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Styberry : Launch Your Fashion Blog in Minutes and Monetize It



You love writing, you feel like sharing your story with the world. You wanted to set up your blog? But you were ready to give up after you see how much time you need to invest in searching for a free domain name, choosing a platform and tweaking the design? You are not the only one!

Styberry would be the solution to the problems you have on your path to become a blogger.

The Idea

Styberry is a beauty of a creation of an online publishing platform for fashion bloggers and a community and the fashion lovers. They empower and promote the early stage bloggers to set up a blog without any technical skill set. They handle the technical stuff, to build the solution to your problems so you can concentrate on what you love, writing about fashion.They even help in monetizing their content and get traction. Fashion addicts can now discover a wide new range of content from their favourite fashion bloggers directly on the platform and you can purchase the products, which are hand-picked from the bloggers.

Styberry dreams of being the most exclusive online publishing platform for fashion bloggers and a source of style enthusiasm for fashion addicts to provide genuine and useful content.

Need for Fashion

We all know that our First impressions matter. Mostly people judge us in less than 30 seconds.  Just on the basis of your personality, who wants to be known as a fashion disaster or unfashionable. This makes it is extremely important to be on top of your game all the time.
Fashion is something which changes in a moment. From what to skirt wear in the day to the party clothes at night. To the shoes in the day to the dazzling stilettoes for the evening. There is a different fashion for all type of mood, time and the location.

So you need to be up to date all the time. Individually searching all the blogs would be a hectic task. So need to create Styberry arose. It is the platform that lets you follow all you diva fashion blogger or critics all together. No more browsing through 10 different pages just to know the best way to get curls. You can just ask your fashion expert.

Benefits for Bloggers:

  1. Get your free domain name with us:

Styberry with a unique and exclusive domain name. So you can set up your blog immediately, so the readers and followers can start searching for you.

  1. Set up your blog in minutes, so you can start blogging right away

The process of setting up the blog is very easy. Just a few simple steps or if you have an existing blog you can just connect it to styberry and gain more followers.

  1. Earn commissions when your readers shop your recommendations

Whenever any of the followers purchase through your recommendation of your blog you earn commissions. The more followers you have the more influence you make. So start blogging now!

The Young Fashion Addicts

Most of us are obsessed with fashion trends. We want to know what’s in and what’s out. The colours in demand to the new shades of contour. We are constantly following fashion bloggers on Instagram or you have a collection of Facebook Pages you like, you use a reader app and constantly bookmarking websites on your phone just to keep yourself up-to date or to suggest our friends for some occasion.

Styberry will help you follow all fashion bloggers in one platform! You can read and save your favourite blog posts for later. Also, in case you want to know what your style icons wear, you can even shop the products that they recommend in their blog posts.

Benefits for Fashion Addicts:

  1. Follow only relevant content

In Instagram or Facebook there are thousands of profiles of bloggers of all domains, it mostly gets difficult to search for the right profile or the correct article suited for the situation. Styberry only provides you up to date fashion information for every mood and time.

  1. Discover new blogs based on your interests

Styberry filters the best articles from the famous fashion bloggers to our fashion critics to get the best style solutions, which always makes you look the best. It takes care of all aspect from what should you wear, to the footwear to choose   to the style of makeup to apply. All your fashion solution at once makes you stand out of the crowd and has you dressed for each day.

  1. Shop products recommended by fashion bloggers

You always see the you favourite celebrities and your style icons and fall in love with what they wear, the accessory the carry to the makeup. You want to dress just the same wear the same dress or the boots. But you do not know where would it be available. You have searched the entire market but still no luck.

Styberry provides its readers with the inside information where you can purchase the same. So you can follow dour fashion diva and look as ravishing.


Ivan Drinchev

After his masters degree in Law in 2010, he started his career way before in his school days as a Linux system administrator in g00net. Later after his university , he joined as a legal advisor in Primabuild, and used to provide, proactive legal aid and advice on various legal issues like commercial contracts, dispute resolution policy, regulatory process, employment, and governance and was also responsible for the execution of particular tasks, such as managing taxes, company management and strategy. With the love for creating software’s he used to take up freelance projects as a web developer. Now he wants to try his hand in entrepreurship and has co foundedStyberry. To bring his best design to life

Ivan has a deep knowledge of enterprise/frontend web development. He is very fluent with the language of machines and has a very convivial nature.

Iglika Mateeva

Completed her M.A in General Management Leipzig University of Applied Science. She started her career as aonline marketer in Shopwiki, then mover to join Trademob GmbH as a mobile media buyer. In 2015 Won the female scholarship for the Spring 2015 Semester and started working on my startup idea, and now is the co-founder of Styberryso she Co-founded Styberry where she can give every person the platform to follow fashion.

It is difficult to describe Igilika in a sentence. A young girl so full of life and a fire to achieve. She is an Entrepreneur, UX / UI Designer, a smart Marketer, a Fashion Addict who believes that if you look good you feel good.

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