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ORTY: Self-service as the main sales tool for your restaurant

Resturant Business

Technology is transforming the food and beverage industry like never before. It’s also helping businesses to improve their sales, productivity, and customer experiences more efficiently. We’ve seen a growing demand for restaurants to have Wi-Fi, loyalty programs, and online food ordering facilities. As technology is constantly developing, there is an imminent need for a restaurant business to adapt to the trends to make the technology work for them.

Customers prefer ordering food online because of the accuracy, elimination of language barriers, and the convenience of payment. They have higher expectations than ever before, especially from the quick-service restaurants. They want to be served quickly with great customer service. Meanwhile, the younger generations mostly order digital, which is growing 300 percent faster than dine-in traffic.

In response to the evolving demand, most restaurant businesses have been moving to online food ordering services like Grubhub, Doordash, Uber Eats, and many more to connect with customers. These online food delivery apps give the independent restaurant owners a flow of orders by their marketing strategies. However, they levy a huge commission rate from restaurants who sacrifice a chunk of their revenue by paying to these third-party vendors.

Consequently, restaurants started using self-service POS technologies that help them to meet these needs by allowing the customers to order their food. Some POS vendors offer online ordering as an integrated feature of the POS system. These cloud-based management platforms help the restaurant business owners to run and grow their businesses competitively. Let’s get to know this new technology better.

What is a Self-service POS?

What is self-service POS?

Self-service Point of Sale (POS) systems is increasingly being adopted by the restaurant owners. These systems allow customers to order food online and pay without any human assistance. They can order and pay both from their homes or while also sitting in the restaurants. In return, the restaurants can focus more on the quality of service, while the system can take care of improving efficiency and overall customer experience.

The self-service POS brings value to both restaurateurs and diners. It meets the customers’ modern needs by letting them order food and drinks online from their mobile devices.

Choosing a POS with multiple features is important for quick-service restaurants. There are dozens of self-service POS solutions available in the market, out of which ORTY is one of the most prominent service providers.

What is ORTY?

ORTY is customizable restaurant management software specifically designed for the foodservice industry. It is loaded with numerous smart foodservice features to run a business like a breeze. It enables restaurants to engage with customers and provides a valuable connection. It also offers services for customers to pay their bills and share their experience in social media.

ORTY has been designed to meet the unique needs and specific demands of the restaurant industry. Many restaurant owners install ORTY because they want a POS that can help increase sales & customer service and inform business decisions.

Benefits of Self-service POS:

  • Reduce the Customer Wait Times:

To offer excellent customer experience restaurants are supposed to provide delicious food on time. Nowadays, customers don’t want to wait long to pick-up their orders. The young customers don’t even want to wait to be served, especially when visiting quick-service restaurants.

The self-service POS tools like ORTY provide a data-based workflow design, automation, and digital supports to reduce the overall waiting time. With this service, the customers can get rid of queues and avoid long waits in restaurants. The customers can also place their orders and pay their bills from a user-friendly interface. It also helps restaurants to enhance the overall customer experience.

  • Increase Order Accuracy:

The accuracy of a food order sets a level for your restaurant and also enriches customer satisfaction. The error in taking order not only disappoints the customer but can even be more dangerous to customers with allergies or food sensitivity. This happens when orders are taken manually. Sometimes, most attentive waiters and waitresses make mistakes while taking orders. You can’t mitigate this kind of order errors.

However, self-order POS services can significantly improve the accuracy of orders. The customers can order their selected dishes directly to the kitchen, removing a step from the overall process. This process reduces the margin for error.

  • Split the Bill:

It is very bothersome splitting a bill and giving it to waiters in the restaurants. With the help of the self-service POS, you can offload your pressure from billing. The new technology is not only easy-to-use but also gives space to servers to spend more time at the table with the customers.

  • Reduce labor costs:

The cost of labor has been increasing day by day. With the rising food costs, to remain competitive and maintain a consistent customer experience, the restaurant owners should keep the labor costs under control.

With the help of the self-service POS tool, hours that would have been spent on taking orders from customers can be used for other things. The restaurant owners can allocate their resources without compromising in any area of their business.

  • Increase Revenue:

Online ordering from third party vendors has become an expensive venture as the food ordering services charge the restaurants a high amount. Uber Eats charge restaurants a high percentage at 30% with an extra customer side charge. Moreover, Grubhub charge higher commission rates as more orders are placed. The more business a restaurant does online, the higher the percentage of its sales goes to the third-party vendors. This is a loss for the restaurants.

ORTY, unlike food delivery services, partners with the restaurant and helps to drive diners via a sophisticated promotions campaign.

  • Encourages customer retention:

Restaurant owners need to understand the importance of their regular customers. Self-service POS services help the restaurateurs to streamline their spending and increase productivity. They can spend more time on better customer service and other areas of business like customer loyalty programs. Let’s not forget the improved customer experience, which is a big driver of repeat sales and customer loyalty.

ORTY features:

ORTY Features

ORTY software includes both front-of-house and back-of-house features at an industry-standard rate. ORTY can make your customers happy and let them share the experiences on social media, which is again a great word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

  • Marketing of good customer experiences
  • Getting more social media followers
  • Converting social media followers into diners
  • Know your customers and offer loyalty benefits
  • E-vouchers for retention and acquisition
  • Hassle-free and quick mobile payments
  • Increase average check with the promotion

How ORTY functions?

ORTY helps you connect with your customers through innovative mobile technology. The customers and restaurant business owners can use this solution for the new generation’s mobile dining experience.

How do Restaurant owners use ORTY?

Open the web application or mobile application, where customers create orders and provide the required information (for example, the number of the table, where he is sitting, or payment details when a customer orders for delivery).

The diner gets notified when the order is ready to be collected. One can enjoy in-house dining, take-away, or delivery to an office kitchen from a nearby restaurant.

You can use the ORTY app or website to provide a better customer experience. You can post the QR code either on the website, social networks or in any advertising channel. You can post it anywhere where your potential customers are.

How do your Customers use ORTY?

  • The customer creates an order immediately after scanning the QR. No need to register or enter your details, only a phone number to be notified when order ready for pick up.
  • Open a tab and ask to pay with ORTY.
  • Splitting the bill is quick, convenient that also saves wait staff time. The customers can scan the QR code inside a restaurant near the cash desk, table, or wall.

ORTY advantages:

  • You can get more orders from customers and can also save money for your employees, thus increasing your revenue.
  • You can know your customers better when he/she made an order by the Facebook chatbots, or mobile app, or web application of restaurant. All customer records are available in the database in the back-office.

ORTY Advantages

  • You can add all your customers automatically from mobile ordering to the loyalty system in the ORTY POS system. You can inform the customers about ongoing restaurant offers, promotions, or create e-vouchers for new users and existing users.
  • You can increase brand awareness and user loyalty using this new technology in your restaurant.
  • You can perfectly implement this service and make a profitable call to action using QR in your marketing campaigns.

Final Thoughts:

As a restaurant owner, you definitely don’t want to keep that gloomy POS terminal for your restaurant. Rather you can leverage the mobile-first applications with instant gratification and on-demand services. ORTY makes it easy to add self-service to your business. This solution allows your customers to skip the lengthy queues and enjoy a self-ordering experience, which is not only simple but intuitive as well.

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