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Top 10 Twitch Streamers – You Should Know

Twitch Streamers

With the rising success of Twitch in the streaming industry, you can rest assured that a lot of gamers have dedicated their lives to “Twitch” in order to broadcast their live game-play to individuals across the globe.

Some gamers are so interested in streaming that they broadcast their gaming sessions every day. Some of these gamers with their incomparable skill-set have become the best Twitch streamers as well.

It is a tough ask to find out which of the top Twitch streamers are genuine and which are not. Average streamers will be ignored in the article.

We will only be discussing the most popular Twitch streamers.

Let’s commence the list of Twitch streamers you must not miss.


With a total number of 2,188,482 followers, Summit is a retired Counter-Strike specialist player from USA.

Post his professional career Jaryd Lazar (biological name of Summit) became a full-time streamer to achieve the title of one of the most popular Twitch streamers ever.

Not only Counter-Strike, but even other games fill his space.

This guy is basically interested in pay first-person-shooter games, so you might find him somewhere in the FPS category.

If you are looking to compete at a higher level and want to embrace challenges then it is advisable that you follow Summit on Twitch.


Freakazoid is a professional gamer as well with 324,226 followers in total.

This guy is considered as an actual freak while playing Counter-Strike.

The effectiveness of his hand and calm nature, even in extreme circumstances, are both honorable qualities.

It’s the means by which he smashes and totally kills his challenges in Counter-Strike matches.

Ryan Abadir, as he’s formally known, is the ruler of rough play in the acclaimed group Echo Fox. His imagination and reflexes keep him conscious in-game regardless of what circumstance is tossed at him.

Viewers can learn a ton about rough CS playing aptitude and ability from him. All things considered, his aim and exactness are truly outstanding making him one of the top 10 twitch streamers.


S1mple also known as Oleksandr Kostyliev from Ukraine is an expert Counter-Strike player. From the way he acts to the content he broadcasts, he’s one of the top twitch streamers.

Being a player of the highly rated NA’VI group, he has many traps up his sleeve.

He’s constantly ready to impart these tips and traps to his fans. A portion of the suggestions you’ll discover in his channel pages are very cheeky and should turn out to be valuable in-game.

His stream being impeccable is an unquestionable watch for players who are not kidding about Counter-Strike since it demonstrates the thinking procedure and techniques of a genuine professional player.

s1mple’s live commentary is exceptionally instructive and fills in as a kind of magnifying glass into the inner specks of the game.


Regardless of his established position as one of the best twitch streamers, Shroud’s state of mind is extremely modest and self-conscious.

This influences him to appear to be a normal person who individuals can relate to. What’s more is that he imparts passion and significance to every one of his viewers.

It is actually stunning that he puts so much effort and commitment into making his recordings. It’s likely one of the elements that have made him famous and given him 1,061,660 subscribers.

Try not to worry about getting exhausted of the same streams over and over again since Shroud, or Michael Grzesiek changes the equation up from time to time by streaming different games like PUBG.

A Seagull

In case you are attempting to discover an Overwatch stream which isn’t just entertaining but also informational at that point go for Brandon Larned otherwise known as ‘A Seagull’.

An expert competitor for Luminosity Gaming, Seagull has an inside and out comprehension of the game in order to furnish the viewers with a unique experience when you are watching in mute mode.

A Seagull was previously the best amongst other players of Team Fortress 2 and along these lines, he is a specialist in the field of first-person shooter games for many years.

Nowadays his streams having more than 22,000 synchronous viewers on a normal basis makes him one of the most popular twitch streamers.

A Seagull, for the most part, streams for around 4-5 hours continuously each day of the week. He even influences utilization of the voice talk feature in the game to permit the group of viewers to understand the facts as well as the nitty-gritty of the game by an outstanding commentary.


Faheem Rashad Najm otherwise known as T-torment is a well-known celebrity who won the Grammies twice. He began to stream while playing Doom from his room back in May 25th while his companions and fellow artists were chilling out of sight.

An experience which is a must for any Doom devotee, T-Pain’s channel would charm the viewers with his in-game comments and reactions amid a live game.

In any case, he gets a huge amount of feedback from the Twitch forums and most viewers ask why his stream isn’t auto-tuned.

Numerous viewers consider his streams insignificant since the greater part of his hits came about 10 years back. Since commencing his Twitch channel he has been generally playing Overwatch and has attracted abundant audiences.

Additionally, T-Pain needs to showcase his real self while gaming which is the reason he never wears his mirrored glasses in between a stream.


Jason Love his Twitch channel looks to reproduce Man versus Food on the Travel Channel.

Jason gives his channel the presence of a reality show hosted on the television appear while browsing through the huge gaming history indexes and considers every last game as ‘worth playing’.

His commentary all through the gaming session would enable an individual to defeat his in-game enemy.

He utilizes the pause button while playing to take speedy breaks where he voices his sentiments on various gaming related points and answers a few questions from his crowd.

ManvsGame is doubtlessly one of those channels which are very close to a reality television show.


He is certainly not a drunk Cookie Monster. That’s what most individuals decipher after listening to the baritone voice of BennyFits.

Streaming since a year now this little guy gained popularity back in March with the aid of top streamers namely Tucker Boner. Tucker Boner had helped BennyFits by tweeting his links whenever he streamed a game live.

BennyFits is one of the funniest streamers you can find who started partnering Twitch in only a couple of days.

The games broadcasted live by Benny are Heroes of the Storm, Dark Souls, The Witcher, Diablo, Uncharted and Overwatch.


After his Justin TV account, Syndicate with 1.2 million followers is the main Twitch channel and has gained a lot of popularity.

Syndicate with his actual name “Tom” plays a various top-notch game such as GTA V, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty etc.

Tom, aided by his excellent humor pulls out a lot of stunts, not only in the games but also in real life.


Chris with his alias name of Phonecats commenced playing mobile games such as Clash of Clans since mid 2016.

Clash of Clans has become a huge business since the time it was launched. Chris is obsessed with Clash of Clans. His spectacular commentary aided by his appreciable personality makes the users come back for more.

Besides explaining about every detail of the game, he also imparts knowledgeable tips which come handy to the millions playing Clash of Clans.


This is someone who is an ardent South Park fan, as the name suggests. Towelliee derived its name from a South Park character and is indebted to games like Star Wars – Old Republic and World of Warcraft.

Being a member of the top guild, he acts as one of the tanks in World of Warcraft viewed by a huge number of audiences. His laid-back attitude attracts more followers every day.

This channel also equips individuals with giveaways besides playing fun games with the audience.

Mentioned above are some specific details about the top 10 twitch streamers you would ever come across on Twitch.

Do not wait for your time. Sign up with Twitch today, become a partner and then broadcast your gameplay live. If you are in dire need of some cash nothing can be better for you than streaming on Twitch.

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