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How to Make Money on Twitch – a Guide for Gamers

How to Make Money on Twitch

Do you love gaming? Is it true that you can relate to the virtual world more than the physical world?

Often professional gamers come up with the idea of what if they could make money streaming games.

Here in this article let’s talk about how can common men like you and I can use “Twitch” as a platform to make money.

Can you make money on Twitch?

Yes, certainly you can but with a bit of more effort than you usually give before clarifying how to make money on twitch.

Let’s start with the basics as to what Twitch is and what is its functionality.

Basically, Twitch is a platform which would allow a gamer to stream the game they are currently involved in live to audiences. This phenomenon would allow you to earn good cash as well.

Twitch is one top-notch platform which relishes more than 100 million views per month. With 1.7 million broadcasters and more than a 100 million viewer, it can easily be a self-made monetization platform.

According to statistics, an average Twitch subscriber streams videos worth 106 minutes per day.

Established in 2011, Twitch’s live and video on demand platform has become quite famous.

It’s a pioneer in the business and takes “game designers, distributors, media outlets, occasions, and the whole e-sports scene” into account.

The committed gaming group of Twitch enables individuals to stream live gaming footage from their PC, Mac, Xbox or PlayStation and in addition footage of their responses.

The live analysis helps clear up inquiries and also makes the journey fun, intriguing, and mutually interactive for all those who are watching it.

Basic hardware requirements for live streaming a gameplay session on Twitch:

  • A gaming PC either Alienware or CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra gaming desktop which can accept heavy streaming and 4k streaming. A Mac would also do.
  • PlayStation 4 or Xbox one would act as your gaming console.
  • A normal PC would require broadcaster software such as Wirecast or OBS.
  • An excellent quality webcam such as the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 would be important.
  • A capturing device such as the Elgato Game Capture HD60 must not be forgotten.

The most crucial aspect is that you would require a Twitch account which is complimentary on

Sign up with your personal details such as username, password, email id and birthday. On signing up you would need to agree to the terms and conditions and then go to the immediate next step.

Back in April, Twitch launched an affiliate program teaching everyone how to earn money from it.

In case you’ve streamed for 500 minutes and piled on no less than 7 unique play days amid the past 30 days, figured out how to attract at least three people to watch you in the meantime, and you have 50 followers, you are well qualified for the Twitch affiliate program.

Once you are eligible for the Twitch affiliate program, you will be gracefully invited to join as an affiliate, and your followers will have the capacity of aiding you to make money streaming.

A feature coined as “Cheering with Bits” would help you to earn money per “cheer” you get from your fans.

Once you most loved fans type “cheer” with a number on the chat, an emoticon will appear and Twitch will send one cent per emoticon for your benefit.

Here, you have already started earning.

According to the last count, Twitch had already acquired 22000 partners by July 2017. Out of 2 million broadcasters per month, 22000 individuals have become partners.

Being a partner of Twitch will at least fetch you around $2000 to $3000 per month as a quoted stipend.

How can one earn from Twitch partnership will be the immediate next question?

Broadcasters who have become partners can earn a minimum of 5% share of the revenue from each trade that takes place on the platform.

While you are streaming a game that is accessible on Twitch, a proposal to purchase the game or in-game item(s) will naturally show up on your channel page in another zone just beneath the video window.

This offer zone will show up on your channel page regardless of whether you have chosen to earn from buys.

No one other than partners will be qualified for making money on Twitch.

At the point when viewers purchase on Twitch, they get a Twitch Crate that contains additional amazing surprises.

It could be chat identification or a few Bits.

You might include new sorts of content every now and then.

Thus your viewers will get something additional whenever they purchase. Including that, they even get the chance to help you just by purchasing a game.

This occurs with a minimal effort from you, after you’ve filled out the tax-related paperwork and signed the arrangement.

Twitch has this set up to be computerized so you don’t need to give any extra effort.

How can you earn maximum revenue from game sales?

If you want to be a partner, you need to go to your dashboard in “Partner Settings” tab. Then slowly scroll down to the monetization section and click the checkbox which says “Opt-in to earn revenue from game sales on Twitch”.

Once you are done, you will be asked to review a terms and conditions page which will state “By accepting below, you may earn revenue for certain purchases by your viewers as described above”.

The next step will confirm whether you are ready to earn revenue from game sales.

Accept the Addendum and click on continue to finish the process.

You are now a successful Twitch partner.

Other methods to monetize from Twitch

In case you’re a client, you’ll share any promotional revenue your channel acquires with Twitch.

Making money on twitch is easy if you have the right things at the right place.

In your Broadcast Dashboard, you can alter the settings on your channel to be aware of the number of promotions you need to play every hour amid your video broadcast usually being three.

The income through advertisements generated by guests to your channel by seeing and clicking on advertisements will be shared amongst you and Twitch and reimbursed by Twitch to your PayPal account.

In case you need to include links that viewers can follow to buy specific games you can profit on those clicks, as well.

Twitch is possessed by Amazon, so those links will lead to an Amazon game buy.

In case guests to your channel are utilizing promotion blockers, aren’t viewing the advertisements that play and aren’t tapping on any referral links you’ll have a considerably tougher time profiting on Twitch.

Adding to revenue promotion, there are different ways you can profit on Twitch.

When you have your brand in a commendable position and have acquired a good number of followers, other brands may begin coming to you with sponsorship offers.

They may offer you free games or gaming equipment, and in case you’re fortunate they may even offer hard cash.

When you achieve an elevated state of Twitch success you might need to get hold of an operator to enable you to make these arrangements.

Your fans can possibly provide you donations so that you can make money on Twitch.

If you are still thinking about making money on twitch, start uploading videos, grow your followers and monetize your Twitch game-play without wasting any time. Register on Twitch before time runs out.

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