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Securedbox- One Device That Covers All Your Business Security Needs



Securedbox is a device that allows individuals to stock their data and communicate in a much secured way. It allows you to store and share encrypted files, create video-conference rooms for groups (maximum of 16 people) in an encrypted Peer-2-Peer channel. To all intents and purposes, it is an advanced device that prevents your data and communication documents from being stolen, destroyed or infiltrated.


·         AES encrypted files
Every file in your BOX is captured and secured using 2048-bit key encryption. Only your BOX can decrypt the files.

·         Restricted access
You decide who and when gets access to your files. A full-privilege system allows your people to work together on the same BOX with full respect for data privacy.

·         Hardware protection
Store’s your data on two hard drives using RAID (RAID signifies Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks), so if one of them goes down, the second one will recover it. It protects your files physically!

·         Stored in Hard Drives
All data are stored on the hard drives in the BOX in your office. You can use it as a public cloud, but you still maintain full supervision and control over the data.

·         File history
You have full knowledge who all downloads or uploads files using the box. What’s more, Securedboxstores umpteen versions of files, so you can go back to a previous one when needed.

·         Theft protection
Anyone who steals your BOX cannot access your files stored in it. They use an advanced and innovative system that decodes files only when you access them using your personal access key.

Who can use it- Target Audience

  • Individuals
    If you are a professional, you can use BOX to store and share your private data in secure way. BOX looks nice and decent, so you can feel comfortable about putting in your home.
  • Small business
    If you are a small business owner, you can use the BOX to store business data, books of accounts or the tax filings and communicate it within whole your team. A privileges system allows you to set personal segments and control what data people download and upload.
  • Enterprise
    If you are an enterprise, you can attach the High-end BOX with larger storage areas to your intranet solution

How It Works

You don’t need any sort of special skill set or help from the IT department. You can do it by yourself!
What all you have to do is to connect it toyour WIFI or ETHERNET.
Follow the simple instructions, and in less than five minutes, you will be making secured conference calls amongst partners and sharing the drive with all your employees – all from your personal Secured BOX!

Video Conferencing

There is no need to install any additional software to use our secured video conferencing feature. Connect up to 16 people in a Peer-2-Peer video conference using secured means your BOX. You just need to enter the email addresses of the people who want to talk on the procure channel of communication. You will receive a special link that will serve as an access card to the conference room, where you can talk privately.

Reason why you should only use SecuredBox

  • Nothing in the middle

BOX is used only for organising anexclusive safe room that only you control, but all crucial data in the formof video and audio can be used in Peer-2-Peer channels.

  • Operator Blindness

All Peer-2-Peer data are completely encrypted using a 2048k key transferred in a 256b channel. This make it impossible for anyone to recognize its type and use. So your operator stays blank – he can’t do anything

  • No pictures please

There are no proven records or data of your conversation, even on your BOX. What happens in the safe room stays between you and the people involved. How cool is this feature?

  • SSL Encryption

All video and audio data are encrypted using the same key as your bank may use. 2048/256bit encryption is abnormally strong, and because everything you know is on your box, which only you can access. It is almost impossible to break it.

  • Eavesdropping security

Traffic is encrypted. As a consequence, it can’t be sighted by an operator or overheard by non-authorized authorities, individual and competing businesses. Your connection remains invisible to internet and phone operators.

  • P2P Connection

Traffic is encrypted. So it can’t be recognized by an operator or overhead by non-authorized authorities and rival businesses. Your connection remains completely invisible to internet and phone operators.


  • AES 256bit/2048 bit files encryptions
  • Two 1TB hard drives working in Raid Mode
  • Hardware and Software keys
  • SSL 2048bit key encrypted data transmission
  • A7 cortex ARM device with 1GB of DDR3, WiFi and SATA
  • Encyypted Cloud storage for third party location backup

Safety of data

The box is designed to obviate the situations where someone tries to break into your device. He can’t decrypt the files. The encryption key in dynamic memory. That is why you are asked to enter the key every time your device is disconnected from a power supply! If someone tries to steal it, he just steals a piece of hardware – and that’s it! None of the information can be decrypted without your master key. When the burglar disconnects the device from the power supply, he is undoubtedly cutting himself off from the data.

High Authentication

You use double authentication using F2A. In this scenario, before a user logs in to the system, he needs to enter a code that will be sent to his mobile. So only the person with the assigned mobile phone can access your cloud.

Unlimited Users

There is no upper limit to its users, so you can invite as many people as you like.


If your device is broken and you have a warranty, Securedbox will replace it with a new one. (Of course, only in cases where it wasn’t broken on purpose.) Securedbox will send you a brand new device, and you can sync files from the cloud to your new piece of hardware.


Simon Piekarz

Simon has 14 years of experience in ICT industry. He has worked with large organizations in UK, US, Sweden and Poland i.eCompmark where he designed Event software development,Visimind where he dealt with Big Data processing software development and network architecture designer and RLA where he was a Software architect and developer. Blue chip clients division: Volkswagen, Tesco, Mercedes, etc. As a passionate entrepreneur, he even builds his own ideas. He has a deep understanding of technology and he is passionate in sales and marketing strategies. Connecting the dots allowshim to be very effective in business development.

He is the CEO/Founder of Limtel, a Telco-OTT solution that enriches telecommunications solutions with unique value added.

Limdeskis a platform which allows entrepreneurs to build their own customer support centre in 3 minutes. Designed for small entrepreneurs and active business people. Simplest customer support system on the market with full WebRTC Telephone integration.

Simon has been rewarded with the Honoured Micro Entrepreneur of the Year and the Angel of the social economy United Nations (UN).

Free Webinar

The team of Secured box is taking an initiative to clear its concept and answer your questions. Understand SecuredBox solution in 30 minutes – Join Live Demo Webinar 15 minutes and then you can ask whatever question you have. Join the experts sharing real life experiences on 12th may, Thursday 5 p.m. you can simply register for the same on their website.

Bottom Line

It is a masterpiece of technology, they make sure your connection stays secure.You own the data, you own the device, you own the key.It’s good for your clients, and better than email. Email providers have full access to your data, and an average people doesn’t have understanding of FTP or CRM. Use it to the most for the most secure way to store and share data with partners.Don’t wait – secure your company now!

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