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ScreenSquid : See What Your Visitors Are Doing


It is no exaggeration that internet become an important part in our lives. Daily, we tend to browse hundreds and thousands of websites and web pages through our computers, laptops and smartphones. To be upfront, the number of smartphone users has increased and so has the number of internet users. To say that millions of businesses are running through the internet and this has become a huge platform would be an understatement.Each and every day, hundreds of websites are being built and shut.

Websites and blogs have become a major source of income for bloggers. Many advertising agencies like Google Adsense, Infolinks, Taboola etc., are the main income generators for the bloggers and the income is fetched as per the traffic the websites receive, number of page hits, impressions etc. In simple words, higher the traffic, higher is the income. One can safely asser this verity- To earn some decent income through websites, one undoubtedly has to maintain a user-friendly website. In order to that, one needs to understand how the users are behaving on one’s site. For that purpose, you need a website recorder tool or a plugin. ScreenSquid is an amazing website recorder tool that lets you track the behavior of your users.

What Is Screen Squid?

Screen Squid is a website recorder tool that lets youtrack the behavior of your intended audiences on your site. This safe and secure plugin was created by ManHack LLC, who is based out of New York, United States of America. Even though Google Analytics provides you the information about the behavior of the users, you do not have the privilege of recording their activity. But, in ScreenSquid, you can record their activity on your site. This clearly lets you know what exactly the user wants and what is he/she expecting from your site.

How ScreenSquid Works:

To all intents and purposes, ScreenSquid can be integrated with major platforms such as WordPress, Blogger etc. If you are very good at HTML and JavaScript programming, you can download the JavaScript plugin and you can integrate with Blogger, WordPress etc. If you donot want to indulge in programming, just download the WordPress plugin and install in your site.

For downloading the plugin, you need to sign up. During signup, you have to choose the type of account you need. There are 4 different types of accounts for you to choose.

The basic account for everyone is a free account that lets you record up to 250 recordings of a single website and the range of recordings changes with the price. If you have more than a single website, then you have to choose the Pro account. If you are stuck during the installation process, the home website has the complete process and the FAQ’s.

Advantages Of Screen Squid:

Enlisted below are the advantages of having ScreenSquid in your site.

  • The first and foremost advantage of using ScreenSquid is that you can know exact what the user is expecting from your website. The behavior of users can be recorded.
  • You can know the type of ads which are grabbing the interest of the user. Though the ads are displayed according to the search history of the users, you can always keep an eye on the type of ads.
  • Income from ads is generated through the number of clicks and impressions. By recording, you can know which ad units are working wonders.
  • Depending on the type of account you have opted for, the website recordings can be stored from 7days to 6 months.
  • You can analyze the changes in the behavior of the users as the recordings are stored in your account.
  • The homepage of the Screen Squid shows the information such as device, session time and the pages that are being visited by the users.
  • You can search users with their IP addresses and you can exclude a few pages of your site which you think are redundant or unnecessary.


Enlisted below are the competitors of ScreenSquid:

  • Google Analytics
  • Flurry Analytics
  • Heat Maps
  • Site Meter
  • Appsee Mobile Analytics

Revenue Model

This startup makes money through its pricing plans. Enlisted below are its various pricing plans in the offing:

  • Free
  • Solo- $9 per month
  • Startup- $20 per month. It is worth mentioning that this pricing plan is the most popular plan.
  • Pro-$99 per month.

For details, please visit

Bottom Line

Other analytics tools only provide charts which doesn’t say much about UX and competing recording tools only record a small sample of website visitors.

ScreenSquid works on every website and records every single visitor, making it super useful for support, conversion rate optimization, and finding out where visitors are having trouble. ScreenSquid shows you exactly what the user sees when they visit your site.

The developers may soon launch a mobile application, so that we can track the recordings of the websites anywhere and anytime.

Team StartupWhale is feeling immensely happy to review this amazing application and proudly recommends this for you all. This is a worth trailing tool. We wish the very best wishes to the ScreenSquid and would like to congratulate the developers of the ScreenSquid.

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