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How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel – An Ultimate Guide

How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel can be done in an instant, but somehow the success rate would depend upon the amount of time and effort you put into your YouTube venture.

Starting a YouTube channel with the vision of a favorable outcome requires extra attention and focus.

This article will target the specks by which your questions of how to start a successful YouTube channel will be answered.

YouTube is not a platform to sell your fame and likes and commence viral marketing videos which will be accepted by millions be it positively or adversely. This is certainly not what YouTube looks for.

What YouTube actually looks for is quality content which needs to be delivered so that the audience is glued to their seats while the video commences. Your query relating to how to start your own YouTube channel and make it successful will be answered if you can deliver exactly what the viewers are looking for.

You would obviously want your audience to dig into your content and even subscribe to it rather than having a bunch which will increase your views just for the sake of it. Thus, if you are looking for a proper base of subscribers who will remain indebted and faithful to your brand we are going to discuss some of the best ways of how to start a YouTube channel.

Stated below are few steps which will aid you to spawn an immaculate YouTube channel:



We have already discussed the fact that focusing on the right crowd is what your priority must be.

However, you need to know which community you are going to approach or which group you will aim at to upgrade your brand. Storm your cranium with ideas of how to advance towards an audience who will be actually loyal to your endeavor.

You need to go through a research session which will include collecting audience information and gathering adequate knowledge of their whereabouts.

Concoct the topic on which your video content will be. A specific topic will gather an audience who are likely to relate to your subject. In case you do not have one, then your target audience will be normal individuals like you who will be of your age group, would share similar interests, and have pursued similar educational ventures as you.

If you channel is exclusive and standing out from others, then be rest assured that your target audience will be hassle free to find.

You can also stop thinking about acquiring a target audience and start uploading more and more useful and to-the-point videos.

This is the primary blot to make sure that you are starting a YouTube channel.



Why not fabricate a decent name for your channel which will look interesting to the audience and will allure them to your channel?

Formulate a name relevant to your topic which will be advantageous to your during your later stages. You can take Mixnotes as an example since this is one channel which takes care of sound production and mixing.

Mixnotes appoint certain individuals who would educate you about how to go ahead and produce an album of your own. 

If you are on YouTube and looking for music production courses you would definitely click on such a brand without giving a second thought to it.

Assemble some letters and construct a name which will be effortless to recollect and also act as a signature for your brand.

While creating a name it is always commendable to go for the ones which will be acclaimed and understood worldwide. This is the exact reason why your brand name must be easy to spell, catchy and noteworthy.

This is the immediate next step you must follow if you want to gather an idea about how to start a YouTube channel.


You can capacitate your description box by only penning a “Hi” gesture for your audience.

However, if you want to run a lucrative channel which will aid to your profits as well, then you need to have a description box with an unperturbed summary of your employment status, motive and a gist of who you actually are.

Introduce yourself to the public with a one liner description of what your project is going to be and what genre you are going to follow.

In case you are positive about your upcoming ventures, you can share them in your description box.



With the advent of superior technology and unfathomable conceptualizing you can now add keywords, not only to you video content but also to your channel.

You can navigate carefully to the YouTube settings where you would find the “Creator Studio”. After selecting the “Creator Studio” move to the “Advanced” option and click on it.

Addition of channel keywords will provide YouTube a clear layout of what your channel is all about. Also, it would aid in optimizing YouTube search and the video content uploaded from your channel will be ranking above others on the YouTube search engine.

Spamming must be discouraged along with the usage of irrelevant keywords.


The customizable part of YouTube is the one which attracts an innumerable audience to its platform. Personalization traits of YouTube provide you a chance to exchange information about the aspects and crux of your channel.

Creation of a channel banner will answer your query of whether your content will be fascinating and enlightening. It will also segregate informal and formal prospects under the same banner.

Most YouTube artists use their name on their banner. Think out-of-the-box and create banners in the form of taglines, jingles or phrases.

Your logo must also include your face if you are serious about the venture of starting a YouTube channel.

Websites like Canva allows you to draft channel banners by yourself.

Or else, you can look for a professional designer from Fiverr who might charge you a meager amount in the layout of your banner.


social media

This might not be assistive to a newbie, but for experienced YouTubers linking their channels to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is quintessential.

Leaving these behind, it must also be noted that if your content is precise and unblemished your YouTube subscribers will also be interested in following you on social media.

Since the ones who will be blindly following you on social media are your true and loyal followers, you must encourage them to share your content over these platforms.


Once the facts have been uploaded to your channel and your podium has been designed immaculately, you must start concocting sterling content.

A sneak peek of your channel will help your viewers to realize what your channel wants to preach exactly.

Your trailer must have content describing you as a person along with your motives. Depending upon what your channel will constitute, you need to frame your trailer likewise. If you are commencing a humor related channel then make your trailer funny. Else, if you are starting a channel which is knowledge based, try making the trailer a serious one.

It is advisable to create videos which a precise and to the point since viewers who do not know anything about you or your channel will not be interested in investing time on an introductory speech which is protracted.


This is not a general ask or a common venture to commence but it is commendable to create a Google+ page.

One might be thinking that Google+ is obsolete by now, but it must also be noted that Google+ is a specialization of Google who is looking to create a network which will be widespread and easy to access.

Videos featured on Google+ generate a higher bonus than other normal videos which are not on Google+.

You can share your Google+ page which will upgrade your rank on YouTube.

This is not the most feasible idea but it is one the specks if you are looking how to start YouTube channel.


Coordinating and organizing your channel is the immediate next step to be commenced once you have uploaded a few videos.

Framing and planning your channel properly would make it look more competent. Apart from that, it would also be easy to maneuver so that your target audience is able to locate more videos uploaded by you.

Creating an archive of your videos in the form of a playlist is certainly an exemplary approach. Segregate your videos so that they are uploaded under columns with a similar type of content.

Isolating videos according to their format can also be meritorious to such a venture.


Depending on the growth of your channel, your prospects will start to alter.

The content ideas which you started to accumulate will be modified. As you grow as a YouTuber, your ways of presenting a video will alter and be refitted.

This is the reason why upgrading your channel is of utmost priority. Your profile must not have backdated content and your approach must be futuristic.

Do not think about updating your background and scrim according to your content since you will raise the expectation bar of the audience who will want to see similar videos on your page.

If you don’t abide by their prospects, you might as well squander subscribers.


If you have the urge and notion to make your videos stand out from others and rank well in search engines you need to concentrate totally on search engine optimization once your video content is appreciated by most.

With more traffic coming to your channel everyday your monetization prospects will turn into reality. If you are looking for how to get sponsored on Youtube and make it work for real you need to abide by this step.

There are immaculate videos which are abundant of valuable content but do not generate the amount of traffic which it should. Why? Because the search engine optimization is not carried out accurately.

All your video descriptions must consist of valued keywords which would explain the content in a single line. Introducing tags can also be fruitful since it will be a hassle-free search for customers who want to view your content.


If your channel bound spectators are unable to hear what you are trying to state, then it becomes useless to upload content over your channel.

Make sure the audio part of your content is discernible and resounding.

This step is not paramount if you are commencing a video with a track playing in the scrim, but if you are uploading a video with you or anyone else as a speaker then this is the most pivotal chunk of all.


Incorporate the simplest video editing software so that while rendering the content you don’t get confused and baffled as to how you would proceed with the editing part.

You don’t need to use high-end software such as Lightroom to go ahead with this venture but you can depend upon software which will be easy to access.

Assets such as Windows Movie Maker can also create immaculate videos which you can’t even think of.


Share your videos with regular YouTube savvies and also to some channels which you know will give some priority to your content. A genuine and unbiased criticism in the comment section will establish you as a serious YouTube professional and not as the one who is only uploading content for fun.

Do not wait to share your videos. Do it instantly by clicking the share button which will bring forth a pop-up with numerous platforms where your content can be allotted to.

The embed option lets you share your video with your personalized pixel and size so that it can be commenced on different platforms.



Your main objective is to earn a fortune from the channel that you have commenced. Incorporating a payment gateway is crucial but it must be noted that your content needs to be really good in order to captivate the senses of your audience.

With more number of views, you can start generating decent revenue for your project. Every thousand views will assist you in making money for your channel.

Once you have collaborated plenty videos and have them uploaded to your channel, start sharing them so that the number of views increases. It is commendable not to spam. Instead, you can upload stellar content and enhance your views in a legitimate way.

Concluding, it is crucial to say that if you abide by these rules then you can create a YouTube channel for yourself with you and your audience both profiting from it. If you want to know how to start a successful YouTube channel these are the most important specks which you need follow to make fame and money walk abreast in your life.


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