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Why Not To Use Wix For Your Adult Website

why not to use wix

If you want to make a lot of money online you must understand why not to use Wix to create your websites.

The first two bad things that come up to my mind when thinking about Wix are these:

  • you don’t own a website.
  • it is super expensive.

These are just two of the reasons why you should not use Wix to create any site. But in reality, there is an infinite list of disadvantages.

Here in this article, I am going to show you why not to use Wix to create your adult website and even any other kind of website.

I am gonna show you an easy alternative to Wix that works well for the 85% of the blogs online.

And I am going to give the best software to create your adult business to the next level thanks to

What Is Wix?

Wix is a cloud-hosted development platform that will allow you to create a website without the need to code or even play with a backend.

You will be able to drag and drop sections of your site from the Wix platform. You will be able to create websites in a few minutes.

As cool as it might sounds this is the definition of the anti-internet.

I have created a Wix account and started to play around with the blocks. Not only it looks very complicated to me, but also you can not customize that much even if you get better at it.

There is no way that your site will ever become successful if you plan to create it with Wix.

I don’t want to go deep in detail with this, but Google is very smart and when he sees that the website was created with Wix it is already a bad sign.

Wix, it’s like having a very cool house on a hill, that overlooks the sea! But that house doesn’t have rooms and windows.

From the outside it looks very cool, people will say, hey that house is so cool.

But if you go inside, there are no rooms, stairs and you can not enjoy the view of the beach from the inside because there are no windows.

Who should use Wix?

The answer is no one!

Why Not To Use Wix, Biggest Disadvantages

  1. Wix uses flash technology. A website that loads with this technology is obsolete and google hates them.
  2. The load speed of your site cannot be improved and in general, it’s bad. One of the top google ranking factors is the load speed of a site!
  3. When Google Crawlers crawl your site they can see that it was made with Wix. This is like telling Google that you are incompetent.
  4. Wix sites are not customizable, you can not change the themes if something bothers you. The website is going to stick to what the Wix team made for you.
  5. The websites are not owned by you. If you plan to move from Wix to something else you are screwed.
  6. Earning money from it, creating a backend section and a place to make a business is more impossible.
  7. Wix costs are ridiculous. I don’t even want to go back to the prices page to see the costs but these costs each month are insanely huge for what you are getting.
  8. Once you stop your Wix plan you can not migrate it anywhere else.
  9. You have no control over the SEO and ranking on Google is almost impossible organically.
  10. Wix cannot handle huge traffic and scripts and processes.

What Are The Alternatives To Wix

85% of the blogs online are made with WordPress. This is a fully managed and customizable software you can download from and install on your server.

If you are able to code you can start modifying the whole thing. But if you are not able to code, still it will be super easy to create blog posts and to create a simple website that can rank on google.

WordPress have users and plugins that will solve any problem. All you need on top of this free tool is a domain name and hosting.

If you are planning to build an adult online business you must consider and adult hosting. Here is an article about the best adult hosting plans.

Once you have chosen a plan you can install WordPress with one click and start to build an awesome online blog.

WordPress is awesome but mostly used just for blogging. If your intent is to become a millionaire with the adult industry you will need to have an advanced software.

Here is where it comes and their awesome adult scripts. You can see them all from this article about all the products.

Top Products To Build You Adult Empire

If you want to build an adult empire business you will need to rely on advanced software like the one created by

Here in this list, you will be able to see a few of the most requested software to start with.

But if you are interested in this kind of business I strongly suggest you visit homepage and look at all the products one by one.

#1 – xCams


Will allow you to create a camming platform like chaturbate. You will make money off the models that are working for your site.

Your job will be to recruit models and keep traffic at a decent level to make a lot of money.

#2 – xStreamer


This software will allow you to create a porn tube like Pornhub, it is seo friendly and it will make money through advertisement and affiliate marketing mainly.

The more traffic you have the more cash you will make.

#3 – xMarktetplace


This is the easiest way to create your online sex store to sell toys or any kind of sex-related gadget and video or whatever you want to sell.


You can not even think about using Wix if you are planning to make money online.

The best solution to create a blog is WordPress, meanwhile to create an adult empire that will generate a ton of money you need to get some products from

You will have free script installation and you will be guided on how to start making money online with your adult online business.

If you liked this article or something is not very clear, please comment below or feel free to contact us.

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