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Heart BP : Your Heart is Your Health


Improve and manage your health through healthy habits. This is the slogan of Heart BP. How exactly are they going to do that? By introducing an iPhone App that allows you to monitor and manage your blood pressure at the same time trying to cultivate some good healthy habits. The app not only monitors blood pressure, it also monitors pulse rate and body mass index over a period.

About Heart BP

This company is based out of San Francisco, USA. Conceived in 2016, Heart BP is an app that has all the tools that you need to build life changing habits that help you improve and control your blood pressure. The team at HeartBP  realized that you cannot make such changes on your own as it is hard work and takes a lot of discipline. Hence they came up with an app to make it easy for you to manage your heart, blood pressure and make those disciplined decisions for a better and healthier you.

The Cool Features Of Heart BP               

Some very cool features are associated with the app that will help you monitor your heart health and also enable you to follow routine disciplined tasks to help improve your health.

Visualize Your Health

Understand your health by seeing a visual representation of your blood pressure, BMI and heart rate over time. Get a feel of the trend and think of how you can overcome it.

Medication Reminders

 You get daily and timely reminders for taking medications or 
supplements to stay in control of your
 blood pressure and your health.

Habit Reminders

You will also get reminders for your daily habits telling you when it is time to exercise, to
eat healthy or sleep on time.

Keep Track of Your Habits

You can check if you have missed any habits by looking at the last few completed days

Progress Log

You get can a Visual representation of  your blood pressure, BMI and heart rate on the list view with color
coded values to let you know what level you are.

Habit Tracker

The app also allows you to track habits like when you need to take your medication, supplements, exercise, relax or eat healthy.

Habit Streaks

Keep the streak alive by never missing a habit
 on your list. Research says that secret number is 21 for forming a habit. So get your 21 days solid and you will have a healthy life for the rest of your life.


You can compare your health reading by time of day so you can find out how you are doing in the morning, afternoon and evening.

The Owners

Heart BP is the baby of Mr. Oliver Solano, who hails from San Francisco. He studied electrical and Computer Engineering at Rutgers University in New Brunswick.  He is an entrepreneur, mobile developer and believes and healthy living. Apart from Heart BP, his other projects include:

  1. Meatocracy – an integrated app to help consumers comprehend food labels and educate consumers around false meat product claims.
  2. MPI Stylus Web – An iPad app for advisors and asset managers firms seeking to produce research and reporting
  3. 100 Pushup trainers – An iPhone app that helps guide you to 100 pushups in 1 set.

The Competition

There are many similar apps out in the market like :

  1. Instant Blood Pressure App
  2. iHealth wireless blood pressure monitor
  3. iBP blood pressure
  4. Smart BP

The name of the game here is “Survival of the fittest”.

We, the members of StartupWhale wholeheartedly wish Heart BP all the very best for the promising journey ahead.

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