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SurveyBreeze : Add One-question Survey to Your Newsletter

Survey Breeze

Ken Blanchard, the highly acclaimed American author and management expert, once famously quoted –

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

This perhaps can very well be called the founding principle of SurveyBreeze.  SurveyBreeze is an initiative by the Madrid based group NewsletterBreeze. This highly progressive tool allows you to add a one question survey within your Newsletter or Blog. We can monitor the performance of our Newsletter or Auto responders with significant ease through SurveyBreeze graphically. Incorporating a one question survey code is something that SurveyBreeze does for us itself.


SurveyBreeze envisions a web environment where every firm no matter how paltry it is, is able to better the standards of email retailing it renders to its customers. It plans to do so by enabling a newsletter to understand the mileage it’s able to provide its subscribers with.

Surveys are used as a tool where the subscriber provides a rating based feedback. The results regarding the same can be monitored by using SurveyBreeze. SurveyBreeze aims to bring out the best out of your Newsletter or Blog.

The larger mission of SurveyBreeze’s parent group NewsletterBreeze is to bring the best and most engaging news to its subscribers in the form of a newsletter.


SurveyBreeze is a feedback utility based tool which has been created by the NewsletterBreeze group, part of the Invespromo Consulting Firm. It’s based out of Madrid, Spain. This tool is available for free. A single question survey is answered by the users in the form of a rating. This rating is further used to monitor the performance of your Newsletter or blog. Adding interactivity and dynamism to newsletters is what SurveyBreeze majorly does. Knowing the worth of your newsletter without feedback is almost impossible. This simple yet highly effective tool aids us in getting a higher response rate as well.


Rendering Vital Statistics

You can never know where you are headed until you’re able to garner key data about how good or bad you’re doing. SurveyBreeze provides you with key information about your Newsletter through which graphical inferences are made. These inferences are almost correct if we use the same survey code for each of our Newsletter page. We can generate inch perfect precise data by using different survey code for each page of our Newsletter.

Acquiring Substantial Retort Rates

Subscribers are able to provide a feedback through the inserted survey questions. The subscriber can even state a textual response which can be a reason, fact or a statement of an error. Monitoring these feedbacks effectively can result in increased response rates, which enable us to take our Newsletter or Blog to even greater heights.

Agile and Easy Execution

A couple of minutes are all you need to embed a one question survey within the template of your newsletter. A simple HTML code is generated by SurveyBreeze which is added in your newsletter by a straightforward copy paste mechanism. This tool integrates smoothly with almost all email retailing facilities.

Customizable Interface

We can customize how our survey question would appear. Formatting options are available so that the developer can choose the right look and feel of the survey question he wants to add. Font face, size and color are a few basic features that a developer can manipulate.

Team Composition

Javier Sarda

Javier Sarda is the Founder/CEO of SurveyBreeze. He is an avid reader and an enthusiastic biker apart from being a technical mastermind. He is currently undertaking lessons in parenting as he is a proud father of three children.

Carlos Montalvo

Carlos Montalvo presumes the responsibility of a lead developer at NewsletterBreeze. He is an ardent preacher of the Ruby On Rails programming environment, and that’s the reason why almost all his project are developed using the same programming technology.

Ileana Bedini

Ileana Bedini orchestrates the marketing and design wing of SurveyBreeze. She strongly believes Marketing and design are two pillars upon which an organization safely rests. Bedini also has a keen interest in web development.

David Giacomo

David Giacomo is the name which comes in mind of the people at SurveyBreeze when they personify the word ‘Help’. Hence, he is incharge of customer support. He loves gaming and hiking.

 Modus Operandi

The operation of SurveyBreeze allows you to ask a single survey based question to your subscribers. Implementing SurveyBreeze is very undemanding. It only takes about a single minute to devise your own one question survey. You can even personalize it through various formatting options which are made available. You can title your newsletter and with the click of a single button, the HTML code of your survey question is generated. Now all you have to do is go ahead and copy, paste this code within your Newsletter template. You can deploy your newsletters to your subscribers as you usually do, and a survey question can be seen added to your newsletter at the bottom.

Ratings are provided by the users through this survey which further help you to monitor your Newsletter or Blog’s progress. The subscribers who’ll like your newsletter will help you scale it and those who won’t, will provide you with areas where you can improve.

All the information which is collected is displayed in the form of easy to understand charts and graphs. Also, various methodologies are adopted by SurveyBreeze to avoid multiple recording of ratings by a user.


There are many other Survey Feedback domains which provide a service similar to that of SurveyBreeze. And it faces stiff competition from the same websites. A few of them are listed below.

  • Surveymonkey
  • Questionpro
  • Type Form
  • Client Heartbeat
  • Zoho Survey
  • Survey Gizmo

Key Takeaway

Enthusiastic and ambitious tools like SurveyBreeze are full of utility. The subscribers experience a breeze of survey running right through the power of their single mouse click. SurveyBreeze lives upto its name and does not fail in enthralling its users by its applicability. We at StartupWhale wish team SurveyBreeze good luck for all their future endeavors.

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