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Wakeapp Call – Time To Surprise Your Friend

There is a deluge of startups coming out every day and more often than not, they are hugely resourceful and their Unique Selling Propositions are incredible. One of such resourceful and meritorious startups is Wakeapp Call. To begin with, Wakeapp Call is a startup endeared by its customers, prized by its employees and envied by its competitors. Hold your breath! It is an app that offers the best daily morning experiences.

About Wakeapp Call

Each and every morning, we uninterestingly comfort ourselves with the abrupt noise of the mundane alarms. It is a no-brainer as it is universally true that we often shut the alarms with a bang and get back to the business of sleeping. We doze off and our sleeping routine interestingly falls in line with Newton’s first law of motion- A body in rest continues to be in rest unless acted upon by an external force. If I have to draw an analogy here, the external force is ‘Wakeapp Call.’ Its fun loving and affectionate wake-up messages are fondly called wakeys.

Based on a simple and intuitive interface, you can receive and send wakeys that can be fun, affectionate or however you imagine. They can be sent not only to your list of contacts but also to members of the Wakeapp Community around the world.

This startup is based out of Brazil, South America. Lucas Rocha is the designer of this amazing app.

Why Wakeapp?

You can leverage the very satisfying and fulfilling experiences thanks to the following:

Always wake up feeling good

How about the feeling of hearing your favorite comic book lines in the early hours of the day? Sounds interesting…How about the feeling of starting your day with the sagacious words of your mom? Sounds blissful…How about the feeling of prepping your day by a message from your girlfriend? Sounds romantic. If you leverage all the features of Wakeapp Call, you are in for some awesome experiences. In this aspect of always waking up feeling good, Wakeapp Call outwits the annoying traditional alarms which always scared us to death. Customizable audio and video wakeys are simply the best.

Wakeapp community

How about adding new friends to your ever growing list of acquaintances? Wakeapp Call is a new way to connect with friends and new members within Wakeapp community. Wakeys are produced by fun loving and caring guys. So, you can always cherish the feature of adding your favorite wakeys to your alarms. And yes, you can categorize the wakeys as well….How cool is that? Categories such as “funniest”, “top 10”, “all-time favorites”, “favorites among girls” etc. are some of the variegated and creative titled ones. Should your wakeys enjoy tremendous popularity within the members of the Wakeapp community, the more influential and more popular shall be your presence.

A new sound to your alarms

Wakeapp Call provides diverse yet pleasant experiences. This app imbibes social, pleasant and friendly wakeys that can be sent to encourage people, whether you know then or not, to wake up or get motivated, and to do various everyday tasks. In all likelihood, you can get closer to distant relatives, friends and even your idols. Just imagine the scenario of connecting with celebrities, personalities and brands….sounds exciting!

Modus Operandi

Let me peek into the details of how this amazing app works with the following 5 simple steps:


The first and foremost step is to import all the contacts from your social networking platform- Facebook. As an alternative action, you can import contacts using your Gmail account.

Home Screen

Once you login, you will see your Home Screen. You will be able to create, edit and share all your alarms. Of course, you will able to see your notifications as well. In addition, you can see the wakeys you have selected from Wakeapp community.

Send Wakeys

This step is all about picking an alarm from your gallery of wakeys and sending it to the members of Wakeapp Call community and to your friends who have requested for a spontaneous pick.

My Network

You can send public or private wakeys to either one or more friends. You can recommend your darling wakeys and ask them to share as well.

Set Alarms

The final step is all about setting your own alarms. You can set your alarms for everyday chores such as a reminder to take medicines, reminder to attend yoga classes, etc. You can always recommend and share these alarms.

The procedure is so simple and thanks to the intuitive and smooth user-interface, the procedure for setting and sharing alarms is extremely easy and quick. 


 Some of its potential competitors are:

  • Cuckuu – iOS and Android app
  • Wakie – iOS and Android app
  • God Morgon – iOS app
  • Alarmate – iOS app
  • BetterMe – iOS and Android app

Target Audiences

Everybody likes to wake up with a smile. Everybody likes to experience WOW moments. Hence, each and every individual is its target customer.

Key Takeaways

It is undoubtedly the implementation that matters the most. Everybody is a thinker but not everybody is a door. Everybody thinks to wake with WOW moments but only a few like Wakeapp Call create those WOW moments. It is undoubtedly this thin line of ‘thoughtfulness’ that essentially takes you to success.

You can visit their website here.

Follow them on twitter here.

Share your wakeys on Facebook community here.

StartupWhale best wishes are always with Wakeapp Call. Hakuna Matata!

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