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How to Make $5000 USD Every Month from Adult Tube Sites

Jan 24, 2019
make money adult tube sites

Pornographic industry in the late 90s was about three things – glamor, smiles and DVDs. Glamorous models had to sign contracts, smile in front of cameras, and get naked. If the actors and actresses knew a thing or two about personal brand building and sex, they could rake in the moolah. Undoubtedly, those were the good old days.

Fast forward to 2019, the industry has transformed. It’s insanely lucrative. However, it’s no longer about glamor, smiles and DVDs. It’s about gaining massive volumes of web traffic. It’s about thinking and doing things differently.

There’s a lot of free porn on adult porn tube sites. Nobody hardly pays for porn these days. Truth be told, only 1 out of every 10,000 clips is paid for. Selling porn is difficult.

Let me now surprise you with my earnings – I earn more than $5000 from adult tube sites.

Surprised? Shocked?

At the very outset, I would like to tell you that I own 5 different websites. Each of the websites helps me earn $1000 USD every month.  

I made many mistakes. More importantly, I documented my mistakes and unearthed success strategies.

Here’s my routine – I spend around 3 hours per day. I focus on adult SEO. I focus on generating unique content and driving targeted traffic.

I started my journey in 2016 with just one adult porn tube site. Owing to my dedication and consistency, my website started receiving great traffic.

I still remember- my first earnings were $56 USD. After 6 months, I made $350 USD per month. Today, I earn $1000 USD every month from that porn tube site.   

Now, allow me to explain how to make $5000 USD every month from adult video websites.

Read on.

Type of Adult Website

There are many pitfalls of being an inexperienced entrepreneur / adult web master. Lack of mentorship is the most serious pitfall.

Don’t worry. I’m here to guide and mentor you.

Many naïve entrepreneurs start a directory or a forum. Others start a live camming site without evaluating their ideas. As your mentor, I recommend you to create a tube website. Tube websites allow you to stream lots of video content.


There are two ways – You can either create a general tube website or choose a niche.

The internet is crowded with general tube websites. If you want to make money consistently, set your sights on a profitable niche.

 This brings me to the next question – how to select a profitable adult niche?

niche tube sites

It’s evident that there are more than a hundred niches. Not every niche is profitable.

adult tube sites

The key to success is to identify that niche which doesn’t have a huge number of videos. The choice of your niche should be neither too concentrated nor too generic. Check the popularity of your choice of niche on free adult video websites like xHamster, RedTube, YouPorn, etc.

Let’s say, you’ve decided to target Girlfriend niche.

Let’s identify the search volume for the following keywords:

  • GF Nude
  • GF Porn
  • Hot GF
  • Girlfriend Porn

adult porn tube

At the time of writing this insightful guide, the keyword gf porn has 18,100 average monthly searches.

Can we find out the search volume of another relevant keyword – watch my gf?

Let’s give it a shot.

porn categories

Wow! The average monthly search volume is 27,100.

What does this mean? This means that the Girlfriend niche has huge search potential. If your porn tube site features in the first page of Google, you will be able to make BIG money.


Visit Domain Name Search. Type the URL. The search tool will let you know if the domain name can be registered or not.

The tool also gives you suggestions.

Here’s an example.

free adult video hosting

Here are the suggested domains:

tube website

Here are the popular domains:

popular adult domains

Domain name should be catchy. It should reflect your choice of niche. It shouldn’t be too long. It should have a niche-oriented keyword.

Domains that have .com extension have great visibility.

My recommendation is to register a relevant domain that has .com extension. If you are unable to find relevant domain names ending with .com extension, try registering the ones having .org and .net extensions.


Here’s some hosting advice:

  • Be wary of free hosting offers. Just to save some precious dollars, do not jeopardize your business
  • Storage and bandwidth requirements should be estimated. Be honest with yourself. If you are expecting only a few folks to visit your adult video website, it means that your bandwidth requirement is low. If your adult tube website becomes viral, bandwidth requirement surges.
  • Customer service – emails, phone and ticket support should be provided. Turn – around time should not be more than 24 hours.

I delegate my websites management responsibilities to M3 Server. M3 Server provides different types of web hosting – managed and dedicated. Right from keeping an eagle’s eye on security issues to configuring my system, M3 Server takes care of every aspect of managed hosting.

adult server

Please note that not all hosting providers support adult content.

Hosting costs are an integral part of long-term investment costs. You cannot become rich overnight.

The next step is to create an adult tube website.

Adult Tube Website

There are three ways of creating adult tube websites.

Way #1

Hire a team of expert web programmers, API developers, UI designers and testers. Spend an estimated $30000 USD, burn a hole in your pocket and wait patiently for 6-7 months to launch your tube website. This isn’t a cost effective strategy. Every time you want to make changes or update your site, spend a fortune

Way #2

Collaborate with a whitelabel solution provider. You will learn nothing. Everything is offered on a platter.

Out of every $100 USD you earn, be generous to share anywhere between $40 USD and $50 USD to the whitelabel solution provider. If you don’t have any long-term strategic plans, you can opt for this method.

Way #3

For all intents and purposes, this is the right and smart way of creating an adult tube website.

Purchase a porn tube script. My recommendation – xStreamer


Reasons to choose xStreamer:

  • Highly customizable
  • Scalable streaming technology
  • Reliable framework that can withstand massive volumes of traffic
  • Community plugins
  • Multiple monetization modules
  • Scalable architecture
  • Free lifetime support
  • 100% access to full source code
  • One time investment – free access to future upgrades

Allow me to address the legal part of creating an adult website.

Is it legal to create an adult tube website in your country? Visit this Wikipedia page – Pornography by region.

When you inspect the footer of popular adult video websites like, you can see four important aspects:

Terms and Conditions

You have to specify that you cannot be charged for the material (videos, images, etc.) on your site.

Privacy Policy

Provide an assurance to your audience that the data you collect from them is not sold to 3rd parties for unauthorized activities. You should use the data for improving the overall user experience

18 USC 2257

 This deals in stringent record-keeping requirements on the producers of sexually explicit material. To know more about 18 USC 2257, visit

DMCA takedown form

User can request the removal of videos that imply or affect them in any form.

All the aforementioned 4 sections are important. Otherwise, Google may not index your site properly. In simple words, Google may ignore your adult video website.

Adult SEO

Thanks to state of the art porn tube scripts like xStreamer, you need not worry much about website design.

Focus on two things – Content and SEO

Let me throw some light on adult SEO:

  • Keyword stuffing is a bad SEO practice. Google penalizes your adult video website for too many non-niche specific keywords. Focus on niche-specific keywords only.
  • No-follow links are important. A healthy mix of no-follow and do-follow links shall help your adult video website grow.
  • I agree – creating backlinks for adult websites is tough. But do not mindlessly spam the forums. Devote an hour or two to create smart backlinks.
  • Keep tracking the progress of your competitors. What’s working for them may work for you too.
  • Google is known for changing and updating its algorithms every third month. Keep yourself abreast of its guidelines.


If you are actually creating your own content and have a woman willing to participate, you can use sites like to your advantage.

Cam Sites can be much more attractive for females and couples. They are very popular and easy to promote.

Places like Chaturbate and MyFreeCams offer free access to viewers who tip the performers.
You can also sell your own videos and pictures privately at various sites.

Places like Porn Hub and Xhamster are good places to promote and drive traffic. Xhamster will let you promote your own stuff in exchange for sharing revenue with them as an affiliate.

Sources of Traffic


Identify all sub-reddits that are relevant to your niche.

Let’s say, your niche is ‘Girlfriend’. Do a search on Reddit for keywords like girlfriend, gf, gf porn, etc.

Choose a video from your adult video website and post the same in the sub-reddits. Respect the rules of sub-reddits. Otherwise, you will be banned.


You can grow followers by managing blogs on Tumblr. Do not use any software. Do it manually. Keep experimenting. You will gain an active audience in less than a month. Every Tumblr post should have relevant tags.


Same as Tumblr. If you use software or tools to automate tweets, your account is likely to get shadow-banned.

You can use sites like to submit photos from your adult video website. This strategy will boost the number of followers.

Do not advertise on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Knowing what not to advertise is as important as knowing what to advertise and where to advertise.

Porn Re-uploading Strategy

I have been using this strategy since 2015. Fear not, this isn’t a black-hat technique.

Prepare a list of tube sites that allow you to create an account. Once you are done with the process of account creation, download videos with zero watermarks and no copyrights. Upload them with your website watermark, logo and other personal branding elements.

Change the title of videos accordingly.

Here’s an example – Stepsister sucks stepbrother on   

Here’s another piece of advice – Do not upload more than 5 videos per day on each tube site.

You can easily know how to make money on Xvideos or any other tube sites.

Adult Directories and Forums

I will disclose a little trick that worked for my friend Peter.

A vast majority of adult directories contain dead or expired links. Peter identified a couple of dead links in an adult directory. He reported the same to the adult directory web master. As a token of gratitude, the adult directory web master offered his adult video website a prime spot in the Tube Sites category for 48 hours.

Porn Directories

Truth be told, his tube site received more than 1050 visitors from the directory in those 48 precious hours.

Affiliate Marketing

Sign up with CrakRevenue. CrakRevenue is the most popular adult network. I’ve been working with it for the past couple of years.

The best thing about CrakRevenue is that it doesn’t delay your payments. No traffic is wasted. In other words, if the offer we push is for the US, and if someone from Argentina visits the link, this adult network automatically redirects them to an offer that we can get paid for.

The next step is to sign up with Exotic Ads. Exotic Ads lets you create banners for your ad campaign.

free adult video websites

Let me now answer the most frequently asked questions – What are you advertising? Who are you creating ads for? What do the ads do?

I am creating ads for an offer on the CrakRevenue sub-reddit. This offer is essentially a “hook up” site that pays me a few dollars for every person that enters in a credit card number. The ads are displayed on one site, brings traffic to another when clicked, and when they sign up, I get paid.

In conclusion, affiliate marketing is nothing but connecting a person and a product by means of an offer.

Link Exchange Method

This method is extremely popular. You should give it a shot.

On your adult video website, feature a Friends list. Speak with the webmasters who own websites in your niche, convince them that it would be beneficial to exchange do-follow links. By exchanging links, you will be exchanging traffic. It’s a win-win scenario.

Affiliate and Traffic Trade Programs

Traffic trade programs are a cool way of gaining new traffic.

You can use traffic trade programs of PlugRush. For every user you send to PlugRush, PlugRush sends one back to your tube site.

Let me now explain my earnings from each of the strategies:

Method / strategy Approximate Earnings per month
Porn Re-uploading $300 USD
CrakRevenue Affiliate Marketing $250 USD
Adult Consulting $100 USD
Traffic Trade Programs and Link Exchange $150
Content subscriptions – Selling Porn $100
Selling adult merchandize- sex toys, condoms, lubricants, etc $100

It’s evident that I make $1000 USD from one tube website. As I told you, I have 5 tube websites. In other words, I comfortably make $5000 USD every month.

If I can make $5000 USD every month consistently, you too can make. Your efforts should be consistent. Deploy smart strategies. Cheers!

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