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How to Increase eCommerce Sales using Facebook Advertising

facebook ads for ecommerce

If you are looking to increase your sales then there is no better platform than Facebook. Facebook has come up with some scintillating ideas which would certainly increase eCommerce sales. What you need here is to concentrate on pertinent enhanced traffic, aim at more ways of adaptation and a layout where you can repeat your sales.

Individuals generally come up with the query of “how to increase eCommerce sales“. Here in this article, we will be going to discuss some of the possible ways you can commence if you really want to escalate your sales.

Facebook ads for eCommerce can be incorporated if you have the mindset of generating revenue for your business. These ads not only would allure abundant audiences to your website but would also be influential on every channel of the eCommerce sales flowchart.

Let us discuss some points to help increase eCommerce sales through Facebook:


Such vigorous ads grant you to advocate any commodity from your commodity catalog to the individuals who are actually interested to buy your product. These also return confused customers back to your portal. This feature would allow buyers to go ahead and view products related to the ones they have recently acquired, viewed or even thought of purchasing.

Some steps which would aid you in such a venture would be:

  1. Your inventory must be uploaded on “Facebook Business Manager”.
  2. Addition of a pixel which has been customized as well as personalized.
  3. Build a charismatic arrangement or a production pattern
  4. “Power editor” is the platform where you are supposed to exhibit endorsements for your commodities.

It is always advisable to bank upon the templates of Dynamic Product Ads, rather than spawning endorsements for each and every product in your archive.


Your ads must fabricate an anecdote which would briefly explain what your product is all about. This would improve your fund raising rates, would help to increase eCommerce sales and also improve your marketing endeavor. If your story on your commercial is enticing and captivating, then customers will surely be urged to buy from your website.

Using video content as an information sharing tool can be beneficial in a different number of ways. A video stream is the most attractive and the best way to transmit your message.

Your video needs to be brief, condensed and rapidly-moving since it is going to render something which is not troublesome to understand. If you do not announce a state of exigency your customers might delay their purchase and bank upon getting a better deal.

If you add an incentive scheme for the customer, it will surely capture their attention towards your project because it will be exclusive from other businesses proposed on Facebook.


frame brand campaigns

Facebook ads are so comprehensible that it has become an effective tool and an answer to the query of how to increase eCommerce sales.

Customers here are indoctrinated into brand campaigners. Emailing individuals one by one won’t help because only a scarce number of people go through their emails everyday if is not related to their work. However, putting across such messages and emails over Facebook in the form of ads and pop-ups would trigger more traffic to your website and will allure customers to investigate about the referral program.

Facebook is such a platform from where your friends and friends of your friends will be able to see these advertisements. Your ad needs to be stellar and awe-inspiring in order for the Facebook community to be interested in it. It is also commendable to arrange certain discounts for customers who will be writing positive reviews for your website and the commodities you sell.

With these leads, your customer is supposed to have a warm feeling about your project and will be interested in learning more about the undertaking.



It is a great feeling if your customer archive is protracted and has got a hundred people in it. If you own an archive of thousands then it is obviously better. You can create a whole list of doppelgangers over Facebook who will resemble the consumers.

With the accumulation of abundant statistics for your primary spectators, your lookalike audience will be much more authentic. Your primary audience must include your brand advocates as discussed above as well as the customers who keep coming back to your website.

An impeccable content is what is required to trigger Facebook ads for eCommerce. Send you’re content to impersonators so that before proceeding to the product page they can go to your blog to get a grip over the gist.

Facebook’s own algorithm is incorporated by the look-alike crowd will recognize the ones who share similar features with your targeted audience.



Suppose the customer who has been a frequent visitor to your website and has already bought a product, you must commence a crusade which would persuade the customer to buy other products as well.

Your target audience here must be the ones who have already bought ample products from your website and is loyal to your venture. Your habituated crowd would allow you to commence a custom archive of individuals who would be targeted with the aid of Facebook ads since you being the admin have certain information of the customer such as their contact number and email ID.

Admin and customer bonding are enhanced by such a plan. A customer might buy two products from your website, while he might purchase the third one from another website. To prevent these regular campaigns are invoked for the ones who are redirecting to other portals for the third product.

Converting your customized audience in fans on Facebook is the right approach taken up in order to increase eCommerce sales. There is a “Custom Audience Tool” which can be used to upload your buyer archive and putting across relevant ads in this section.

Awarding your top-flight customers with offers, discounts and certain other leverages also augment the rapport you have built with your end-users. Offers and promotions have always been welcomed by all and sundry. You can hand over a gesture for the loyalty your customers have shown over the period.

If your targeted audience is content with your brand and the commodities bought by them, then they will enthusiastically share your product across the social media and would propose the website to their relatives and peers. Make sure that this is beneficial to you as well as the users all over the world.


Recent statistics have revealed a fact that more than 60% of the users proceed to checkout and stay there with the aim of coming back to the website. The cart supposedly remains static and useless.

These kinds of visitors who abandon their carts in the middle of their transaction can be mobilized with the help of a little nudge. What you can do is implant an image and ask your audience through a pop up as to whether they are still interested in buying the item or not. Include a link which will redirect the customer to the cart and checkout process. First-time buyers can avail a discount which would draw the attention of others.

Using an apparatus such as “Power Editor” can be incorporated to sport such a campaign and target back your audience with offers, discounts coupons, and promotional offers.

Individuals who have been a guest to your commodity portal and have completed all the required steps except for check out must be segregated as targets. Audiences who haven’t accessed your website for a long time now can be called back by implanting some greed inside them in the form of gifts and lucrative incentives.



Customers who are visiting your website for the first time are more unlikely to buy a product listed by you since they need to gain your trust. When you include yourself in a thorough check, you can surely ascertain the group which has been visiting your website frequently. This in return, gives you a clear picture as to how many customers are being attentive to your products.

If you are thinking of how to increase sales in eCommerce, then the first step that you must haul is creating an agenda for the ones who are incessant guests to your website.

Entice your audience by giving out time-specific discounts in order to enjoy higher conversion rates at a later stage. Customers will jump around in happiness if you reward them with a habitual endorsement as well as a captivating rebate on your product.

Remember the days are passing by and the world is evolving, so there is scarce time for you to commence with your strategies. Facebook ads will obviously enhance your sales on a day to day basis. In case you have other ideas on how to increase eCommerce sales you can consolidate them and chalk out a proper plan in order to generate decent revenue.



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