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Buggo – Bug Tracking Tool For You


Bugs can create a huge menace in any software and they are the nemesis of software developers. When the developers are done with the fun part of coding, they are left with the unpleasant task of tracking and detecting all the bugs to ensure that the software works seamlessly. There are plenty of bug tracking software available in the market right now but not all of these software give you the flexibility of actually detecting a bug properly and accurately.

This is one thing that the creator of Buggo knew and decided to counter the problem. Buggo is a startup that will get you rid of your problems related to bug tracking. It has simplified features that are easy to use and gets you instant results.

About Buggo

The startup is currently in its beta development stage. This app is going to redefine how developers look at bugs. The innovative approach and the whole new outlook of the app is not only refreshing but your team would actually be interested in doing the job. The app is a built in a way that will engage and motivate your team to track and detect bugs.

It is an app which will help in keeping all the updates and actions on the software under one tab making life easier for you.

Target audience                                               

The app cannot only be used by professional developers who work on the software and their development on a daily basis but also by amateurs who love to experiment and see how things work on the net. There are many people who like to track bugs in software as a hobby and if you do find a bug in a big website’s app or software, you get paid for it.

Why Buggo?

If you are too loyal to your current bug tracking software and hesitant of trying something new, then you will have to read about the features of Buggo to know for yourself the efficiency of the app.

  • Get started with easy collaborations: Unlike other bug tracking software, Buggo doesn’t charge its members to join. You can add as many users you like to your team without any additional cost. No money required to get them motivated.
  • Collaborate properly: There are no restrictions on which project a user can see. All the members of your team can see the updates and progress of the project and that is what we call true collaboration.
  • Simplified process and status bar: Instead of making the whole process complex and giving multiple updates, the process has been divided into three priority levels. Your team can easily understand all the process and get started with the work.
  • Organize your bugs: Called as project buckets, this feature helps you in keeping the bugs organized so that they don’t get mixed up and you are clear with each project.
  • Document storage: You get document and image storage with each bug so that your team can access them anytime they want.
  • Activity feed: One of the best features which helps you keep updated on the progress so that you don’t miss out on anything between the times you logged off from the account.
  • Comment board: Communication couldn’t get easier than this. The real-time comment board can help you chat with your teammates and keep them posted about the developments on a specific bug or project.
  • Archived projects: If you feel the need to come back to a project at a later time after finishing it, then you can always save it in your archived projects. All the history of your previous projects safe with you.

If these features are not reason enough for you to try the Buggo, then you are definitely missing out on a lot of innovation.


There are plenty of bug tracking software in the market already which will give Buggo a tough time.

  • Stackify
  • Planio
  • Zoho Projects
  • Airbrake Bug Tracker
  • SpiraTeam
  • Track+
  • Lean Testing
  • Gemini
  • YouTrack
  • SpiritGround
  • IBM Rational
  • MantisBT
  • Unfuddle
  • AllChange

And the list goes on.

The bottom line

The one thing that people cannot deny is the power of innovation. When like minded peoples who want to create something better come together, they get the job done. The lack of great bug tracking software led to the development of this app which will definitely revolutionize the way bugs are tracked for software developers. Moreover, an idea is important to start building something.

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