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FreeFlow : For a Better Cash Flow and Freelancing


Freelancing is not an easy task. It is flexible and that makes it one of the most viable options for earning money. However, the cash statements and earnings are never guaranteed. People who work as a freelancer to make their living do not depend on only one project, they tackle multiple projects to ensure that they get enough income to live a content life.

If you are a freelancer and have experienced this problem umpteen number of times, then fret not as you are not alone and this is the reason why Philip Lindberg designed the most amazing app – FreeFlow. It is your one stop solution to problems related to payment of your invoice and getting the job done.

When your expenses and payments are taken care of, you can focus single-mindedly on your freelance projects. This brings you back to being your own boss.

About FreeFlow

This app is still in its beta stage of development. The sole purpose of the app is to redefine the client-freelancer relation by creating a transparent method of interation and payment. Freelancers know the pros of the job and nothing beats the creative freedom and flexibility that you get being a freelancer. But, when it comes to payments, there are certain glitches that can take the fun of it all.

This is what FreeFlow aims to improve. This app is being designed to help freelancers get paid what they deserve and on time. It helps you keep track of your personal and business expenses.

This start-up is based out of United States of America, North America.

Target audience

There is no need to explicitly mention that the targeted audience for this app consists of freelancers all around the world. Any freelancer, be it a fresher or an experienced one can use the services of Freeflow to keep record of their transactions and expenditure online. This app is definitely going to make life a lot easier for many freelancers who have been having a tough time dealing with the unexpected expenditures.

Genesis of FreeFlow

Being a freelancer may sound like a great thing and it is. In a world that is driven by technology, may people are using it to earn money from the convenience of their home and there is nothing wrong about it. However, the money part of FreeFlow can always get ugly and this is the reason why founder of Freeflow, Phili Lindberg decided to start with this app.

When it comes to freelancing and handling multiple clients at once, a person not only has to be great at what they do, they also need to be well versed with the business aspect of it. Several clients demand for projects in a short period of time and then there are delays in payments once the work has been done. This the kind of complex situations which FreeFlow targets to improve in the near future.

Getting projects and clients along with getting paid for what you do online will be made much easier and with this you can focus on your freelancing projects rather than worrying about your payments. All this done from a single app and that too, in style!

Why FreeFlow?

If this is the question that is still nagging you, then have a look at some of the amazing features of Freeflow to get a better idea of what to expect from the app. You will be convinced about the usability of this dynamic app once you have read what it has to offer.

  • Know about your cash flow: The human mind reacts to graphs and statistics and FreeFlow will give you a bird’s eyeview on your expenditure and income of every month. With a graph, you will know how much you are earning and the progress you have made in terms of your earning. You get a good idea of how much profit you are making in a month.
  • Expenses can be tracked: If you subscribe to the app which comes at a minimal cost of $19 per month, the app will be able to integrate your bank account status and then you will know how much you have actually earned and managed your cash flow.
  • Get paid quickly: The app comes with Stripe. This will allow your clients to pay you directly through the app. They can pay you with the credit card of their choice and you will get your hard-earned money in a jiffy.
  • Track your progress: You will be able to manage multiple clients and projects all from one place. Also, you get to track your progress and how much extra you are making compared to last month’s earnings.
  • Generate invoices: The app will track your billable and non-billable hours and thus generate your invoices as you like. There is a built-in timer for this function.
  • Happy to help: Free Flow team will always be at your beck and call to ensure that you get all the professional advice related to freelancing. You won’t feel stuck ever again.

Architect of the app

Philip Lindberg is the founder of the app. He is a freelancer himself and thus knows the shortcomings and benefits of the job. This is a service created by a freelancer for the freelancers.

Philip knows it all and he wanted to give back to the freelance community and thus FreeFlow was born.


This is an innovative idea yet there are a lot of competitions for Freeflow.

  • Zoho Invoice
  • Xpenditure
  • WorkFlowMax
  • Vorex Projects
  • Hubstaff
  • Clio
  • Trinet Expense
  • Harvest
  • com
  • Pay dirt

Are some of the few such apps.

The bottomline

It all comes to knowing the adverse sides of something and instead of complaining about it, entrepreneurship is about doing something. This is what Philip Lindberg did with FreeFlow. His work and passion to improve this irksome thing in a great way to earn money will benefit hundreds of freelancers out there. And this is what matters in the end. How much can you give back to the community?

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