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Kasban : Get Project Clarity Easily


Kasban has been invented for Asana users to bring clarity and improve quality of its projects.


Founded in 2016, Kasban for Asana is based in the United Kingdom. It makes your Asana tasks move through a visual pipeline, thereby improving the quality of the projects, reducing delays and getting rid of road blocks.

It is free and there is no setup required. All you need to do is sign in and all your projects that are on Asana will appear in a fraction of a second, just like Cinderella’s fairy godmother.

Your staff will be a lot happier working with Kasban.


  1. Edit task details
  2. You can get access to all your Asana projects instantly
  3. It creates, manages and moves tasks at a super efficient speed
  4. You can view all completed tasks via a list
  5. It syncs with both Asana and Kasban on the go
  6. The facility is assign tasks to team members is currently in progress



A New Year baby, Tom lives in Stockton, Warwickshire, UK. Babies born on 1st January are said to bring fame and luck. As the founder and designer of Kasban, will he bring fame and luck to it? We hope so. He is a jack of many trades including UX UI designer, aspiring entrepreneur, lean preacher. He is a drummer and loves chillwave. He like playing 5’aside and likes to participate in spontaneous events of every kind


She is a developer as well as the sales and marketing person at Kasban.


All businesses have competition and this one is no different. Let’s look at a few of them and what they have promised to do, or are doing.

  1. TEAMILY – Enabling teams to do the impossible
  2. USE KANBAN – A beautiful and powerful solution to track your projects from start to end
  3. PROJECKER – Reporting tool for clients in projects
  4. MANAGLY – One tool for workspace management, prototyping, sharing and collaborating
  5. TIMELINE – A simple and visual way manage projects
  6. SIDEKICK – Manage project and project phases


  • Kasban for Asana is on the beta list.
  • Follow us on twitter at
  • They are looking for their first batch of guinea pigs to help make the app as efficient as it can be. If you want to help user test then sign up for priority access at

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