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Hospii : Find Your Best Hairstylist


When it comes to makeovers, every girl is looking for the best. But where do you get the best? And the last thing you want to do when you are trying a new hairstylist is to mess up with your hair and precious long hairs going down the drain thereby giving you a disastrous look. When it comes to looks and hairstyles, it is better to seek the advice of people who really matter than ones who have just being to the place one time and are basically laymen.

Your this worry is no longer a grave concern as the founder of the real time app – Hospii understood your pain and decided to do something about it. The mastermind behind this great app is Daniel Cheesong Lee.

About Hospii

This app not only allows everyone to review and rate but collects real ratings and reviews of professionals who know what they are doing. You get to choose from a myriad of hairstyles just from your phone. It is a novel approach and an excellent way to deal with the present scenario when we talk about market culture of user based ratings and reviews.

The one vision with which this app was started was to get the best services for its customer from around the city so that they could use it to their full advantage.

The app is currently in its beta stage but rigorous development is going on. There are updates and changes being made to the app every day which the founder loves sharing through her blog.

This startup is based out of United States of America, North America.

Target audience

Every woman out there who wants to get a makeover and try out a new and different hairstyle is welcome to try out the app. The target audience will definitely go for the amazing interface and reality of the app.

Genesis of Hospii

Hospii comes from the word hospitality and that is what hospitality is all about. The founder of the app, Daniel Cheesong Lee says,

“The reason why we created Hospii was because we all felt that the way we search for services was inefficient. There were numerous platforms that kind of help you, but we feel like there is a better way we can solve the problem, thus came the evolution of Hospii.”

She knows the importance of the individual reviews and ratings that you get on almost all the hospitality service apps, but what matters the most is the ratings and reviews from people who work at these salons. They are the real judge of what is going on in the salon.

Moreover, how the users review a place varies according to the worker they have interacted with. This is the story of inception of Hospii and the one thing Hospii wants out from this app is to serve people with the best services.

Another story is behind the colour of the app. The app’s interface and background are yellowish gold coloured because it represents a pineapple and this fruit is considered the symbol of hospitality. One thing Hospii aims to achieve is satisfied customers who get the best services at their phone.

Why Hospii?

If you are still not convinced about using this amazing app and what all you can get from it, then read on to read about its interesting features which will make everything crystal clear for you.

  • Search everything easily:From your favorite hairstylist to the perfect hair colour, you can find everything in our simplified search system. The user-friendly app makes everything easy.
  • Be updates on the latest trends:one of the biggest perks of Hospii is the latest updates that you get on every trend. Be it the purple hair colour that has become a recent hit or the lob that is looking good on everyone, you will know it all.
  • Connect with everyone else:get the recommendation of your friends and family right here on Hospii. You will know what is happening in your circle and who is donning the latest hairstyle.
  • Get the best service: when you do select a hairstylist through this app, you are in for a treat. There is no chance that you won’t love your new look. Feel fabulous and get the chops and colours right everytime.
  • Get real time deals: You don’t have to be a regular customer to seize the best deals in town. This app will give you a lowdown on every deal that is offered by the hairstylists near you.

Still need better reasons to use this app? Wait till you start using the app and fall in love for its amazing features.

Architect and Designer

The mind behind this amazing app is of Daniel Cheesong Lee. She is the founder of this app and knows exactly how to develop the app because she has been in the shoes of the customer. She regards herself as a visionary and has the best ideas and plans for Hospii. Thanks to her, the app is developing at a fast pace and will come out soon.


There are plenty of fish in the sea already. Though the concept of Hospii is innovative, there are other apps which help in providing salon services at your doorstep, have a look:

  • Beauty Booked
  • Styleseat
  • Beautify
  • Beauteeze
  • Schedulity

And many others. These apps are famous for their respective services that range from spa to hairstyling but their concept is not like that ofHospii.

The bottom line

When it comes to hair styling or beautifying oneself, you just cannot take any risk. This is what Hospii is here for. You need to ensure that you go only for the best and what better way than Hospii.

One reason why the founder of this app created it is for everyone to have the best and her undying creative zeal is what is taking her forward and helping her develop this masterpiece of an app on her own.

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