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5 Best E-commerce Platform 2017 for Small Business Entrepreneurs Should Try

Aug 30, 2017
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best ecommerce platform for small business

There are entrepreneurs who intend to start up an online business or extend their already setup business to the wide and advanced digital world. To take up such a crucial step, one is for sure bound to face a lot of difficulties. To begin with, one can invest in buying the best e-commerce platform 2017 such that a stable as well as strong base is. Best ecommerce platform for small business extends a lot of choices for the entrepreneurs to choose from. A customized platform can be owned according to the suitable requirements of the owner. One can either host his/her own store or have a hosted one. You can also opt for the convenient payment modes that several platforms offer. Additionally, the best e-commerce platform 2017 is available within a wide range of cost. Hence, one can choose a platform well-suiting his/her pocket.   

The question arises as to what to choose when we are offered a number of best e-commerce platforms? The market is jam packed with several best e-commerce platforms for small businesses. Hence, with such a competition it becomes troublesome for an individual to choose the best e-commerce platform 2017 to serve his/her online business to the core.



One of the best e-commerce platform 2017 is Shopify in the market. It hosts more than 3,25,000 active e-commerce stores. It lays immense stress on social e-commerce as well as convenient mobile shopping. Shopify continues to serve the online businesses by successfully meeting the demands of the e-commerce stores. 

Advantages of Shopify:-

  • You can pick a suiting template from over a collection 100 themes and templates.
  • You can extend the functionality of the store via over 1500 applications (plugins as well as extensions)
  • Easy connectivity to the Facebook page such that direct marketing on social media platform can be availed.
  • Constant customer support (24×7) via calls, live chats, emails etc.
  • Shopify also incorporates tutorials as well as community forums to indulge discussions.
  • Offers an online shopping cart as well as seller applications which can be accessed via handheld devices like cell phones, tablets etc.
  • Easy connectivity of online store owners with application developers such that store apps can be developed in a hassle free manner.

Limitations of Shopify:-

  • Extended transaction fee if you opt not to choose Shopify payment modes.
  • Incorporation of extensions to avail additional functions also apply charges making the use of Shopify costly.
  • Shopify is based on its own coding language called Liquid template language, thereby making customization for an owner a little expensive.

When to opt for Shopify and the Estimated Cost

If you are a beginner looking for the best e-commerce platform for small business with conventional needs, then Shopify is essentially a correct pick for you. You can choose a package based on your budget as the packages range from 29 dollars to 299 dollars per month. But if you desire to build up an online store with unique functionalities and personalized features then you might as well opt for a different platform.



BigCommerce is one of the best e-commerce platform 2017 launched in the year 2009 and currently hosts more than 55,000 e-commerce stores. It is amongst the most appreciated online platforms available in the market. BigCommerce has been serving online stores of varying sizes, for instance, Martha Stewart, SME’s as well as Toyota. BigCommerce is the best e-commerce platform for small business as it is the software power packed with comprehensive built in features. This makes it the best pick amongst the lot for the masses who have absolutely no or less technical knowledge. This additionally saves on a lot of invested time too.

Advantages of BigCommerce:-

  • Numerous in-built features including analytics, discount coupons, convenient shipping, tax, newsletters etc.
  • BigCommerce charges absolutely no extra transaction fee unlike other online platforms such as Shopify.
  • All the paid as well as the unpaid themes and templates are highly responsive and are also compatible with devices having smaller screens such as cell phone or tablet.
  • Easy integration with popular social media platforms such as eBay, Facebook, Google shopping as well as many comparison websites.
  • An extensive support system via a strong setup wizard, detailed guides, educational videos as well as visual presentations.
  • There is a sister application of BigCommerce named as BigCommerce Next. This mobile version of the e-commerce software enables the user to develop mobile compatible and friendly online sites for usage. It is loaded with several features and functions suitable for handheld devices having smaller screens. With the advancement in the use of mobile devices, this advantage is worth considering.

Limitations of BigCommerce:-

  • Offers very tiny amount of free themes and templates. There are only seven free themes available where many of the competitor e-commerce platforms offer over twenty free themes to select from. However, one can select a theme from the vast list of premium themes which allows extensive customization as a paid service.
  • It offers a trial period to the users which comes along with several limitations which restricts the usage to quite an extent. Hence, when the trial experience is not so convenient, you might never opt for this particular platform.
  • Calling support system has limited timings which leads to unsolved urgent problems several times making things difficult for the user.

When to opt for BigCommerce and the Estimated Cost

You should pick Big Commerce when you want to own a full-fledged online store but wish to keep away from the troubles of several integrations, coding such as CSS or HTML, plug-ins etc. If you are ready with a mind-set to compromise on themes and templates, then BigCommerce is the best e-commerce platform for small business as well as the larger ones. It can be availed roughly at the same price as Shopify. BigCommerce offers plans between 29 dollars to 199 dollars on a monthly basis which, the transaction fee is reduced.



With a rich list of features and extensively conveniently priced models, YoKart is the best e-commerce platform for small business to flourish all across the globe. YoKart is a built up platform that extensively focuses on delivering eco-friendly e-commerce built ups with ease and precision. It is a one-stop e-platform for easy launching of multiple stores such as Etsy as well as eBay. It seamlessly offers multiple vendor versions as compared to the other online platforms.

Advantages of YoKart:-

  • A ready-to-launch e-commerce solution that accommodates multiple vendors.
  • With YoKart, you own the framework as well as the source core. This enables eased out customization of the web portal as per your needs and desires.
  • A bonus for all the PHP developers as YoKart is built on a framework that is encrypted. Therefore, a PHP developer can quickly understand and modify the web portal as per the requirements without and hassles.
  • YoKart is a mobile friendly e-platform which offers a convenient android application for the easy usage of the users.
  • The several pricing packages include the similar features with no distinctions.
  • Offers detailed comprehensive user manuals for the e-merchants as well as the store owners, frequently asked questions and answers as well as a twelve-month long free support system along with store management.
  • More than a dozen supported payment gateways for convenient payment solutions, an inbuilt analytical tool for easy analysis, discount coupons and rewards etc.

Limitations of YoKart:-

  • Being a relatively new e-commerce entrant in the market there stays no third party extension in the case of YoKart.
  • It lags a little as compared to the other competitors when it comes to social e-commerce connectivity. It lacks the feature that imparts opportunity to the merchants to sell their products or services online on Facebook or various other similar e-commerce platforms.

When to opt for YoKart and the Estimated Cost

If you are looking for the best ecommerce platform 2017 for multiple vendors online stores such as Etsy or eBay, YoKart is one of the perfect options. The starting package of YoKart is one of the best hosted online solutions that comes with a one year license that costs 250 dollars. It allows you a start-up that would let you easily verify their excellent business model. There is also an advanced version available which is a self-hosted. It is a well-customized solution that costs 999 dollars for a single time. It is intended to serve the e-companies who possess sound business models. One can also start from the start-up level followed by opting for the advanced version. Beyond any shadow of doubt, the procedure is quite easy.  

Big Cartel

Big Cartel

Big Cartel is probably the second best e-commerce platform for small business personnel especially the artists of various fields. Big Cartel is majorly popular as an online portal that targets a lot of artists as well other small scale businesses or home based commercial e-stores run by merchants on a relatively smaller scale. Big Cartel was launched back in 2005 and since then, it has supported more than a million artists worldwide to successfully sell their creative creations. This system is a simple hosted system extremely perfect for creative and artistic entrepreneurs.

Advantages of Big Cartel:-

  • Shopping access via Facebook
  • Beautiful aesthetic themes and templates
  • An eased out and simple setup e-commerce store with easy management
  • Coding facility to customize your e-store with code editing facility with languages including HTML, Java as well as CSS.
  • Offers detailed guides as well as frequently asked questions and answers, valuable video tutorials, email support system, Facebook, as well as, Twitter accounts along with a comprehensive helping hand.
  • It offers an eased out and quick setup and installation as well as seamless checking out.
  • It displays up to five images per product that offer a clear and precise image to the buyers making the sales shoot up.
  • The modes of payment, viz., PayPal as well as Stripe are PCI certified.
  • The setup tax option is available that itself calculates the tax of the product while checking out enabling eased out calculations.

Limitations of Big Cartel:-

Big Cartel also has a certain list of drawbacks as it targets a specific kind of audience. Hence, while especially taking care of a certain sector some of the important features or offerings are overlooked. For the ones looking for a wider range of options that lead to much more offerings than just selling products online Big Cartel surely possesses several drawbacks

  • The theme and template library of Big Cartel consists of merely twelve themes amongst which, just two of them are responsive towards mobile devices.
  • The add-ons are very limited but the online store owners can use Zapier integration to avail over 500 applications.
  • Big Cartel at present offers Facebook integration only. Considering its audience type it is likely to indulge integration with several other popular social platforms as well in the upcoming future.
  • No customer support via phone calls as well as live chats which in turn leads to inconvenience to the user. Additionally, multiple language support also isn’t offered.
  • There is also no extended support provided foe the recurring products.

When to opt for Big Cartel and the Estimated Cost

Big Cartel is the best e-commerce platform 2017 for the creative as well as the artistic e-commerce merchants. It is not recommended for the typical retailers looking for an online platform to sell their products. It offers brilliant services at extremely affordable prices ranging from zero to 29.99 dollars on a monthly basis. Big Cartel offers artists a good looking and easy to manage the website which can be used to sell products online.

ShopyGen -To bridge the gap of Limitations of several e-commerce platforms


Several e-commerce platforms are available to choose from for the e-commerce merchants. The list accommodates popular names and all of them come with their set of pros and cons. With each platform coming up with a few similar disadvantages, there is a dire need to develop something that exists to bridge the gap and works towards imparting a sound and unique platform to the users. We came up with our platform named ShopyGen. Let’s get a detailed study of the features of this best e-commerce platform 2017.

Best e-commerce platform 2017 list accommodates ShopyGen which offers reliable turnkey online e-commerce solutions for an online marketplace business. This is the most convenient destination for you to launch your marketplace e-commerce platform.

To establish a successful e-commerce marketplace you need the following two most important assets:-

  1. Technology
  2. Marketing

Be it a vast global marketplace for a widespread online business or a simple online website for local business, ShopyGen offers the perfect technology for all the types of business setups.

Features Of GenStore

MEAN stack technology – This best e-commerce platform 2017 is built with MEAN stack technology also known as the new cutting edge technology. This supreme technology was chosen post several specific studies of the requirements of multiple e-commerce vendors businesses. The understanding of how crucial it is for the site to conveniently manage thousands of sellers and buyers lead to the usage of this technology.

The ultimate turnkey software offers:-

  1. Focusing on the development of your e-business and not to pay attention to the scalability.
  2. Running your e-business for a longer duration with ease as this technology stays to be the glorious future in the online market
  3. Keeping your opponents at bay with the brilliant features.
  4. Facebook Messenger Bot

These days, people spend more time on Facebook as compared to other social platforms. In such a scenario offering the users the ease of tackling their shopping orders via Facebook is a major step towards the advancement of their online business. 

This best e-commerce platform for small business as well as the larger ones offer a unique and eased out integration with Facebook Messenger. Being available on a platform where over 1 billion users are already available leads to the promotion of your online business as well. This imparts an eased out customer support system saving your valuable time, energy as well as other resources. Additionally, you get an opportunity to build your audience on Facebook.

Understand its working

An intelligent virtual chat bot is integrated on the Facebook page. This bot keeps the page and the website connected all throughout. The viewers and visitors can get answers to their queries conveniently while using the Facebook Messenger application and the BOT automatically fetches answers to the customers’ questions right from the database. One can expect an automated response within seconds regarding any and every query including product details, prices, order history, order status etc.

Robust Admin Panel

In order to build up a multiple seller online business,GenStore offers a Robust Admin Panel. It is a one-time configuration that lets the site operate on its own without any manual interference. You can manage things all in just one single click and the site management is self-automated. You can easily have:-

  1. Management of the store
  2. Management of orders
  3. Management of products

One only requires to login for the following reasons:-

  1. To keep a track of revenue as well as commission
  2. To resolve disputes if any happens to arise.
  3. Sellers unique Dashboard

Genstore has an exclusive in-built seller dashboard that assists the sellers to easily monitor their online e-business at their back end. It lets the seller:-  

1.Shipment tracking – The user can easily keep a track of the placed orders as well as the status of shipping.

2.Add newer products–An eased out way to add newer products to the list of existing products is another added on beneficial feature.

3.Handle disputes – Easy handling of disputes if there exists any.

4.Listed as well as Approved products

5.Change monthly subscription plans – One can easily reform the monthly subscription plans using the dashboard.

6.Track the orders received – Often people face hassles post orders are received. The dashboard offers easy tracking the received orders.

7.Prime delivery subscription – Also, one can easily get the subscription of prime delivery option using the exclusive dashboard features.

The incorporation of a dashboard enables an easy handling of online business by the owner which establishes the brand name with more customers and more earnings.

Responsive Design

Being the best e-commerce platform 2017 the design of Genstore is based on the HOOK model. It is an extremely responsive design. Post a lot of research,Genstore has come up with several designs that are easily visible in developments such a Tinder, Snapchat etc. These effective designs eventually increase the likelihood of the viewers getting them addicted to the particular website. Additionally, the designs also enable it to be used by several devices irrespective of the size of the screen.


Gencart, a clone of Instacart, helps you build and develop a marketplace of grocery business. Enlisted below are some of its features:

1.Order via multiple stores

2.Location based algorithm

3.Delivery management

4.Dynamic admin dashboard

5.Discount coupons

6.Stripe payment gateway

To learn more about the features of Gencart, head on to the website now.


Mobigen is Shopygen’s mobile ecommerce solution. With its intelligent and state of the art features, Mobigen makes your mobile commerce venture extremely efficient and robust. Enlisted below are some of its features:

  1. Seller-User application
  2. Upload the product via one click
  3. Reviews and Ratings
  4. PayPal payment gateway
  5. Chat box
  6. Multiple revenue channels


Gentack is a service marketplace software that is packed with the following features to let you build an efficient on-demand service marketplace:

  1. Real time tracking – You can track your service provider’s location LIVE. Get a convenient integration of google maps within the software to enable the same.
  1. Recommendation Algorithm – Direct selection of the best service providers in the locality from the list provided. You can choose the best one suiting your needs.
  1. Cutting Edge Technology – LAMP technology that takes care of the performance, security as well as scalability of the app.
  1. Native Mobile Apps– Mobile apps for Android as well as IOS available.


The increasing usage and demands of technical handheld devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops etc. as well as the involvement of several social media platforms show no hints to fall low in the current scenario. These have been the major tools being used by online merchants to expand and glorify their online business. Using these platforms along with a little involvement of the social media platforms more sales can be achieved without much of efforts. This can be easily achieved via using the best e-commerce platform 2017.

Let us know your thoughts by dropping a line or two in the comments section. Subscribe to our newsletter to know more about e-commerce platforms. Keep watching this space for trends on e-commerce and e-commerce platforms. Our best wishes are with you and your ecommerce venture. Cheers!


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