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SEO vs Social Media – The Battle for Traffic

ecommerce marketing

Looking for the best marketing channel for your business? Confused as to whether it must be Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Marketing?

Some of the eCommerce marketing tips are hidden in this article itself. Tips would enrich your vision which facts must stay deep-rooted.

One such fact states that SEO and Social Media are both very much crucial for marketing your business.

Both are incomparable considering their features and advantages. If you are commencing a start-up then both these marketing strategies are worth it. Both, if handled efficiently will generate sufficient traffic to your website.

By 2018, various online marketing trends mainly SEO and Social Media Marketing will create a strong impact while generating traffic and leads.

Digital marketing trends such as “micro-moments” which is ideally browsing the internet to acquire every little information and content marketing have impacted the market in the past few years and are again looking to re-establish itself with some noticeable specks by next year.

If you want your business to prosper, then your eCommerce SEO will be the most important aspect aiding you to generate revenue and also to drive traffic.

The increase in the number of smartphone users has implanted the idea of going for an online search anytime and anywhere to get related information.

Individuals generally expect that their queries will be answered flawlessly by the click of a button itself. This is the point where you as a brand need to come up with dependable information.

How and why would the individual look at your content?

How and why would the individual look at your content?

This is because you have ranked the article in a commendable position with the help of excellent SEO.

SEO is hugely benefitted by Social Media Marketplace. This is the sole reason you will hear now and then that these two marketing channels are dependent on each other.

When you are sharing content it’s not that the sole purpose is to get attention, but it also draws spectators to your website.

Let us first speak about SEO and keep it in the limelight

Let us first speak about SEO and keep it in the limelight

After a brief discussion experts and researchers have concluded that SEO is totally ineffective if it doesn’t take help from the social media channels.

What are the features which aid in the advantages of using SEO?

Ecommerce SEO enables budding entrepreneurs to organize their content with a streamlined system for creating a favorable amount of top-notch content.

SEO allows time to try different things with various themes and sorts of content to keep on producing data so that the two positions get ranked on search engines and serves clients.

Although consistent content creation is required, once an organization’s pages start to rank in search engines they often stay archived for related keywords for as long as possible.

Proper ranking on search engines will increase the amount of traffic and sales as well since individuals browsing online do not like to scroll down for a product or an answer. Rather they would consider the top-ranked search results as the best ones and go ahead with them.

Ecommerce SEO does not require any kind of budget to rank in search engines, other than the expenses related to making, optimizing, and sharing content.

With the aid of eCommerce marketing, an association can accomplish higher brand trust among shoppers when it positions well in search engines, particularly when a man sees a similar organization rank more than once.

Keyword inquiry for SEO can influence an organization’s way to deal with AdWords to help convey outcomes about because of these two channels namely SEO and Social Media.

According to researchers, 4.5% of organic search visitors considered making a purchase from your eCommerce website. However, only 1.3% of social traffic considered going ahead and making a purchase from your website.

If you compare the traffic generated by these two marketing channels you would end with the conclusion established by sources saying that traffic generated by Social Media is 26,599 visits from 30 sources whereas in SEO traffic of around 102,349 had been generated from just 20 sources.

Some tools specializing in Search Engine Optimization are Ahrefs, Rival IQ and SimilarWeb.

These three work on their own domains and generally do not interfere with each other.

Ahrefs is basically for investigating the backlink profiles of websites.

Rival IQ is meant for digging deep into the communities of the well-known resources.

SimilarWeb is however meant to understand which channel brings maximum traffic to your website.

What are the features which aid in the advantages of using Social Media Marketing?

Many eCommerce platforms have built their entire client base just through their consistent and patient use of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Promoting your brand through Social Media can also be done by the use of Periscope or Facebook live where you can post promotional videos of your eCommerce venture.

Such is the age of eCommerce marketing.

Experts also post cooking modules or how-to-videos so that their brands get recognized over a short time.

Nowadays, you can also list your business on Instagram for promotional campaigns. Clicking on the ad of your venture will redirect you to its app on iOS or Play Store.

The number of ways an eCommerce business can share content and innovatively express what needs to be done via social media enables an organization to share distinctive sorts of content and messages.

This level of adaptability enables organizations to work towards an array of objectives and emerge on top among contenders.

The capacity to specifically speak with your gathering of people via social media gives an organization the chance to tune in, help and gain from its clients on a continuous basis.

In spite of the fact that traction from online networking has a tendency to run for a long time, short-term outcomes are ordinary since content shared is quickly made public and there are numerous factors that affect the transparency of any given post.

Similar to SEO, a huge investment is not required to boost your social media campaigns. Rather, you can create flawless and interesting content which when shared on social media will give you a huge number of followers. Make your content stand out from others and it will certainly draw bigger crowd.

An enriched focus on Social Media enables an organization to have more bandwidth to monitor activity in each channel, which helps an organization gather some time to answer queries, join discussions, and make content identified with related topics.

Depending solely on the search engines and even social media is one risky step since the business you are commencing is not under the control of these channels. This means that the features and flowcharts might alter any time.

Often we come across links which have annotations such as question mark, apostrophes and colons in their URL’s. These occur because the eCommerce SEO hasn’t been properly done and it is void of proper keywords. Omitting those unnecessary annotations and adding related keywords will certainly rank your online store builder on the top of search engines.

Again, you must note this fact that without a strong link profile, even a flawless content might not rank well in search engines.

“According to a recent survey by GroupM Research the click-through rate in SEO based search results for customers who have exposure to a brand’s social marketing campaign are 2.4X higher than those that haven’t; for uncomplimentary search, it suddenly leaped from 4.5% to 11.8%.”

Social media is a platform which encourages you to get your content viewed, which therefore can liberally extend your number of eCommerce brand specifications on the Web.

The better you endorse your content across complete Social Media Marketing channels, better will be attractive areas you get.

It’s extremely evident to expect that that web journals devoted to Search Marketing should get more natural traffic stood at a very basic level out from websites that sheds light on Social Media Marketing.

In a similar manner, Social Media Marketing online journals should get the proper share of their guests from social networking channels, since social media advertising is their zone of aptitude.

In any case, it is found that the situation is altogether more distinct than that.

The increased amount of engagement Social Media Marketing websites get from social media platforms grant them access to more backlinks and traffic, which, in return helps them rank better on search engines.

Search engine optimization is still crucial as an undeniable aspect of securing long-term organic traffic.

In the world of SEO, there is a term “link-building” whose basic aim is to increase the amount of inbound links going to a webpage. This, in return will increase the search engine rankings of your page.

The traffic you will get through eCommerce SEO for your eCommerce platform will mostly be organic traffic.

SEO is a long haul procedure and can be successfully carried out with patience.

However, when we optimize our websites via Social Media Optimization then we need to create a Facebook fan page alongside a Google+ page and join its communities.

To sum up, there will forever be a never-ending comparison amongst which of the two marketing strategies will help increase your website’s traffic and visibility.

It can be SEO over SMM or vice versa, or sometimes you can use them keeping in mind that these should be done smartly.

In conclusion, it’s crucial to state that people might opt for Social Media Marketing over SEO since it is not a complicated process.

But once you get hands-on with different SEO tricks you can rank on top on Google. But again with the use of social media one can track their potential customers with ease.

So, now it basically depends on you as to how you would go ahead and commence the eCommerce marketing for your budding enterprise.

Make a choice based on the one which will make your task easier than what it had been before.

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