20 Best Free Logo Makers For Your Startup

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Studies suggest that your customers can afford only around 10 seconds to form the first impression of your brand, more precisely your brand logo. An attractive logo, as we all are aware, is not just the face of your website, but the visible bridge between you and your potential clients.

Needless to say, this has heightened the importance of free logo maker tools and websites which help generate professional logos online, without requiring much design skills. 

If you are a startup owner aiming to attain a brand stature, here is a list of the top 20 free logo maker websites and online tools that will come in handy.

1. Canva: Easy-to-use free logo maker online:

A drag-and-drop interface, Canva helps you generate professional logos in no time. The software is completely user-focused and lets you choose from a pool of ready-to-use templates.

You can choose from a repository of free elements alongside editing texts, fixing images and applying attractive filters.

2. Ucraft: Free online logo maker and download:

A popular website builder company, Ucraft offers a free logo-making tool to its users. In less than 15 minutes you can design your logo using a wide array of shapes, symbols, icons and text patterns. Once designed, the logo is really easy to export.

You might have to pay a nominal charge to create an account and download the logo.

3. Logaster: User-friendly free logo generator online:

Widely known as the free online logo creation wizard, Logaster is a household name among startup owners. It has simplified logo design in four easy steps-

  • Step 1: Enter company name and industry
  • Step 2: Choose from a list of logo concept samples.
  • Step 3: Modify the text, icons, and colours.
  • Step 4: Download the final small-sized logo for free

Should you consider purchasing the high-resolution file, you need to pay a minimal price of $9.99.

4. Logo Makr: Free online logo maker and download:

Logo Makr provides a drag-and-drop interface that is easy to use and customer-friendly. Its user guide video is helpful for amateur designers.

Downloading a low-resolution image with Logo Makr is free. However, users need to pay a small amount if they wish to download high-resolution files.

5. Online Logo Maker: Free logo generator online:

A unique feature of Online Logo Maker is the “Upload your own image” option which makes it way superior to other free online logo maker and download tools. With this free logo generator, you can easily download your final logo for free in the 500px size.

6. Hipster Logo Generator: Free online logo maker tool:

A designers’ favourite, Hipster Logo Generator is widely used to create a logo through a few simple steps-

  • Step 1: Select your base shape
  • Step 2: Customize
  • Step 3: Incorporate additional symbols (optional)
  • Step 4: Click on “generate”
  • Step 5: Download the design in png format (600 x 500 px file) for free

Hipster Logo Generator is the best option for a startup or website owner if the logo contains more text.

7. MarkMaker: Online free logo maker tool:

MarkMaker is provenly an adaptive logo-generating software. It allows you to mark your favourite logo types and stores in memory all the options you like.

8. Free Logo Design: Online logo maker free tool:

With Free Logo Design, you can select a logo template of your choice. Here also, you will get the low-resolution downloads for free.

9. Vectr: Free online logo maker tool:

Vectr, a popular logo-generating tool, gives you the option to work online or download the program to your system for free. Vectr even has a “live editing” option which allows you to share live updates or collaborate with an external team.

Vectr lets you download even high-resolution files at no extra charge.

10. Logo Foundry: Free logo-creator tool:

 Here, users can design their logos directly from their own devices (iPad or phone). You can avail 3000+ icons and symbols in addition to advanced text options.

11. Logojoy: Online free logo-generator and download tool:

Logojoy helps you design logos that are not just visually attractive but are tailored to brands. On entering your brand name, you can select 5 or more designs and choose from a plethora of colours and styles.

12. 3D Logo Maker: Create free logos online:

 With 3D Logo Maker, you can select from a wide variety of logo templates and design your unique 3D logo. In branding terms, this tool gives you the necessary edge over your competitors.

13. Envato or Creative Market: Free logo templates online:

Creative Market and Envato are free websites that let you choose from a vast expanse of professional logo template collections. You just need to have basic Photoshop skills.

14. Designhill: Free logo maker online:

Designhill, a leading crowdsourcing platform has 1000+ logo designs and you can edit the text, fonts and colours as per your preference.

15. Graphic Springs: Free online logo creator:

To get started with Graphic Springs, you just need to enter your business name and tagline, choose your image category and select your logo.

16. Zillion Designs: Free online logo creator:

Zillion Designs enables users to generate professional logos by selecting suitable colours, fonts and logo templates.

17. Logo Garden: Best free online logo creator:

Replete with over a thousand design and layout options, Logo Garden is ideal for a unique brand identity. You can customize your logo for business cards, smartphones, T-shirts, coffee mugs and websites.

18. Logo Genie: Free online logo maker

 Logo Genie lets you create and customize logos of your choice. You are free to change the size, orientation, colour and gradient.

19. Logo Type Maker: Free logo creator online:

This tool is the best choice for startups and small companies and helps design business logos in a few minutes.

20. Logo Yes: Online free logo maker:

Logo Yes helps you design professional logos through a few quick steps.

For all ambitious startup owners looking to make it big in the global market, it is time to take the first big step- designing a stunning business logo. Make the most out of the free online logo makers today!

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