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Reasons Why YouTube like Websites Is Getting More Popular


In the last decade, the digital landscape has changed significantly. The number of people using desktops to search the web is decreasing. Instead, they are picking their smartphones and tablets to interact with the content. What’s more, digital technology is becoming cheaper today than ever before.

With technology advancing, people prefer to watch video content over texts. For the same reason, an audio-visual format is a great way to reach millions of audience in less time. Another strong reason behind the trend of video streaming websites like YouTube’s popularity is the user-friendly interface that offers the users a seamless user experience to watch any number of videos.

Let’s see the significant reasons behind the popularity of YouTube-like websites over the last decade.

Wide Content Variety



Source: Tubularinsights

Websites like YouTube are created by the people for the people that make it easy for creators to upload their unique content and present it to a large audience. This concept has attracted millions of content created globally. There is a wide range of viewing options, anywhere from beauty to entertainment. YouTube is the ideal platform for aspiring creators. With billions of channels on YouTube-like website, there will always be something new to watch. YouTube never dials to offer its viewers with thrilling, comedic and heart-warming entertainment.

Leisurely Watchability

When it comes to YouTube, leisurely watchability is a major advantage. Videos are available anytime, anywhere, for anyone to watch. As long as you have a smartphone or tablet in hand, you are free to explore video content in a single click.

The simple and customized design

The main reason behind websites like YouTube getting popular is due to their simple, customized and user-friendly design.  Most of the startups make the mistake of designing video-sharing website creatively, but end up messing up the whole design. If you use YouTube clone scripts to build your YouTube-like website, it offers the flexibility to handle any customization to build your own video streaming websites. Moreover, sites like YouTube establishes a personal connection with viewers. It has features that allow connecting with the audience on a deeper level.

Social Media Integration


Another reason behind the popularity of YouTube-like sites is that it has a predefined social media integration with different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This allows for colossal traffic and to reach to millions of users at the same time. You are missing out a big deal if you don’t integrate your video streaming website with social networking sites. YouTube clone script comes loaded with essential features like this allowing users to log in and share their uploaded content and their favorite videos.

Powerful Admin Panel

When you create a video sharing website like YouTube, it must have a powerful admin panel to monitor the movements that happen on the site. Admin panel of YouTube facilitates the following-

  • Channel management
  • Video management
  • User management
  • Category management

What to learn from the success of YouTube?


Source: Fandom

As the trends for video streaming platforms are catching up, more businesses are trying hard to set their foot in the streaming business. However, to create a video sharing website like YouTube, it requires a lot of effort, time and energy which all businesses cannot afford.

In such situations, the YouTube clone script plays a significant role in developing a website like YouTube with minimum effort and costs. The Clone script will contain all the basic features of YouTube and customizations up to any level is possible with it. By choosing a pre-built script, you can build your own video streaming website that allows your users to watch, stream, and upload unlimited videos.

YouTube allows an unlimited number of video uploads and handles the incoming traffic easily. Websites like YouTube must be built using powerful technologies to handle heavy traffic that allows any number of users to upload unlimited videos into the platform at the same time.

If your YouTube-like website accepts payments for subscription or for any premium feature, it is significant to offer secure payment options. When you create a website like YouTube, this is another essential feature to copy from YouTube- offering secure payment options for seamless user experience.

One thing YouTube pays strict attention to its recognition of effort. YouTube never fails to honor the popular creators who are a vital element that keeps the site going. Currently, YouTube offers 3 different awards for its creators upon reaching certain milestones- A silver play button, a gold play button, and a diamond play button. When you create a platform like YouTube, ensure that the platform must be fun for both creators and users. The platform must constantly urge them to contribute the best to the website.

YouTube has its own dedicated server to handle heavy traffic. Imagine, when the videos in your platform go viral and you start getting an N number of hits. The need for a sufficient amount of bandwidth to handle traffic becomes necessary.

Advantages of Video Sharing Websites

Video sharing sites like YouTube have made the sharing of video content available to a large base of audience. These sites not only offer opportunities for artists looking for a platform to showcase their skills, but also help users to be equipped with knowledgeable content.

Some of the common advantages of websites like YouTube are:

Great Venue for Artists


Websites like YouTube is a great venue for an artist to showcase their talents. We cannot deny the fact that a community of Beliebers was formed just because Justin Bieber got a platform like YouTube to premier his first performance. Other popular channels like the comedy series “Epic Rap Battles of History” enjoy strong viewership despite being independent productions.

Promote Lively Debate and Discussion

Video sharing and streaming websites have the capability to promote lively discussion and debates on any number of topics. Topics can range from politics to religion, and you can find many videos with passionate discussions within the comment sections. Video sharing websites can also be leveraged to unite like-minded individuals about a particular cause to generate attention for that specific issue.

Rise of Citizen Journalism

With an increasing number of mobile devices capable of recording and uploading videos, the opportunities have grown exponentially. Hundreds of videos of a single event from different angles shot by different people give us a multifaceted view of a particular event. This might reveal a side of the story that may be omitted from standard media coverage.


YouTube is a video-driven social platform that became a popular way of how people stream video online. Launched in 2005, Google bought YouTube in 2016 and the website is now driving 11percent of the entire global video traffic, second to Netflix. This means that live streaming businesses now have the opportunity to establish their brand through interactive videos and build a community. YouTube’s strategy of prioritizing creators, a killer web design, and key decisions can be a great guide for any live streaming platforms to learn from.

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