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Airtable – Modern Database Created For Everyone


Nearly a decade ago, spreadsheet was introduced in order to wipe off the worries of people across the globe and replaced the paperwork which was the traditional method of storage of data.

Spreadsheet is typically interactive software that is used to store, organize and analyze the data. Microsoft’s MS excel has been widely used and is still in use in all domains such as banking, medicine, business etc due to its legible representation, proper data arrangement as well as convenient and faster calculation.

Airtable-the modern, fast and flexible database app

I am an extensive user of spreadsheet and I use it in my day to day activities such as to track my monthly expenses, articles,project status etc. I believe that many of you just like me use spreadsheet for a variety of purposes.

Airtable is the modern database which is as simple as spreadsheet. It is a relational database which can store everything such as images, files etc and is seen to be quite fast and flexible. Airtable is built for collaboration and hence, it allows chatting with teammates, sharing data and acknowledging the changes that happened and are yet to happen. Unlike the relational database in the market such as oracle, sql  that require knowledge on SQL commands to store as well as retrieve data, Airtable can be used by everyone with its drag and drop option. Its user interface is intuitive and is quite convenient to users.

The developers and architects of Airtable are based out of United States of America.

Imagine you are new to a city and need to rent an apartment. You would search for an affordable apartment which is endowed with facilities. Here is how Airtable could be useful in apartment hunting- you could prepare a list of the apartments, visit each and every apartment and make a checklist in order to avoid revisiting of the same apartment. You could simply click a picture of the apartment and attach to the field of the air table’s base and add the price adjacent to the apartment’s name. You can share this database to your family where they could add a comment field to comment on the apartments like “this apartment looks quite affordable” and the updates can thus happen concurrently and at real time. Airtable is available as an iOS app and Android app.

It’s more than an attractive view as one could add, delete, attach files and share tables very conveniently. It allows simple content integration by providing an option of directly attaching the files to the rows in the table with the integration of over 12 services such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive etc. Thanks to the effortless collaboration, easy storing of data and ability to link the related tables with effortless ease, all the changes are instantly synced to all the devices. It also provides an option to import the existing spreadsheets into the airtable.

Airtable features summary

  • Store data in spreadsheet style list
  • Include images, file attachments, checklist and links to other data of airtable
  • Sorting of the data is quite flexible
  • Click airtable data in the lists to completely view the entry of the data
  • One can collaborate with the team members
  • It allows seamless mobile and web access

Airtable price list- Revenue Model

  • Free for unlimited bases with a limit to 1200 rows per base and 2GB file attachment space per base
  • Plus-$12 per user/month for unlimited bases with a limit up to 5000 rows per base and 5Gb attachment space per base
  • Pro-$24 per user/month for unlimited bases with a limit up to 50000 rows per base and 20 GB attachment space per base
  • Enterprise version is not yet available and will be soon available

Airtable-all in one solution for all

Airtable is made for everyone out there. It proves efficient to organize from almost anything to everything. It provides a wide range of templates such as

  • Personal
  1. Soccer club- one could use this template to organize the members of the soccer club.
  2. Book catalogue-one could use this template to keep track of all your favorite books and books that you like to read.
  • Sales and costumer
  1. Personal CRM- one could manage relationships and keep track of the last conversation.
  2. Business development-one could keep the Business development team organized.
  • Human resource
  1. Employee directory –share directory of all the employees in the company.
  2. Applicant tracking-flexible way to track the recruitment.
  • Event planning
  1. Conference planning –one could organize speaker, invitation etc.
  2. Nonprofit gala- one could make the planning process very elegant.
  • Project management
  1. Project tracker-organize projects, clients and tasks
  2. Team task management-flexibility to manage the flow work
  • Software development
  1. Growth experiments-take your growth hacking to next level
  2. User studies-organize user studies to gain insight into the product
  • Startup
  1. Project tracker-organize clients, tasks etc.
  2. Team task management-manage your workflow
  • Venture capital
  1. Investor deal flow
  2. Investor portfolio companies
  •  Non profit
  1. Program management
  2. Volunteer management
  • Local business
  1. Product catalogue and orders
  2. Simple expense tracking
  • Real estate
  1. Apartment hunting
  2. Lease tracker
  • PR & communication
  1. PR activity tracker
  2. PR and communications

The other counterparts

Airtable competitors include MS Excel, Google Docs, and Google Spreadsheet. Airtable provides a lot more options as compared to that of its counterparts but as of now, it is only limited to simple calculations and can be used for small businesses.


Airtable is undoubtedlyone of the best management tools that is all set to hit the market. I have signed up for the free version of airtable and have tried it out. I have had a great user experience. Have you signed up?

I honestly think that this online tool is very useful and would turn out to be a success. StartupWhale wishes Airtable a good luck for its journey!

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