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Nudgespot : Send Triggered Messages to Your Customers


What is Nudgespot

A powerful messaging app for businesses to communicate with customers and visitors, on websites and mobile apps.We can exclusively use Nudgespot’s In-App Messenger to chat directly and instantly, with your customers and anonymous visitors about anything depending on their past interaction with your business or what they need from you. You could send them email, SMS or push notifications, but this is way faster. Plus, the customers get to talk to a human and not just deal with computerized copy pasted messages.

How does it work?

Nudgespot is a way to generatepush notifications, promotional emails, SMS, or in-app messages to your customers, at the right time Send events just like you do using Mixpanel or Google Analytics, specify as on the code when you’d like to trigger emails, and use our serialist composer to create your message. The messages will get triggered automatically when the criteria are met. Change trigger conditions, message body, delivery pathor delivery schedules, any time without the hassle of any code change.

Their Motto

Nudgespot leverages a platform to acquire, engage&supporttheir visitors&customers. The aim of Nudgespot to bring all the customer accusation queries in one channel and solve it. The benefits of using it as a unique solution channels are as follows:

  • The personal touch: Map conversation history & onsite activity, talk to visitors in a personalized way rather that the standard templates, this builds build relationships and the customer has a feeling that if a situation arises she can connect to someone immediately who would address the problem.
  • Engage Users Across Various Channels: Send real-time messages using channels that endeavour’s best for your targeted customers/users. You can see the most effective marketing tool that you have and based to the interest and the category the customer falls in you can easily choose the mode of communication to be in the benefit of the customer and to you as a company.
  • Test Message Effectiveness:Using A/B technology Nudgespottests your messages based on what your visitors and customers are browsing to provide you with the number for better conversion. The main motive it to increase sales, as that the is the main factor determining the usefulness of a business tool.
  • Collaborate And Unlock : Add team members to conversations or chatswhen ever required, assign tasks to the concerned person, and help customers when they need you the most. It adds value, if by leveraging the platform we can address the query immediately and provide a suitable resolution.
  • Scale Up : Track what features they are or aren’t using. Segment customers based on user properties & product usage. Once you have the information on the areas of interest it becomes easier for the sales and the customer support team to be more efficient in the role assigned to them and helps increasing customer conversation.

Why Nudgespot?

  1. Offline Notification
    Reach your customers anywhere – email, mobile and browser push. It helps you to recover any set of leads generated when you were offline.
  2. Shared Inbox
    One inbox for your teams to assign tasks and track responses. It it easier for the team manager to check the progress of the tasks assigned and even calculate the efficiency.
  3. Talk to Anonymous visitors
  4. Not just your customers talk and get to know about the various set of individuals who are only browsing. It helps you frame a conclusion what are the factors that they were not been able to be converted or do they have any special needs to be addressed.

               Triggered Messages

Trigger messages based on customer behaviour, send out information of any discount or the latest stock to the potential people to increase sales via effective marketing.

               Effortless Tools

Using Javascript, iOS or Android you can easily intregate the sostware and get going. The purpose of designingNudgespotwas to increase more efficiency and waste no time


Search for conversations & activity history, this helps you note of what is happening and to keep a track on the efficiency level of your team. It any case of the customer complain back up of chats helps the company significantly.

              Manage Conversations

Initiate & tag conversations and add notes. Detailed information if maintained give a very strong base when you follow up. The customer feels important as you remember each and every details. Develops trust as you are really working on the problem

Get Started

Nudgespot tracks activities of users and lets you send messages based on their behaviour
If you are planning to synthesize Nudgespot with your website/web app, this is perchance and reasonably the simplest way to get started.
The integration consists of 3 steps:

  • PositiontheJavascript in all the pages and latitudes of your website or the app. Mainly, you just need to paste this code in the generic template used by your website.
  • Identify the user: Tell us who is the user that is currently put in gear          . You can pass additional parameters to put before us more info about the user, all of which is ripen into your triggered messages, as well as in lessening down users that should receive a message.
  • Track Activeness: And finally, call the tract method, to track any activity performed by the user. You can pass parameters for these activities, that you can use in your triggered messages.


Nudgespot uses Basic authentication to authenticate all REST API calls. The username for authenticating the requisition is always with the use of “api”. You can find your password in the settings section of your Nudgespot account. The password is listed as REST API Key.


Nudgespot is the only platform you need to interact with your customers whether it’s for customer support, customer success, marketing, sales or product management. You can use Nudgespot on websites (to talk to your visitors), webapps (to talk to yourpotential customers) or mobile apps (Android or iOS). If you are integrating with JavaScript, just go through the on boarding flow. It should take you less than 2 minutes to integrate.You can upload your existing users or leads into Nudgespot using a .csv file upload, or easier if you use Segment integration which is easier to Its easy to integrate, Your API keys are in your settings page

System Requirements

For the effective and smooth running of the software, Nudgespot App & Messenger has the following web requirements.

  • Safari 7+
  • Chrome (Latest version)
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Firefox (Latest version)

The Setup

The set up process is very easy, just a few simple steps and you are done.

  • Check your email for custom integration instructions
  • Follow the instructions to place the messenger script on your site
  • Enable customer activities and customer identification to flow to Nudgespot (the last mentioned is optional if you have a website where you do not need to pin point between visitors and customers)

If you have not received the email, you can simply drop them a line on our website via the Nudgespot Messenger, they would assist you immediately

To check if your code is working fine on Nudgespot, navigate to Settings > Setup. You will know it is working when you have ‘green ticks’ on the following 3 sub-tabs:

  • Nudgespot Messenger Enabled
  • Customers Automatically Identified
  • Customers Activities Tracked and Stored

The Setup page also presents you a quick short-cut to updating your profile and adding a team member under the following sub-tabs respectively:

  • Personal Profile Customized
  • Team Member Invited

Make your profile

Create a profile that fits in to our own unique personalities, style, niche and/or industry.

I would personally highly recommend to make the profile with detailed information to be available to the customers. As you will be representing your business on the messenger and adding your profile details makes you more recognizable instantly.

Who Can Use Nudgespot’s In-App Messenger?

Any team member from your organisation can use Nudgespot’s in-app messenger – from the marketing, sales, customer success, to the owners and co-founders to talk to customers and anonymous visitors.

  • Sales can use the in-app messenger to convert or acquire prospective leads
  • Customer success can use the in-app messenger to engage and retain existing customers and to help to them by attending to their queries.
  • Marketing can use the in-app messenger to engage existing customers and prospective leads
  • Product management teams can use the in-app messenger to onboard existing customers and improve their product
  • Customer support can use the in-app

The Team

  • Alok Shankar [Co-founder]

After completing his Bachelor of Engineering from Bharathidasan University. Started his career as a software programmer with Beechwood Computing Ltd. And Xora, Inc. progressed in his path to be the Director, Solution Consulting in Peoplefluent . Currently with Nudgespot he is a mission to disrupt the way businesses understand and communicate with their customers. speedy, simple, less contingent, irrespective of devices used and of course in no amount of time.

  • Suresh Harikrishnan [Co-founder]

Suresh completed his education in B.Tech, Electrical and Electronics from Pondicherry University. He took off in his career as a software engineer in Cordys and Thoughtworks. Suresh always had a passion for entrepreneurship had has founded several startups like Activesphere,Inchlabs and Nudgespot.

  • Engineer

Mayank is a developer with 6 years of experience in various domains including Healthcare and e-commerce. He has very a keen interest in startups, entrepreneurship and distributed systems. He completed his education from BharatiVidyapeeth in Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Information Technology. And kick-started his career with Cerner Corporation as a software engineer. He loves to make new products and refining the existing one.

  • Co-founder

After the completetion of his Master of Business Administration (MBA), Finance & Marketing from McGill University. He started his career as a product manager in IPTouchInc.andXora, Inc.With the burning passion to be a businessman he co founded several startups including names like Myntra Design Pvt Ltd,, and NudgeSpot. Raveen has always maintained a perfect blend of technology and the insight for business management. He is dedicated, devoted, and passionate about the projects he takes up

  • Marketing

Having completed her bachelors from University of Pune in B.S.L. LLB, Law. She hold experience of working with most of the leading MNC like WNS, QuisLex Legal Services Pvt. Ltd, Infosys. Pakhi holds 9+ years of experience across pre-sales, operations, B2B & product marketing, & business development in the IT-ITES and outsourcing sphere.Pakhi is a driven marketing professional who enjoys bringing to fruition the next big idea and trying new ways to increase share of voice in an increasingly complicated marketing world. She has worked and continues to work with pioneering companies who are game changers in their respective industries

The Funding

The startup has raised seed funding of $650,000 from Kae Capital and angel investors including Anoop Goyal, Mike Shah and V.A. Sastry. The capital interspersed will be allocated towards product and marketing innovation as well as team expansion in India and USA.

We, the members of StartupWhale, wholeheartedly wish the team of Nudgespot all the very best for the long and promising journey ahead.

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