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ReadBoard – The Fastest Way To Start A Conversation On The Web


In any sphere of life, conversations are of paramount importance. The art of conversation, just like another important endeavor is all about meaning contextual dialogues being exchanged amongst colleagues, friends, family and other users. With the world going digital, the affiliation of contextual conversations to go hand-in-hand on web platforms is gaining prominence and hence, web users are becoming deeply enamored by promising platforms such as ReadBoard. ReadBoard is a Digicorp Product and is the brainchild of Abhishek Desai, an accomplished Indian serial entrepreneur.

About ReadBoard

ReadBoard was launched in the year 2016. The mission of ReadBoard is to bring all the conversations happening on the Web at one place. The conversations are all public by default. ReadBoard aims to transform itself into the goto default destination for millions of people looking for interesting content on the Web every day. The vision is to build the largest community of like-minded readers and thinkers on the Web. This startup is based out of India, Asia.

About Abhishek Desai

Abhishek Desai is the founder of ReadBoard. He graduated from Nirma Institute of Technology and co-founded Digicorp, a reputed global IT solutions and service provider. He along with his fellow co-founders of Digicorp- Kuntal shah, Sanket Patel and Nachiket Patel was awarded the Rising Star award in ‘Best Software Company’ category. He is a serial entrepreneur at heart and is responsible for managing the diverse product portfolio of Digicorp and ReadBoard.  He firmly believes in this excellent ideology- “Do what you love, love what you do.”

Genesis of ReadBoard

To understand the genesis of ReadBoard, let us first understand the various channels on which every day conversations take place. Some of the channels are:

  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • HackerNews

Disqus is an amazing platform that is available as a free plugin for WordPress sites and umpteen sites whose presence manifests all over the web. It manages the comments posted by visitors and plays a vital role in prevent spam attacks. No doubt, online audiences read articles, blog posts, news etc. and post their comments or opinions using the built-in ‘Comment’ feature of Disqus. Thanks to social media marketing, the same blog posts are shared on various aforementioned channels and soon, the fraternity of online population starts commenting using the built-in ‘Comment’ feature of Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and HackerNews, etc.

Twitter, another amazing social networking platform is known for its characteristic 140-character short and crisp text messaging feature. Naturally, people start conversing by replying to tweets or by re-tweeting. Similarly, conversations happen in email threads as well. During email marketing campaigns, tracking the number of email threads becomes cumbersome.

Just imagine the scenario in which a particular article is being shared on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, email, etc. Comments and opinions will be scattered in the form of tweets, re-tweets, email-threads etc. It becomes difficult to bring all the public opinions and conversations under a common platform. You may try to copy and subsequently paste the comments, tweets, email conversations on your blog. To all intents and purposes, this copy-paste procedure is rather in-effective, in-significant and tedious. If the number of articles being shared on social media increases, this process become all the more gargantuan.

ReadBoard was thus started to save all the contextual conversations and bring like-minded people under a common platform.

Why ReadBoard?

Why only ReadBoard? The answer is simple- It is because ReadBoard auto-saves all the contextual conversations by default. Let me explain this with an example. If you have shared and your blog post on Twitter and Facebook a week ago, and if you try to track the comments and tweets, you will be lost in the whirlpool of other shared posts, tweets and irrelevant comments. ReadBoard doesn’t have noise like Facebook or Twitter.

The endearing thing about ReadBoard is that it resembles Evernote, the note-taking and organizing smart-phone app. Whenever you feel like reading an article, you can refer to it in the future and do away with the notion of ‘bookmarking’ the webpage.


It is worth mentioning that ReadBoard is in private beta stage. You can sign up here and try it for yourself. Here are a few relevant screenshots that provide you with the necessary fillip and experiences.

ReadBoard is available as an extension. It can thus be installed in your web browser. You can add this ReadBoard extension here.

For a thorough understanding what ReadBoard does and why ReadBoard, you may watch this amazing video here.

Incorporating the right features and building the road to excellence

ReadBoard has all the necessary features. It is absolutely the go-to destination for the following reasons:

  • Popular outlets such as The Verge and The Daily dot have closed their comments section. The reason is because it is becoming increasing difficult to manage the ever growing online traffic. The recent blog to close its comments section is Moderating all the comments is proving to be a Herculean task. ReadBoard addresses this issue.
  • You can initiate a genuine and a meaningful conversation using ReadBoard.
  • ReadBoard addresses the problem of scattering comments and tweets. You need not worry about losing track of public conversations.
  • It provides the ineffable experience of conversing with the like-minded people.
  • The unique experience of encountering interesting and diverse conversations on the articles that you often read is always in the offing.

Advice to entrepreneurial fraternity

Abhishek Desai says, “No doubt, entrepreneurs have to grapple with problems and yet stay stolid with determination. It is all about moving ahead with the right attitude. One of the most common reasons why startups fail is that they stop working on their idea. An idea becomes a revolution when entrepreneurs start working on it. To be a part of this fraternity is to live the dream of my life.”

Team StartupWhale graciously thanks Abhishek Desai for wholeheartedly conversing with us. We wish the very best for his future endeavors.


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