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Scena : Urban Discovery Led by People Like You



Scena is a viewable (redefining the of just visualizing) community created to help you discover the best places to eat, drink, and explore. We believe the most suited recommendations come from people who are similar in choices like you. Our community matching algorithm connects you to better recommendations based on people like you.

Scena is a beautifully designed viewable (redefining the of just visualizing) recommendation engine that assists you find places that fit your style.

Our social matching algorithm gives you the most accurate, hyperlocal recommendations based on the recommendations people who are similar to you in interests.

The Idea

A group of adventurers who are always searching for new places and things to satisfy our craving for constant passion of the adventure to explore new places.  We love the feeling of discovering an amazing place with lip smacking food and this is what propelled in the creation Scena.

 And we know the feeling…It’s Friday night and you’re looking for a great venue to go out to eat.  There are a thousand places around you but you want to choose the perfect one for your group, your current vibe, and your cravings to eat something good. The idea is to create a unique platform where people can explore a set of the best recommendations for the most suitable location to eat as per your taste buds.


Scena is a viewable (redefining the of just visualizing)recommendation engine that helps you discover places that fit your style. It is on a mission to inspire the discovery of new places, people, and things. All recommendations are communicated visually to assist you find the most accurate place for you in a fun and quick way.

Why Scena

Discover the best restaurants and nightlife spots for you.

New in town, or you want to try out a place which opened a few weeks ago. It’s a Friday night, you want to dance but feel like eating Chinese, but wait a minute. Do they serve Chinese there, would it be good? Totally confused right, this is when you can use Scena. Enter the name of the place you are looking to visit and get all the detailed information that you would need to decide in just a second of time. Using Scena you can always be sure

Find the right places in the hub based on people who match your style, mood and preferences.

Guess you are 25! You got a day off from work. Looking for a place to meet some old friends. But can’t find the right place. No place is a right place unless it has the right crowd. You would not like to hang out in a coffee shop filled with high school kids or an expensive restaurant filled with corporate bankers or lawyers, all suited, talking of work and money all along. How do you know where to go? Scena helps you look for places as per your choice or mood, and filter out the best for you to browse.

Snap a picture to recommend places you love.
Found a nice place, you like the food and the service. You can just take pictures of the food and surrounding and recommend your friends to try it.

Relish the taste at your comfort

Have a big date ahead of you. The girl of your dreams finally said yes to go out on a dinner date. There’s this new place in the suburbs, but you are not sure if that place would be ideal for you both. You want the ambience to the food and the music to be perfect but not sure where to find such a place and time is too short to explore all locations.
Scena is the platform where you can find all your answers. Know everything about the place before even visiting there. With the pics uploaded and the reviews you can know every bit of information from the service to the quality of food, the usual playlist to the chef’s recommendation. With all this information planning the date would be so much easier.

The Team


Completed her education university of Miami, she started her career as a project manager in Talent. She was passionate about entrepreneurship so in 2015 she founded Nativer, which is a community of passionate explorers.Currently she is working on another unique platform Scena, to make it into viewable (redefining the of just visualizing) recommendation engine that help you discover places that fit your style. Sara is a passionate and motivated leader who brings additional value to each and every team she is a part of. She always brings sharp insights, high levels of commitment, and a positive attitude. She has very strong skills in product development, SEO in marketing, writing the experience, research to the core, and strategy to achieve.


Completing his education in M.Sc from Federal University of Minas Gerais, started his career as a developer in Accenture, later joined Zunnit Technologies as a Software Engineer and designed and implemented a document classification service for news portal. Made a shift in career by taking up the position of Global Chief Data Officer at Tripda, currently being a travel enthusiast himself Victor is trying his hand in entrepreneurship with Scena. Doesn’t matter how complicated the problem is or how hard is to solve, Victor can tackle it with elegance. His ability to explain in simple terms the most complex theories is rare, and very useful in several different settings.

Orpaz Goldstein, Algorithm Ninja

Completing his education in B.Sc from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, founded Maya-Bay inc in 2008. It was a American POS Company. In 2014 he joined Check Point Software Technologies as a QA Automation Engineer and currently is the Algorithm Development & Co-Founder at Scena. Where many engineers know only of their art, Orpaz understands how the product must interface with customer requirements, how it would fit into a business model… how to make it, real. For the users to experience the best.


Scena is a global community of passionate explorers who help each other discover new places. It wants to redefine the platform to explore the perfect location as per your mood. Recommends you the best places with amazing pictures to review.

We, the members of StartupWhale, wholeheartedly wish the team of Scena all the very best for the long and promising journey ahead.

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