documents can be done at other storage servers as well as at the servers of Juro. Every detail is tracked and displayed at your workspace. Juro is currently working on integrating with utility based tools like Slack, Xero and Salesforce. Juro is coming up with its own API as well so that it can be integrated by different platforms.

Domain Expertise

The templates offered by Juro when you select the type of contract you require are clinically formulated by law experts and defined through legal algorithms. Contracts can be designed the way you want them to as well by adding a lot of Q&A. Sometimes you require your lawyer to design your contact for you and hence the option of being able to upload your own legal document is kept open as well.

Team Composition

Richard Mabey

Richard Maybey is the Co-Founder/CEO of Juro. He is excited to work on integrations like Slack, Xero and Salesforce for Juro. Maybey wants to launch Juro’s API as soon as possible. He used to be a corporate lawyer himself and after the recent Brexit is assuring his customers that Juro would remain the way it always was.

Pavel Kovalevich

Pavel Kovalevich is the Co-Founder of Juro. He has over 10 years of experience in technology intensive business. He had also co founded another technology consulting company in the past. Kovalevich knows 5 different languages and loves to learn about different cultures. He has worked at over 10 countries. That has what has made Pavel well versed at managing globally diverse teams.

Modus Operandi

Operating Juro is a fairly easy task with its conversational U.I which is highly interactive. To go about working with Juro you need to follow certain steps.

  • Choose the contract type. Whether it’s an NDA, a freelance agreement or an employment contract. Suitable templates are offered right away. These templates are designed by experts and it employs legal algorithms too.
  • Defining the limitations of the contract is your second step. The limitations define your legal requirements and they can be set through a Q&A.
  • You are now all set to review the contract once you’ve defined its parameters. You can edit your contract as well. It can be stored in external storage servers through integrations with GoogleDrive and Dropbox or also within the secure servers of Juro.
  • E-Signing of the contract can be initiated now which uses the Blockchain technology. The E-Signing is approved by the European Legislation.
  • From this point you can check the status of your contract. Whether it is a draft or is pending or has been agreed upon, can all be seen.

Key Takeaway

Juro has an innovative and breathtaking concept. And it is backed by marvelous technology. It uses NLP and Blockchain mechanism. Ambitious projects like Juro are bringing about a change in the industry and for good.

We at StartupWhale wish team Juro all the luck for their future efforts. Hope they come up with many more projects like Juro.

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