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Foody : A Food and Symptom Tracker for Your iPhone



There is no denying that keeping track of what you eat helps you eat right, maintain the correct diet and make healthier food decisions. However, when you make your commitment to track your diet, you need a tool that will help you, not get in the way. The user friendly tools make it easy to add what you eat, can fill in the blanks with calorie intake and nutrition info, and can even help you work towards achieving your fitness goals.

Foody is your personal diary for keeping track of your food and symptoms you may be experiencing from it. Once used for a couple days Foody lets you analyse you. To live a fit and healthier life.


Martin Stemmle – iOS Developer

Martin completed his education in Master of Science (M.Sc.), Wirtschaftsinformatik / Business Computing. Started his career as a developer with Neofonie Mobile and gradually moved to CINEPASS. He has tremendous knowledge in Objective-C, Swift, C. Approaches: TDD, SOLID, Clean Architecture. Frameworks: AppKit, UIKit, Core Data, Core Graphics, Security, Core Text, Core Location, Store Kit. He also has extensive knowledge in networking, main desktop operating systems, and iOS.

Martin’s Co-employees says, “Fantastic is one word to quickly describe Martin. Open-minded and enthusiastic. Keen about SW development and especially new technologies”.

About the Idea

The idea of making an app for the convenient tracking food and symptoms arose as his girlfriend was suffering from acute food related issues. After going through several tests on allergies, she was asked to do a food and symptom diary by her doctor.

Rather than worrying about maintaining a sheet of paper, she wanted to do it on her iPhone. As she couldn’t find an app anywhere in the Apple store that was simple enough (most would have advised her to create a catalogue up front to enter various details), she ended up taking plain notes with the build in Notes app that made a mess out of it, as it became completely unorganized.

This triggered Martin to wonder how hard it could be to build a food and symptom tracking app that makes writing in such form of a diary, as easy as possible. Turns out that it was actually a whirlpool of a challenge, but that is what entirely makes building apps so much fun. After several months of having put in the efforts, his girlfriend actually is using the app that allows quick entry of meals, drinks and symptoms.


Foody is the easiest way to monitor the ebb and flow of your symptoms over long periods of time. It helps monitor, identify and observe more. Pay attention to what is happening by tracking your symptoms. Gain insights into your health by tracking your diet and symptoms.

Track Your Food
Take record of all your meals, snacks and drinks that you have consumed throughout the day.

Add your Symptoms
Log or record any symptoms you experience. This includes intensity of notes as you need it. From gluttonising to feeling weak, note down all minute details.

Review Everything
Enjoy a beautiful timeline of your entries to review it anytime later.

On the Go
On your iPhone Foody is always with you so you can log your diary where ever you go.

How it Works

For keeping a track on your meals as much as possible, log or note any symptoms you generally experience without directly connecting them to the food it might have caused them.

Classify your meals
Mark your meals as breakfast, lunch, dinner or just snacks and drinks that you consume in between. Noting down your food consumption will help increase your awareness of what you eat, and subsequently identify food sensitivities.

Insert Dishes
Dishes are solid foods, anything from candy bars to full-sized plates or the greasy hamburgers. Note down all that you munch on throughout the day.

Insert drinks
Drinks go separately for a better overview. Due to the heat or the everyday stress in our lives, we are constantly sipping on something or the other. Note down all with the proportions they are consumed in.

Input helper
The keyboard extension provides the most often entered values used for quick input. Enter the foods and portion sizes in your app by selecting the correct one from the drop down list or using the search option to find the specific bracket.

Simplicity over details
Measure your food portions. No need to guess amounts or what not.

Add unlimited ingredients for dishes and drinks

Insert symptoms
Recording other vital information, like as how your body feels physically, a after a meal, along with your food intake helps you identify foods that may cause unwanted side effects. Choose a title at your personal behalf. Being concise is recommended.

Set the intensity
Diligent record-keeping requires a little self-disciplinedin you and a few extra minutes a day to be devoted, but can put you on a path to better health. Use the intensity to keep track of how symptoms evolve.

Input helper
The keyboard extension provides the generally entered values for speedy input.

Use the notes field to include as much details as you need to.

Review and Relate

Enjoy a beautiful timeline of your entries to review it anytime later. Use filters and search to seek for patterns and check your assumptions. The beauty behind the app is the quick data capture.

The data accumulated helps you make the most of your next doctor’s visit. The app has a beautifully designed timeline, where all meals and symptoms appear side by side. Its interface is also very user friendly. With the options of filtering the date range and the food, you can choose the display only for a custom period or filter the food based on meal type.

By using Foody, you can save time because it is customized to remember the foods and portion sizes you eat often and will calculate the calories and nutrients in the food for you. You can even look at an average of your calorie and nutrient intake for the past week or month.

Bottom Line

Foody is free to download and try out including all essential features. However, there are limitations which need to be unlocked once via In-App purchase for a serious use. Become an early adopter. Register with your email, and get invited to download via test flight. Version 1.1 is now available to download. With the new PDF export, you can now share or archive your diary.

We, the members of StartupWhale, wholeheartedly wish the team of Best by Peers all the very best for the long and promising journey ahead.

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