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Bizi – Managing Corporate Networks


A common space which is an essential part of the office of any big firm is its conference room. It’s a common area where people can come over and discuss what’s best for their company. Executive meetings can be efficiently carried out within these rooms, where decisions pertaining to the company’s future proceedings can be made. What’ll result in the absence of conference rooms is chaos, and an environment full of confusion. Common terms wouldn’t be reached upon effectively because there is no physical room to do so. This scenario would entirely defeat the purpose of having an office if there’s no conference room in it.

Bizi is much like this conference room except the fact that it’s not a physical space rather it’s a corporate web platform. It’s primarily a contact administration application which offers the employees of a corporate organization a better way to connect and manage their leads. Prospects of a future customer can be monitored with a more powerful mechanism.  This entails a better Customer Relationship Management (CRM) framework. This ensures that your employees don’t lose out on critical leads. New contacts can be easily added in the firm’s CRM. The Bizi dashboard smoothens out all the exchange of information between the employees and its big data traversal provides valuable insight.


Bizi is a startup based out of U.S.A. It offers an interesting yet uncanny platform which simplistically solves many issues corporate employees face. Employees often manage their contacts and the leads pertaining to them with the help of a variety of different applications. But Bizi very subtly brings both these features under the reigns of one platform. The entire connectivity, whether it be the adding up of new contacts or it be the following up of existing leads is managed wholly by Bizi. The Bizi runtime environment also offers integrations with tools like LinkedIn and incorporation of contacts within the company’s CRM.

All the data exchanges and interactions are monitored and the detailed analytics which are garnered are displayed on the Bizi Dashboard. Inferences can then be made from these analytics which provide valuable insights. These insights enlighten us with information about how the market’s behaving and tell us how we should spend our energy to get the best results. There are some leads which are more important than the others and this priority is ascribed by Bizi too. It tells us which leads are worth following.


Rich dividends can be reaped out of Bizi for both the employees and their companies. Hence different features are incorporated within it which serves the company as well as the employees.

Network Generation

You can keep complete track of your employees and can know which client they are pursuing currently to increase their respective outreach. It offers a great ROI if we compare them with their physical counterparts which are business cards. Business cards offer you as employers no control over their employees.

Consumer Association Administration

New contacts and leads can be added within your Customer Relationship Management framework. This updates your CRM constantly. And helps you control valuable leads by not allowing them to slip away. Point of contact must be established with the customers. And a CRM must establish a connection of trust.

Strong Insights

Since all interactions and exchanges are tracked, analytics are generated out of them. These analytics can help increase the sales and all this data can be seen from the Bizi dashboard. The big data platform provides insights which can be used to exploit the full strength of all your leads. The correct action can be taken by carefully studying the analytics generated from the exchanges.

Robust Amalgamations

Employees can easily integrate tools like LinkedIn which makes the generation of leads fairly easier. Information as simple as an E-mail Id can be seen as a valuable lead and LinkedIn proves to be of great help in this retrospect. You can even make easy uploads to your CRM.

Effective Management of Connections

Bizi manages all your native contacts which can be used for following up of leads. These contacts are a huge resource for the sales employees and can be retrieved by them at any point while making a sale.

Sharing of Resources

Each piece of information can be seamlessly exchanged between users. All you need is the Bizi ID, phone number, or E-mail of the recipient. Smart phones or desktops can be used for this exchange which is nearly effortless.

Autonomous Usage

The other individual might not have the application which doesn’t matter.  You’ll benefit from having it anyways. Your usage does not depend on the other person using the application at his end.

Timely Updating

The moment someone changes their name, job, title, Bizi updates the same information as well. This helps the employees to remain in complete sync with their prospective customers.

Relevant Statistics

Inferences can be made from the analytics which are drawn from the CRM. These analytics are very meaningful and help widely in increasing the sales. You can know where your most effective period of time has been spent.

Modus Operandi

The operation of Bizi is fairly easy. You can add contacts within your company’s CRM framework which further monitors your leads. This helps you in not allowing valuable leads to slip away. From here Bizi draws critical analytics from which information can be garnered. This information can be utilized to recognize most effective time periods. And from the big data platform important insights can be gained. Bizi is a highly efficient contact management tool which easily allows you to make use of the company’s CRM.

Team Composition

Jeffrey Owens

Jeffrey Owens is the Co-Founder/CEO of Bizi. He makes up for a strong leader and has developed Bizi into such a strong and innovative startup. He hails from Chicago, U.S.A.

Key Takeaway

A solid vision enabled the development of Bizi. Infusing contact management with the administration of leads makes up for utility full application. This ambitious project proves to be fruitful for both employees and the companies. Team Bizi has come up with a platform that can uncover great milestones.

We at StartupWhale wish team Bizi all the luck for their future endeavors and hope that they keep us the good work.

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